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Where did the month go? What happened to the 'rumors' of Spring? If March came in like a 'lamb' it certainly went out like a 'lion'. With the poor daffodils and tulips trying so hard to survive and thrive in the midst of that 'dusting' of snow and the 'up and down' temps we had in March, it was enough to blame it all on those wellknown T-M Rotarians: Giese, Strom and Gannon. Having said that, let's turn to this month of April; it is, after all, the fourth month of the Gregorian calendar and was called Aprillis by the early Romans. The Roman name may have come from a word meaning to open or it may have come from Aphrodite, the Greek name for the goddess of love. So, where ever the name came from, the month of April has been identified with 'knowledge' (or the lack thereof), jokes, Christian holidays like 'Palm Sunday', 'Maundy Thursday', 'Good Friday' and 'Easter'; the Jewish religious festival of Pesah (Passover); the Chinese festival of the 'Pure and Bright~; and even St. George's Day in England and Canada in honor of England's patron saint. In addition, April is also known for its 'National Volunteer Week' (when our community benefits from our 'Lending a Hand'); 'National Women's Nutrition Week' (which promotes the awareness of nutrition in the lives of women and men); 'National Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Week' (which promotes organ and tissue donation); 'Federal Income Tax Deadline Date' (which promotes 'thrift' or ATM 'usage'); 'National Jazz Awareness Month' (for those with a 'yen' for 'syncopated music'); 'Earth Day' (for those conservationists among us who need to be reminded to 'recycle' and 'reuse'); and last, but not least, that 'April Showers' will bring May flowers.

Gear Up! 2004 District Conference in Manitowoc, Wisconsin

The theme for Rotary District 6270's District Conference, April 23-25, 2004, at Manitowoc's Holiday Inn is "Gear Up!" District Governor Cathy Zimmerman, a member of the Oshkosh Rotary Club, in concert with local host, the Manitowoc (WI) Rotary Club, has invited all Rotarians (and their families) to celebrate Rotary's accomplishments by "Gear-mg Up" for 2004-2005 and attending the district conference. Clubs with 10% membership attendance (which T-M Rotary's 'Noon' Club can easily do) will receive special recognition. With Wisconsin native and the NFL's 2003 top-rated official, William Carollo, serving as dinner keynote speaker along with Tom Kuczmarski, a nationally recognized expert in new product management and service innovation, serving as the luncheon keynoter, you won't want to miss this year's conference with its 'starstudded' line-up of presenters. Get your on4ine (Early Bird) registration in before March23, 2004 for special rates and remember, 'kids' or 'grandkids' stay free! Be sure to bring the 'Family' because there will be special "Family of Rotary" activities available.

Samantha Catena and Gregory Sommersberger Inducted into T-M Rotary

Samantha Catena, owner of 'Catering by Catena', became the 27~ woman to be inducted into the ThiensvilleMequon Rotary 'Noon' Club. Catena, the 12th woman in the current T-M Club, who was sponsored by T-M Rotarian Nancy Witte Dycus, was inducted into Rotary's 1,211,723 member 'family' on March 2, 2004. Gregory Sommersberger, a financial analyst with R. W. Baird & Company, who was approved for membership by the TM Rotary Board in February 2004 was inducted into membership on March23, 2004. Greg was sponsored by TM Rotarian Van Mobley, Director for Club Services.


T-M Rotarian

'Doc' Witte Does It Again!

Although affectionately known as 'Doc' Witte, George H. Witte, DDS (ret) was T-M Rotary 'Noon' Club's 'top' bowler at the Big Brothers/I3ig Sisters 30~ Anniversary 'Bowl-For-Kids' Challenge Event held March 6, 2004 at Harbor Hills Recreation Center in Port Washington, WI.. With a top score of 229 pins, 'Doc' Witte 'bested' T-M Rotarian-elect, Greg Sommersberger -213; T-M Rotarians Sue Jarvela and 'Chuck' Winnemann - both with 159 pins and Van Mobley - 137. T-M's 'Family of Rotary' consisted of: Carrie Jenko (Sommersberger) - 220; Marshall Hermann (Jarvela) - 181; Sarah Thierman (Jarvela) - 173); Jason Moertl (Jarvela) - 165; Brian Harrington (Jarvela) - 152; Chaz Frechette (Jarvela) - 135; April Biltner (Jarvela) - 134; Jamie Zwelkowski (Jarvela) - 132; Chris Winnemann (Winnemann) - 121 and David Jarvela (Jarvela) - 110. Those bowling below 100 pins included; Sean Sanders (Jarvela); Marie Arendt (Jarvela); Erin Winnemann (Winnemann); Al Arendt (Jarvela); Pierce Mobley (Mobley); and Bruce/Chelsea Rowe (Rowe). While T-M Rotarian 'Sandy' Custer was there and had to leave, T-M Rotarian 'Mert' Campbell 'cheered' us on from afar. No, the T-M Rotarians didn't beat that M-T 'Sunrise' Rotary Club with it's 'family' of ringers, but it did 'show up' for a good cause! Thanks to one and all (especially those 'Jarvela' teams); we'll beat those 'Sunrisers' one year soon!

T. Davis and A. Petzold Applications Presented to T-M Rotary Club Board

T-M Rotary 'Noon' Club's Director of Club Service, Van Mobley, presented two applications for T-M Rotary Club membership to the T-M Rotary Club Board at its March23, 2004 meeting. They are Todd Davis, Insurance Underwriter (D. Robertson, sponsor) and Andrew .Petzold, Mequon Developer (Mike Casey, sponsor). Todd M. Davis, owner of the Todd Davis Agency and agent for American Family Insurance, resides at 1737 Irish Drive, Hartford, WI 53027, home phone: (262) 676-6277. His business address is 157 Green Bay Road, Thiensville, WI 53092. He may be reached at his agency by calling (262) 236-8848 or by FAX at (262) 236-8690. Born February 1, he and his wife, Katie, are the proud parents of Kayla (11) and Abby (8). His hobbies are motorcycling (there are at least four other T-M Rotarians with the same hobby) and landscaping. With an emphasis on auto, home and life insurance, Todd's agency sells and services all types of insurance. Todd's e-mail address is: Andrew A. Petzold, President and CEO of The Concord Development Company, resides at 12010 N. Lake Shore Drive, Mequon, WI 53092, home phone: (414) 940-9910. His business address is 11501 N. Port Washington Road, Suite 200, Mequon, WI 53092. He may be reached at his development company by calling (262) 241-9910, Ext. 104 or by FAX at (262) 241-9915. Born June 4, he and his wife, Wendy, are the proud parents of Aaron (6) and Grace (3). His hobbies and special interests include: golf, traveling, and spending as much available time as he can with 'family'. This presiding officer of this real estate and acquisitions company, specializes in office, retail, multi-family and residential housing as well as subdivision projects throughout Wisconsin. His e-mail address is: [email protected] Pending the publication of the aforementioned information in this T-M Rotarian Newsletter and on the web site for a one week period, the approval of the T-M Rotary Club membership and the payment of dues as called for by Rotary International (RI), the applicants may be inducted as active members of the T-M Rotary 'Noon' Club. Good Luck, Gentlemen!


T-M Rotarian

In Retrospect: T-M Rotary Club Programs for March 2004

As we begin our monthly discussion of those T-M Rotary 'Noon' Club 'programs and presentations', we want to, once again, thank all those members and guests in attendance for their continued support of Rotary and those businesses, agencies and services in our community during the month of March.. On March 2, 2004, T-M Rotarians, their guests and potential members were treated to a presentation by Michael Holloway, underwriter, with the Northwest Mutual Life Insurance Company. He talked about "Issues of Social Security Solvency", a topic that soon had the interest of all in attendance. With the assistance of a media presentation on Social Security trends, Mike Holloway gave T-M Rotarians and their guests some 'chilling' examples of what the future of Social Security could look like. By looking at how past funds in Social Security were used to how Social Security is seen by government officials today, it is little wonder, Holloway stated, that today's workers are wondering if there will be any money left in Social Security coffers by the time they are ready to retire. Whether 'out-sourcing' or 'privatization' of Social Security funds, is the answer to the question of solvency', he said that much has to be done 'fairly soon' to educate the 'body-politic' that Social Security (enacted in 1935) was never meant to be a 'retirement plan' but simply a 'monetary supplement' to one's retirement savings. On March 9, 2004, T-M Rotarian, Barbara Hunt introduced our higher education institutional neighbor, Dr. Patrick Ferry, president, of Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW). Dr Ferry talked to the ongoing topic "Educational Programs and Christian Concerns". In thanking Rotarian Barbara Hunt for her introductory remarks about his background and duties as CUW's president, he acknowledged those CUW staff persons who have been or who are now members of the T-M Rotary 'Noon' Club. He outlined the 'mission' of CUW and stated in some detail, an 'upcoming' trip to Mexico for staff and students. He stated that this should not be contused with a trip to some 'exotic' area in Mexico but rather, a 'humanitarian' trip where CUW students and staff would be 'building' much-needed shelters in some of Mexico's most remote areas. With the use of a media presentation, Dr. Ferry illustrated what the CUW students and staff would be doing. He discussed how they would be sleeping on cement floors of a church en4oute and how many would not be able to take a bath until their return home. He alluded to CUW's ongoing relationship with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) as regards its 'bluff restoration and erosion project'. The one word that resonated throughout Dr. Ferry's entire presentation was 'service'. Well known to all T-M Rotarians is Rotary's motto: 'Service above self'. On March 16, 2004, one day after the 'Ides of March' and one day before 'St. Patrick's Day', T-M Rotarians, their guests and visitors heard Noni Guddie, Oshkosh native and Alverno graduate speak on "A Review of Milwaukee Landmarks and Architecture". Using her graduate project as a guide, Ms. Guddie referenced German and Greek Revivalist Architecture, l9th Century Italian and French Renaissance Architecture, and the use of German Baroque Interior accents in such buildings as: the Pabst Mansion (built by Capt. Frederick Pabst in 1892); Johnson Hall (on the Marquette Campus); the Courthouse (neo-Classic style with columns): the Milwaukee Club (formerly the Martha Reed Mitchell home); the Milwaukee Library and Rotunda (oldest classical architecture in the Midwest); the Pabst Theater (with great acoustics); and the Milwaukee City Historical Museum. Also mentioned in the presentation were such early churches as: Calvary Presbyterian (1879); Trinity Lutheran (home of the Missouri Synod); St. Mary's Catholic (oldest in the city); St. John's Cathedral (seat of the Archdiocese); St. Paul's Church and Bell Tower; All Saint's Cathedral; Wells Presbyterian (latter-day MSOE building); Emmanuel Presbyterian; and the Plymouth Congregational Church (1889). In short, it was quite a tour of 'Historic Downtown Milwaukee' for all T-M Rotarians and their guests.

4 T-M Rotarian On March23, 2004, a presentation "Special Olympic Goals" was given by Special Olympics Athlete, Cindy Bentley, with introductions by T-M Rotarian Vanessa Brown-Nerbun, who assured all in attendance that we were about to witness the 'Unlimited Potential of the Human Spirit'! Having just landed from a Trip to London, England, Ms. Bentley shared a bit of her personal history. She told how she, as a baby born with fetal alcohol, heroin and cocaine syndromes, was not expected to live more than two months. Besting that prognosis, she entered the state's foster care system. She explained how she spent two years in Milwaukee foster care where her 'condition' caused her caregivers to try to kill her and saw her suffering third degree burns over a large portion of her back and arms resulting in nine (9) surgeries on her arms. She spent 26 years at a Union Grove facility and now, at age 46, after having been introduced to 'People First-WI", an organization for people with disabilities, she serves on nine (9) boards plus 'Special Olympics Wisconsin'. Cindy described what it was like growing up and how she began competing when she was only eight years old. She also discussed the 'party' being held for those 'residents' of Union Grove, who had been on their own for twenty (20) years. She stated that she had worked at a number of nursing homes, McDonald's, Marshall Fields, and at the YMCA, where she remained for 4 1/2 years. She is an avid competitor and plays ten sports including basketball, tennis, golf, volleyball and soccer. She has won two gold medals in 'snow shoeing' and has been in three (3) Olympic World Games (1970, 1995, and 1999). She said that all the athletes have jobs and responsibilities just like all of us; she has bills, pays taxes and recently got a four-month old kitten named, 'Blossom' after her original 'feline' companion died of old age. Cindy mentioned that she has been to Holland; Greece; Dublin, Ireland; and London, England. She said that she met two (2) presidents; Clinton and Bush, who run the country. She loves people and believes that all people should be treated with respect because, if nothing more, Special Olympics has taught her that it is an 'organization' and not a 'charity'. She then thanked all the T-M Rotarians for giving her the opportunity to tell her story. The T-M Rotary Club's Board Meeting, 5:15 p.m., March23, 2004, Egelhoff Room -Homestead High School, Mequon, WI. was chaired by T-M Rotary president, Roger Kirgues. After the passage of the Minutes and Financial Reports, he asked T-M Rotarian Doug Hansen to give an update on the 'Guatemala Project'. Hansen stated that they are waiting for the President of the Guatemala Rotary Club, which has agreed to the project, to sign their acceptance of the project. Other things discussed were: the two (2) applications for membership; the co-sponsorship of the 'Riverwalk' Centennial Project; District Assembly (April 3, 2004); suggested club fellowship event; fund-raising ideas, membership drive to get ten (10) new members; volunteers for 'Habitat for Humanity'; a 'Work Study Program' (Vocational Service) and T-M Rotary Club Web Quest with prizes for winners. T-M Rotary Club's Guests and Visitors - March 2004 T-M Rotary was fortunate to have had a number of 'guests', 'prospective members' and 'visitors' in attendance at its noon luncheon presentations during March, 2004. This 'Family of Rotary' included: potential members - Todd Davis, Ellen MacFarlane, Andrew Petzold, Nicole Santisteban, Greg Sommersberger and Guests: Dan Levy and Doug Stansberry.


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Upcoming T-M Rotary Club Programs/Observances for April 2004

April 3, 2004 District 6270 Assembly - Training for Rotary Club Leaders and New Members, Slinger, Wisconsin April 3, 2004 District 6270 RYE Orientation - Training for Rotary Youth Exchange (Outbounds), Concordia University Wisconsin, Mequon, Wisconsin

April 6, 2004 John Kaminski, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Citizen Jefferson: The Enlightened Sage of Monticello" April 6, 2004 * Jewish Festival of 'Pesah' (Passover) April 8, 2004 * National Tartan Day April 11, 2004 * Easter (Christian Holy Day) April 13, 2004 Cindy Gregory, Blood Center of Southeastern Wisconsin, "Checked Your Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Lately?" April 15, 2004 * Tax Deadline Day April 20,2004 Alberta Darling, Wisconsin State Senator (R), 8th District "Happenings Around the Wisconsin State Capitol" April 20, 2004 * Board of Directors Meeting -5:15 PM, Egelhoff Community Room, Homestead High School, Mequon, WI * Secretary's Day (Administrative Professionals) April 22, 2004 * Earth Day April 23-25, 2004 Rotary District 6270 Conference (Manitowoc, WI) Conference for all Rotary Clubs in District 6270 April 26, 2004 HHS National Honor Society Induction and Banquet, Cafeteria, Homestead High School, Mequon, WI (All T-M Rotarians requested) April 27, 2004 T-M Rotary Business Meeting & Assembly (All Committees meet)

April 21, 2004


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