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Tennessee News is published bi-monthly by the Tennessee Ministries of the Church of God L. Dwayne Pierce, State Minister

Vol. 42, issue 5 Nov/Dec 2009

From A Pastor, To Pastors

I read a statistic recently that 50% of pastors will not finish their careers as pastors. Another statistic states that some 300 pastors drop out of ministry each month. Maybe it's the challenge of the job or maybe it's a misunderstanding of the call of God that's producing such troubling results. I love pastoral ministry. I love communicating God's truth. I love leading a congregation to accomplish its mission. I love influencing people toward becoming fully devoted followers of Christ. I continue doing this, but no longer as a senior pastor. I will do this for the rest of my life whether I am known to others as area administrator, state pastor, mentor or pastor. That calling has not changed. Today as a state pastor, I provide counseling, coaching, and mentoring to pastors and churches. I preach occasionally. I introduce people to Jesus Christ and his church. I work long, hard hours. I drive an average of 3,000 miles per month. I feel about my job like Eric Liddell felt about running: "And when I run, I feel his pleasure." I'm like that GEICO Gecko: "I love my job." I love forming SHAPE clusters (pastoral peer groups for encouragement and accountability). This keeps pastors from becoming isolated. Pastors who go it alone are more vulnerable to the enemy's attacks. Every pastor needs at the least a mentor, a coach, and a friend. Pastors need colleagues who can keep confidences and who can pray the heavens down. We will stand together or we will fall one by one. Pastor, do everything you can to be who God created you to be and to do what God created you to do. Remember that you belong to him. Give him the freedom to change your assignment at any time in any way. That is where purpose and meaning are found. That is where joy lives. Know that you are loved and appreciated. I pray for you often. I am here to support in any way I can. Abiding in Christ,


Ralph Shipley, Dwayne Pierce, Dorothy Hall, Ira Russell, Teri Henderson, Rex Stout, Sandy Hobbs, Jim Daniel, Linda Parton,, Lynda Smith, Chris Smith, Karen Bailey, Mel Jacobs, Gary Brooks, Chester Hughes, Maybrey Gfellers, Kathy Tack

Tennessee's third cohort for SHAPE (Sustaining Health And Pastoral Excellence) experienced orientation early this fall led by Paul Dreger and Ryan Chapman. We now have three new cluster groups meeting monthly bringing Tennessee's current involvement in SHAPE to 35.

The Children's Fall Retreat

held at Camp Overton Oct. 9 -11 had over a 100 people in attendance and many decisions made for Christ. The weekend was full of "Whatever" surprises. Many thanks to all of those from across the state who gave of their gifts, talents and time to make it a wonderful experience.

The Youth Fall Retreat brought together young people from all over to state to meet

at Camp Crossville Sept. 18-20 for a great time of spiritual renewal, fun and fellowship. Sammy Ward led in worship and Preston Centuolo challenged with the word.

Tennessee Ministries

was presented a "very large check" in the amount of $4,588. The check is a dividend from Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company because of the churches that participate in the Tennessee Church of God Group Program. The dividend was divided proportionally between Camp Greene and Camp Overton. To learn how your church can participate contact the State Office.

Leadership Workshop!

January 30, 2010 @ The Grace Place in Hermitage, Tennessee

Pastors are encouraged to bring their Leadership Team to

Change Your Church In A Day!

Topics include:

Take the STRESS Out of Leadership Relationships

Getting Along with Your Pastor, Board or Leadership Team Understanding Personalities, Attitudes, Quirks and Backgrounds

Can't We ALL Just Get Along? Loving Leadership for Better or Worse If Leadership Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy

Camp Overton with the assistants of SOWERS (servants on wheels), in order to be able to better serve you and your congregation, are in the process adding bathrooms to all the motel rooms.

Cost is only $25 per church

for up to 5 people per church, each additional person $5 each; for lunch & materials only

from 10am - 3pm, Saturday-Jan. 30th

Brought to you by your Congregational Ministry Team

Register today!

By calling the State Office at 615-893-4987 or email [email protected]

IYC 2010 July 15-18, 2010 Orlando, Florida Early Bird Registration Due by January 22,2010

HeartSpa Retreat for Pastor's Wives and Women in Ministry

Heart Spa: Where Women Are Refreshed in Jesus Retreat #1: Retreat #2: February 5-7, 2009 March 5-7, 2009 Paris Landing State Park Echota Resort near Buchanan, TN (near Dover) Sevierville, TN Cost: $110.00 per person Cost includes:2 nights' lodging, 3 meals, retreat materials

Please feel free to choose either weekend. It is not limited to just persons in those areas. Sponsored by Congregational Ministries Team

pastors were approved for licensing and ordination.

Tennessee Ministerial Assembly

Maryville First CHoG has a new pastor,

Raymond Clore. Pray for Rev. Clore and the congregation as they seek to advance the Kingdom together.

Happy Thanksgiving

Scott Memorial CHoG held an InstallaPictured above from right to left: Richard Bradford, Jerry Wicker, Patricia Arterbery, Mike Williams, Kathy Tack, and Jonathan Green

tion Service for Pastor Tim Sharp on September 27th.

Baxter Cookeville First Del Rio Greeneville Camp Ground/Worship Memphis East-Bartlett Murfreesboro Rockvale Union City

Please keep these churches in your prayers.

Church Plant, Point of Grace Community CHoG

located in Bell Buckle celebrated our first community outreach with a one day Vacation Bible School on August 1. Our congregation showed amazing unity as they worked to decorate and provide a team of teachers, activity leaders, craft organizers, and cook. Our thanks to Jeannie and Richard Cobb, Chuck and Bernice Byrd, Lindsay Acevedo, Dave and Celia Mikus, Barbra Laswell, David Pierce, Judith Bevels, Justine Burns and Journey Pointe for the supplies and support. We had a total of seventeen children, ranging from eighteen months to twelve years of age. We were able to reach ten new children from our neighborhood, with the promise of one new family of five to start attending our church fellowship. Our focus was on two Bible stories, that of the exodus and Jesus calming the storm. "The Lord himself goes with you and will be with you" and "God's love finds a way and I can trust in Him" were our "Live It" verses. Our luau theme with a "beach" and "boat" was a big hit with the kids and adults alike! Submitted by: Pastor Ron Bevels

Chapel Hill Youth Outreach...On Sunday September 13th the new church

plant, LifeSong Family Church in Chapel Hill, reached out to the youth in the community by hosting an afternoon of free food, fun & football. The youth promoted the event by standing on street corners with signs and going door to door inviting the community to come and join in this time of fellowship. It turned out to be a great time for the church as over 100 people came out with many of them promising to return next Sunday for service. What an awesome God we serve; to Him be the glory! Submitted by: Pastor Rocky

Friendship Reaching Out....The C.H.A.O.S. Crew (Youth

and Young Adult Ministry) from Friendship Church of God in Cookeville TN had the opportunity to go to Tennessee Tech University campus on August 31st and September 8th to welcome the TTU students back to campus. We set up a table display that showed what C.H.A.O.S. is all about as well as passing out pencils, key chains, water, and pizza. We passed out flyers that invited the students to upcoming events. We also had a drawing for a student prize giveaway. There are many students who come to campus from out of town and many from the Cookeville area too who do not have church homes and we wanted to introduce ourselves to the TTU students and invite them to check Friendship out. We look forward to many other opportunities to reach out to the youth and young adult community. Submitted by: Pastor Chris Smith

Taylor's Chapel Celebrates New Birth...

Hallelujah, one of two Hebrew words, the other Hosanna, to transcend into our modern phrases of worship. We here at Taylor's Chapel Church of God in Big Rock, TN have a lot to praise the Lord for. We have to go back to 2004 when we asked Dr. Del Morgan to come and fill in until... When he accepted, he accepted a lot of history, good and bad. We had 8-10 people in attendance when he started and the morale was low. As we leap to August 9, 2009, we entered the morning worship service with 33 and 2 more joined us for our picnic after the morning service. But wait, there is more! After our picnic, we all went to Blue Creek Boat Ramp for an old fashion, beside the creek, praise and worship time leading to a Baptism Service. Not one...not two...but SEVEN!!! What a perfect number for a perfect day. Hallelujah!!! We are so very thankful and blessed with how God is using Bro. Del in his leadership here at Taylor's Chapel. Submitted By: Board of Trustees Taylors' Chapel Church of God


Tennessee Ministries

of the Church of God

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