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ERO Report The Confirmed Report from the Education Review Office has been received. It is a positive report with improvements in all areas of the terms of reference. Staff have been tremendously supportive and motivated to embrace the necessary changes required in order for us to achieve a positive ERO report. The community page is included for your information. Virtues - `Respect, Pride & Gratitude' It is pleasing that the `Principal's Virtues Award' is now being presented by members of the BOT and the BOP. Whaea Glennie Burgess presented the first awards for term 2 as her final duty as the Staff rep on the BOT. The recipients were: Maia Hokianga; Kataraina McLean; Ngatiriti Eparaima-Hautapu; Liz Edwards. Whaea Nancy Hazeleger presented the awards last Monday on behalf of the BOP. The recipients were: Tsequoia Broughton & Maia Halbert. Congratulations girls! Speech Training This has proven to be a popular programme amongst the students. The skills learnt and training received by our students has impacted already on the way in which they present themselves when speaking during school assemblies. Duke of Edinburgh Awards Whaea Sue Robson has introduced the Duke of Edinburgh Awards into the Kura this year. This is a very worthy programme with the mission statement of: `The Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award programme is to have young people, regardless of cultural, ethnic and socio-economic background, participating in an exciting, flexible and individually tailored programme to build skills, identity

and self-esteem'. We have 48 students who have registered for Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. Whaea Sue Robson has students doing voluntary work in the community for the local churches, the police, the local library, the bird sanctuary and gardening around the school as part of earning credits towards achieving students' awards. We look forward to our very first presentation of medals! You will receive a flyer with further details if your daughter has registered for this. Any questions or concerns about this programme please contact the office. School Photos Schools photos were taken by Peter McDermott Photography recently. They will be available towards the end of Term 2. An order form will be sent out with the next newsletter. DVD Challenge Competition The Tourism students have completed a field trip where they have been filming local sites and putting together a DVD to promote the district. This competition was won by the TMGC Tourism class last year and the students are very keen to retain the title this year. This project is lead by Mr Steve Wilson. Mid-Year Reports Teachers are in the process of completing Mid-year reports. The analysis of all assessment data will be completed after the exams. Whnau can expect to receive the reports at the end of Term 2. Exams The exams are now scheduled for 9th-11th June. Most girls are working well in class and the study break will be an opportunity to revise. There are however; some students who will need to focus on their studies and make good use of this study break to ensure success in their exams. To accommodate the change in dates for the exams, Senior Study Break will now be from Wednesday after school on the 2nd June which will go into the Queen's Birthday Weekend and students return on Monday 7th June between 12noon ­ 7pm. Science/Geography Field Trip It has been a busy time in the Science Department. The Year 9 students have been finishing their module on Astronomical Processes while the Year 10s are working on biological modules. In the senior school, the Year 11s are learning

the basic chemistry of atoms and molecules while the Year 11s and 12s have been enjoying some field work as part of their studies. The Year 12 students had a trip to Palmerston North which involved mapping the old terraces of the Manawat River, while the Year 13 students combined with the Geography class to visit some geological hazards in the central North Island. Whaea Nicky Banks-Wallace HOD Science Mori Department Tn r ttou katoa e te whnau, Tuatahi, mkori an kia rere a mihi ki t te wahawaha ki a Puhiaurangi Black. Kua riro i a ia te tranga hei mngai m te Kura tuakana m te Manu Krero, m te Pei Te Hurinui Jones. E waimarie ana mtou ka t te Manu Krero hei te wiki tuaiwa, ar, a te Rpare te 17 o Haratua. Tuarua, ko ttahi o t mtou wawata m te Tari Mori m tnei tau, kia whakapiki i t ttou nei Reo Rangatira, kaiako mai, konga mai. N reira, kua tmata t mua mahi ko Whaea Sonata. I te w ka tuku pnui ki te kura, ka tuku i Te Reo Mori, ktahi ka huri ki te reo Pkeh. Ko te awhero, ka t te kkno i roto i ng konga, tna w, ka hiahia rtou ki te krero, , ka kite i te hua. Nku mua noa N Whaea Terri Totorewa, Whaea Sonata Saavedra Vanuatu Trip "Helo long yufala everiwan", translated in to Te Reo Mori "Tn ttou e te whnau", in English "Hello everyone". We only have 5 weeks to go before leaving behind the cold and wet weather of New Zealand and embracing the sun and the heat of Vanuatu. The Saint Oran's students and teacher who will be accompanying myself, Ngarita, Kazia, Ngatiriti and Ripeka will be coming to Turakina Mori Girls' College this weekend, Saturday 29th May, to meet with us for the first time before departing New Zealand. We are hoping to be able to teach them 3 songs written in Te Reo Mori, Bislama and English and if time permits we will teach them some Bislama phrases. Thank you again to Global Mission for their awesome contribution towards our trip.

"Tank yu tumas, mi glad tumas blong toktok yufala evriwan", translated in to Te Reo Mori "Tn ttou an, e hari koa ana ahau ka taea te krero atu ki a koutou katoa", in English "Thank you very much, I am very happy to be able to speak to you all". Nku noa Whaea Terri Totorewa Manu Krero Our Kura will be proudly represented in the Regional Manu Krero by: Toni-Jane Treanor (Junior Te Reo Mori-Rawhiti Ihaka) Te Aka Kura Turuwhenua (Junior English-Sir Turi Carroll) Ripeka Hoerara (Senior English-Korimako) Puhiaurangi Black (Senior Te Reo Mori-Pei Te Hurinui Jones) Congratulations to our girls as the winners of the School Manu Krero! We wish them all the very best for the regional competition on the 17th of June at Manawat College, Foxton. Phiri is at 8.30am and we encourage whnau to come and support our speakers! (Please note this change in the date from the April newsletter). Mori Graduates Ceremony, Massey University This special occasion was attended by myself, our Head Prefect Ngarita Tamehana-Tana and Deputy Head Prefect Kazia Makutu at the Regent Theatre in Palmerston North on Friday, 14th May. This ceremony was also attended by Te Aute College in support of a past student, James Graham, who received his Doctorate in Philosophy. We were informed after the ceremony that a past student from Turakina was also presented with her Doctorate. It is unfortunate that we did not have that information prior to the ceremony. I anticipate that these honorary occasions will be attended by Year 12 & 13 students in the future and hope that it would inspire them to pursue study at university level. Staffing Unfortunately, we were not able to secure a potential applicant for HOD English due to a sudden illness within her whnau. The position of HOD English will be re-advertised in June. In Term 1, Whaea Olympia Fazakerley came in as a Reliever. We are fortunate to have her back this term as a Long-term Reliever for the English department in

the capacity of HOD English. She brings with her a lot of enthusiasm, motivation and has certainly inspired learning from our students by the positive and vibrant appearance of her classroom and delivery of lessons. Hostel Manager: Whaea Marley Milner submitted her resignation in early April as the Hostel Manager and this has been accepted with regret. Fortunately, Whaea Marley will continue as a Matron. As CEO, I will continue to take an active role in the hostel. Any concerns that you may have should be directed to me via my Principals' Assistant, Chris Buchannan. Part-time Teacher: Mr Wilson who is our part-time Social Sciences teacher has been seeking full-time employment since the beginning of the year. He has been offered a Long-term Relievers position for 2 years teaching Geography at Marlborough Girls' College. We will farewell Mr Wilson at the end of this term. Sports Coordinator: This position was advertised in May. We are pleased to appoint Mr Channings to the permanent Part-Time position of Sports Coordinator. Mr Channings has been employed in the position on a Casual basis since December, 2009. Chaplain's Position: Te Aka Puaho is still seeking a Minister to fill this position. Presently, the Reverend Hariata Haumate is continuing to conduct services for the Kura every second Sunday and one of our teacher's, Mr Jason Hardman, is conducting services on the alternative Sundays. The staff have also been involved with taking chapel on Wednesday mornings. Thank you to Nancy Hazeleger for supporting our chapel services. Visiting Groups to School Dyslexia: Laughton King (Psychologist) was invited to our Kura last week to present a workshop on Dyslexia. This presentation provided us all with information and an understanding of what dyslexia is and how we can provide our students with a learning environment that caters for those who best learn through signs, symbols, images and pictures. This was indeed an eye opener for many staff and students included. It is anticipated that staff will make some alterations to programme delivery where necessary and this will be monitored through my classroom observations. Revolution Tour: This Christian group made themselves available to do a free performance for our Kura with a message for young people to `follow your dream'. It was very well received and as a result a group of students attended their concert in Wanganui on the 25th May.

Attitude: This group presented a programme to the junior school on Friendship and anti-bullying and Healthy romantic relationship to the senior students. This was another well received presentation. Performances Our National Kapa Haka group have been involved in a few performances around the region. Probus, St Stephens and the May Day Concert are just a few. The Multi-Cultural Society performance is this Saturday. These performances have certainly helped to fine tune certain items leading up to the Nationals. Umpires Classes Our netball players have been recently involved with umpiring classes held here at our Kura with trainers coming from the Wanganui Netball Association. The move from the Manawat netball competition to Wanganui has proven to be positive so far with the support and training that is being provided and on offer. Morning Runs/Zumba This is now optional. Many of the sports teams have regular trainings which includes fitness. It is pleasing that some students have opted to continue with running or doing Zumba in the mornings. Plyometrics training has been introduced for the Senior A1 & Development Netball teams. We have also continued with morning runs to help maintain fitness. The physical condition and current fitness levels of our students have certainly impacted positively on their performance during competition games.


All competition teams are doing very well in their respective sports. Girls report back to the school at the Monday Assembly. There have been some overwhelming wins but also some challenging games. All students have been going to support the rugby game which is played on the local grounds on a Sunday. Some photos of rugby training follow. Queens Birthday Weekend Monday 7th June is the `Queens Birthday' holiday. The hostel will be closed from 6pm Friday 4th June until mid-day on Monday 7th June. Students must travel after lunch on Friday and return between 12 ­ 7pm on Monday 7th June. If you live a long distance away you may need to arrange

for your daughter to stay with family or friends who are closer to TMGC. Please advise Glennie or Chris at the school office of your daughter's travel arrangements. Ngahere Project We welcome the support, guidance or services of any qualified builder among our whnau who can assist our Ngahere Project Team to construct boardwalks (paths) through the ngahere. Any other offers from whnau who would like to be involved in this project would be greatly appreciated. Please contact the school office. The Ngahere Project Team is: Malcolm Channings, Karen Kenrick, P Tony Romana. Important Please be reminded that students are not permitted to leave school for any Exeat Weekend or term breaks before the stipulated day and time. It has been noted that parents have arranged travel, regardless. Also, our students need to be returned to school on time after a break. Please respect the school rules that are in place for all whnau to follow. Enjoy your ktiro while she is home during the Queens birthday weekend and all the very best of luck to our senior students for their internal examinations. Kia tau ng manaakitanga te Atua ki runga i ttau katoa. Ng mihi nui! Mrs Terehia Channings Principal/CEO

Rugby Training

Photos taken by Lesley Bishop L2 Photography


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