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TMCP is a building technology innovation and R&D company that markets, provides and supports its' ThermAlloy metal section and thin-shell panel technologies worldwide. Mr. Ernest Bodnar, president and CEO of TMCP Building Systems Inc., is a world renown authority in metal forming technologies and processing equipment. Mr. Bodnar has supplied the world with technology and equipment for over 50 years. His company B&K Machinery was Canada's largest exporter for several years in the 1960's, supplying primary metal processing and secondary forming and finishing equipment to every major country around the world.

Mr. Ernest R. Bodnar

Mr. Bodnar's Background

Mr. Bodnar has evolved several product generations of his thermally efficient superior strength sheet metal sections and thin-shell panels for the building industry over the past 25 yrs. In the mid 1980's he was the first in this country to steel panelize and construct complete four and five storey buildings. He is one of the founding fathers of the thin-shell concrete-and-steel pre-cast panel industry, using his thermally efficient composite type sheet metal sections.

Calgary, Thin-Shell Curtain Wall

What are ThermAlloy Building Products?

PATENTED & PROVEN BUILDING SYSTEM INCLUDING: Design, engineering, production and project control software Light gage structural sheet steel open web sections Composite thin-shell steel-and-concrete panels Steel rollforming Lines to produce ThermAlloy steel sections Thin-shell panel production equipment and lines

ThermAlloy DeltaStud & MegaJoist

Continued evolution of the ThermAlloy family of steel sections provide today the most thermally efficient, structurally strong sections made with minimal material consumption.

ThermAlloy DeltaStud and MegaJoist Steel Sections

Product Advantages


Green Building Product Superior Strength Thermally Efficient Recyclable Steel Virtually no Off-Gassing Will Not Rot Better Utility Accommodation Long Term Durability Non combustible construction

Product Advantages STEEL SECTIONS

THERMALLY EFFICIENT STUDS 75% REDUCTION IN THERMAL TRANSMISSION Bodycote program testing carried out on 1-5/8" x 6" 20 gage studs determined the thermal conductivity of the DeltaStud stud as 13.95W/m°C across the web vs 62W/m°C across the web for a standard solid web C-channel stud. Bodycote concluded an Rvalue improvement of 37% (for a well insulated wall) over a wall constructed with standard solid web C-channel studs.

Product Advantages THIN-SHELL PANELS

Concrete is "Green" recyclable material Fire Resistant Sound Attenuating DeltaStuds frame a twoway services cavity Eliminate thermal bridging Impact resistant and secure

Past Generations Products


Approximately 400 Relocatable Schools The Air Terminal Building 4 Story Office Building 12 Story Ramada Inn Shopping Mall 3 Story Admiral Inn 5 Story Apartment Building 3 Story Condos. Two units St.Peter's Episcopal Church 6 Story Apartment Building 5 Story Apartment Building Dow Jones Office Building General Hospital Extension 4 Story Building 30 Story Office Building, Mayfair Place Ltd., Granite Face Kettle Restaurant Sheridan Shopping Mall 3 Story Vacation Condos, 300 units total Relax Inn Episcopal Church 2 Macdonald's Restaurants 7500 Square foot 2 Story Residence 2 Story Residence ANS Department Store 5 Star Hotel All over of Ontario Rockford, Illinois Quincy, Mass Niagara Falls, Ontario Kitchener , Ontario Burlington, Ontario Gatineau, Quebec Magog, Quebec Tulsa, Oklahoma Richmond Hill, Ontario Aurora, Ontario New York, New York Hamilton, Ontario Quincy, Mass. Calgary, Alberta Grand Junc., Colorado Mississauga, Ontario Collingwood, Ontario Barrie, Ontario Barrie, Ontario Cambridge, Ontario Saratoga, California Mauritius, Africa New Jersey, South Africa 1983-88 1984** 1984 1985** 1985 1985 1985 1985 1985 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1988 1988 1988 1988 1988 1988 1991 1991 1994

Office Tower

Office Tower Mayfair Place Ltd., Calgary, Canada (1986) Granite clad exterior curtain-wall panels on 30 Storey Office Tower with conventional structure. First rainscreen panels ever built. Panels were pre-finished with all glazing, providing for rapid building envelope enclosure.

Medical Building

Medical Building Toronto, Canada (1984) Brick faced exterior wall panels hung onto conventional structure of 4 Storey Medical Building.

Hotel Building

HOTEL BUILDING Ramada Hotel, Niagara Falls, Canada (1985) Granite aggregate faced thin-shell panels hung onto conventional structure of 12 storey Hotel

Apartment Building

APARTMENT BUILDING Hillwell Apartments, Aurora, Ontario, Canada (1986) 5 Storey load bearing open web stud panel structure. Exterior thin-shell brick faced panel

Shopping Center

SHOPPING CENTRE Sheridan Centre, Mississauga, Canada (1988) Shopping Centre expansion and re-facing existing building, with thin-shell pre-cast panels.


AIRPORT Rockport Airport, Illinois USA New airport facility designed for extremely high wind load. Exterior all thin-shell pre-cast panels, that were specially isolated when connected to steel framing for enhanced sound attenuation.

Chain Restaurant

FRANCHISE RESTAURANT BUILDING McDonald's Restaurant, Hwy #401 Cambridge, Ontario, Canada (1988) Polymer stucco panels anchored to standard structural steel frame.

Residential Condominium

RESIDENTIAL CONDOMINIUM Magog, Quebec, Canada (1985) 3 Storey residential building with lightweight thin-shell pre-cast floor and wall panels.

Commercial Building

COMMERCIAL BUILDING Chicago, U.S.A. Exterior thin-shell pre-cast curtainwall panels hung on conventional building frame.

Industrial Building

HOHNECKER'S INDUSTRIAL BUILDING Iowa, USA Exterior lightweight composite pre-cast panels.

Industrial Plant

INDUSTRIAL PLANT USA Sheathed in lightweight Thin-shell pre-cast panels

Panel / Modular Combo Building

EXPORT HOUSE Mauritius House Panels and modules assembled in 5 1/2 hrs in the factory then disassembled, containerized and shipped to Mauritius where the building was set up in 6 hours. Building was designed for high wind load.

Two storey building assembled in factory with roof removed and placed in background Lightweight roof composite elements complete with gable end closures

Vacation Homes

Hawaii Island Tilt-up thin-shell Panels

Affordable Housing

LOW COST HOME 17 Elba Avenue, Toronto, Canada (1989) 2 Storey Residence constructed above grade with pre-cast floor and wall panels; exterior panels have an exposed aggregate finish. Exterior walls were 3/4" thick polymer modified, fiber strand reinforced concrete

Low Cost Housing

Standard Low Cost Houses 1000's Built across the USA (1980's) Thin-shell panel Construction. Distributed by Dealers across the country.

Custom Housing

LUXURY HOME California, United States (1988-1999) Precast and panelized 7,500 square foot mansion. This residence withstood the 1989 earthquake without any damage. Other residencesin the vicinity experienced significant damage.

Interior Framing with pre- cast exterior walls, round window heads and round stair opening Front Elevation ­ Right Quarter

Motel Building

MOTEL Relax Inn, Barrie, Ontario, Canada (1988) Building framed with open web framing. Floor was cast-in-place on site

Floor in progressive stages of framing

View of bottom of floor from crawl space below

Mixed Use Buildings

COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL BUILDING Harbourview Condominiums Burlington, Ontario Canada (1988) Building Clad with Thin-shell Panels over conventional construction.

Department Stores

BLOOMINGDALES DEPARTMENT STORE New York, U.S.A. (1988) Exterior Lightweight Composite Thin-shell Pre-cast panels with various textured /colouredFinishes including pitched rockface


ThermAlloy Steel Sections Framed on Site ThermAlloy Steel Sections Panelized ThermAlloy Thin-Shell Panels


Residential Condominium

MacGrath Mansion Edmonton, Alberta (2006) Four storey steel framed building. CSSBI award winner.

Highrise Residential Tower

Intergulf Sidex Calgary, Alberta (2005) Structural Steel Sections Framing within Conventional Construction

Multi-Unit Residential

Abbey Lane Edmonton, Alberta (2007) Steel panelized building

Rebuilding of Bam, Iran

Rebuilding of Bam, Iran (2005)

Housing U.A.E.

Model House, Dubai (2004)

Recreational Buildings

Crosswinds Golf Course Burlington, Ontario (2007) Thin-shell Floor Panels

US Army Corp of Engineers

Fort Bliss Austin Texas (2007)

Green House

Model Green House Oakville, Ontario (2007)

Banda Aceh, Indonesia

UNICEF Midwife and Child Center (2007)

ThermAlloy Technology

AVAILABLE Technology Transfer Sale or Licensing for production of Steel Section Machinery and Equipment to produce Steel Sections Technology Transfer Sale or Licensing for production of Thin-Shell Panels Machinery and Equipment to produce Thin-Shell Panels


TMCP Building Systems 1393 Grahams Lane Burlington, Ontario Canada L7S 1W4 Tel: 905-631-0035 Fax: 905-631-9299 Email" [email protected]



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