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Municipal Market Data (MMD)

Since 1981, Thomson Municipal Market Data (MMD) has provided a broad range of benchmark data and technical/fundamental analysis to the municipal market. Our analytical services offer a unique perspective on the municipal bond market, highlighting key areas of value and opportunity. Our analysis provides comprehensive coverage of the municipal cash, derivatives and U.S. Treasury markets.

· · Data-Line: Provides proprietary yield curves, daily market commentary, and technical/historical analysis of the domestic U.S. municipal markets and U.S. Treasury markets. Fundamental: Provides timely commentary and analysis on key factors impacting the municipal market. Thomson's IFR Markets and MMD team up to produce a powerful independent source for quality fixed income research. Short Term: Offers comprehensive commentary and analysis on short-term tax-exempt markets with a focus on variable rate demand securities, municipal notes and other money market eligible instruments. Also provides coverage of municipal cash trading through 5-years. State & Sector: Offers over 250 yield curves including state general obligation and generic insured curves for all 50 states, PR, WA D.C., NYC and TX PSF insured. Provides sector curves for all investment grade ratings with sector coverage for G.O., revenue, pre-refunded, housing, healthcare, COP, non-callable and zero coupon debt. Also provides state level tax-guide data and taxable equivalent yield data. MMD Interactive: An interactive query and graphing tool that provides real-time access to MMD's historical database. MMD Trade Tracker: A search engine that filters real-time and historical trades by over 25 criteria. MMD Ticker: Filters streaming trades to your desktop and enables efficient trade history management. Variable Rate Demand Note Network: An electronic database that enables tax-exempt money market funds and their agents to receive information on portfolio holdings. SIFMA Swap Index: A 7-day high-grade index comprised of taxexempt VRDNs from MMD's extensive database. The index serves as a floating rate benchmark in swap transactions.



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Product Sub-Menus: Data-Line, Fundamental & Short-Term Each of these products features a menu of hyperlink page titles.

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The page will then change to the date you entered (when available). If the date you entered was not a business date, a message will appear letting you know. To return to the current page, press the back arrow. *Note: Each login is allotted 40 historical page hits per week. Please call TM3 Customer Service at 1-800-367-8215 or 617-856-2900 with questions regarding historical hits. **Note: You may need to disable your pop-up blocker to use the historical page tool.

State & Sector There are three data query screens in State & Sector: State Specific Data, State/Sector Hybrid Yield Curves and Sector Yield Curves.

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Your query results will appear:

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Municipal Market Data (MMD)

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