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ABSTRACT Dr.R.Radhakrishnan, Vice-Chancellor, Anna University, under suspension - Orders - Issued. Higher Education (1-1) Department G.O. (20) NO.83 Coimbatore - Placed

Dated 31.8.2009.

Avani 15, Thiruvalluvar Aandu 2040. ORDER: WHEREAS a petition has been referred to Government by the Director of Vigilance and Anti Corruption regarding various allegations made against Dr.R.Radhakrishnan, First Vice-Chancellor, Anna University, Coimbatore, for concurrence to conduct a detailed enquiry. 2. AND WHEREAS the Government after careful examination permitted the Director of Vigilance and Anti Corruption to register a regular case against Dr.R.Radhakrishnan, Vice-Chancelior, Anna University, Coimbatore in G.0.(2D) NO.59, Higher Education Department, dated 30.7.2009. The Director of Vigilance and Anti Corruption has registered" a case in Coimbatore Detachment Cr.No.15/09/AC/CB under section 7, 13(2) r/w 13 (1)a), 13(1)(d) and 13(1)(e) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988. Further Government have issued orders vide G.0.(2D) NO.82, Higher Education Department, dated 28.8.2009 permitting the Director of Vigilance and Anti Corruption to include some more allegations against Dr.R.Radhakrishnan, in the case referred to above. 3. AND WHEREAS Writ Petition NO.13279/2009 has been filed praying for direction to take appropriate action against Dr.R.Radhakrishnan, Vice-Chancellor, Anna University, Coimbatore mentioned in the affidavit filed in support of the said Writ Petition; 4. AND VVEHREAS in the circumstances of the case in 'wVhichgrave allegations are under investigation by the Director of Vigilance and Anti Corruption, it is necessary in the public interest to place the said Dr.R.Radhakrishnan, Vice-Chancellor, Anna University, Coimbatore, under suspension with immediate effect.

... 2

-2 5. NOW, THEREFORE, Dr.R.Radhakrishnan, Vice-Chancellor, Anna . University, Coimbatore, is, with immediate effect, placed under suspension until further orders. (By order of the Governor) K.GANESAN, PRINCIPAL SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT. To Dr.R.Radhakrishnan, Vice-Chancellor, Anna University, Coimbatore. The Registrar, Anna University, Coimbatore. The Finance Officer, Anna University, Coimbatore. The Secretary to Governor, Raj Bhavan, Chennai-22. The Principal Secretary/Commissioner of Technical Education, Chennai-25 The Vice-Chancellors / Registrars of all Universities. The Secretary to Government Public/Law/P&AR departments, Chennai-9. All Heads of Departments. Copy to The Secretary (I) to Chief Minister, Chennai-9. The Private Secretary to Chief Secretary, Chennai-9. Chief Minister's Office, Chennai-9, All Senior P.A. to Ministers, Chennai-9. All Sections in Higher Education Department, Chennai-9. SF/SC. II forwarded / by order /f. ...

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Higher Education DI~Pil' tn" ~ecrecariat. Ch}~llna\-60C ~'J !


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