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Short Stay Visa FRENCH OR FOREIGN EMPLOYERS'S DOMESTIC EMPLOYEE This procedure follows the circular No. NOR IMIM0900078C of August 3rd, 2009 ( and is applicable to all French and foreign employers. It follows from the application of the Labour Code (art. R. 341-1) and the Social Security Code(art. R. 312-4), which requires from each employee to hold a work authorization issued by DIRECCTE.

"The procedure, described below, may also be handled by TLScontact (service charge)"

1. Employer Complete and sign the CERFA Form No. 13647 * 02 "detachment off employee mobility intragroup", ( numCerfaAndExtension=13647*02), indicating the duration of your stay in France (an APT can be requested for a period of one year if the cumulative duration of stay is not exceeding 3 months per period of 6 months). One CERFA Form have to be completed for the entire employer's household staff Then forward it to the generic mailbox DIRECCTE competent (Regional Business, Competition, Consumer Affairs, Labour and Employment) for the first place of stay in France, attached to the electronic message - - - With object : "APT Application ( Temporary work authorization) for Domestic Employee" Indication whether it is an APT for one year Indicating the address of the first place of stay in France

2. The DIRECCTE - - - Sign the CERFA (by checking the box APT), which will therefore validate the APT for the national territory Forward it to the employer or entity concerned , within 8 days as an attachment to an email Send the original APT by mail to the first place of stay in France mentioned by the employer

3. The employee must then apply for a visa by submitting the following documents: - - - - CERFA Form signed by DIRECCTE Financial guardianship letter of employer Sworn statement confirming the payment of employers' contributions to URSSAF Insurance covering medical expenses and repatriation of the employee


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