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Math Who Am I worksheet 1

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Math Who Am I?

Worksheet 1

Read the description of each math term below. Try and guess what each term is. Circle each third letter in the box to check your answer.

I am a numeral that means nothing. I am a ___________________. I am used to measure capacity. When there are eight of me, there is one gallon. I am a _______________________. I am a closed, curved line. Every point on me is the same distance from my center. I am a ___________________. I am a table that shows the day, week, month, and year. I am a _________________. I am a polygon with three sides and three angles. I am a ________________. You will always find me when you subtract two numbers. I am the _________________________. I am the place where two lines or surfaces meet. I am a ____________________. I am a shape made up of four equal sides and four right angles. I am a ____________________. a w z d z e i n r y e o

a w p d z i e n n y e t

y i l q d k o b d b w i s b w c g g o p u f w l x o h o g z a r y l

a w c d c l n a t i n l d f e e c k t n x

c t m e b g g t q t a t f c p a s c i t r

n r g u u t k f m l z s l p m u k b r b c

l o l n a e d r r a g e i f r n e g f e f

h t s l o u x b r

v c q k r a n d e

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Math Who Am I? worksheet 1

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Math Who Am I? worksheet 1