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· Break-through process technology · Broad market set

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Consumers get what they love about real wood without the things they hate about real wood.

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Eastman's Culture

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Game-Changing Innovation: Creating Eastman's Acetylated Wood Platform

Invention and Innovation

Problem: the desirable look and feel of real wood does

not last long; alternatives don't look and feel like real wood

Invention: Real wood...better, long lasting performance Innovation: Sustainable product that looks and feels like

real wood, performs better, lasts longer, meets needs in a large market

Invention comes from within; innovation must be broader


Wood Products Lack Dimensional Stability

Warping Graying, Fading Mildew Cracking

Sun U.V. Damage Splintering Nail Popping


Changing the substrate performance changes the market dynamics


Eastman's history with wood


The Eastman connect

Global acetic anhydride capacity (kmt)

Eastman is the world's largest manufacturer of acetic anhydride.


Eastman's acetyl stream

Coatings, Adhesives, Specialty Polymers and Inks Cellulose esters Fibers Acetate tow Acetate yarn Acetyl chemicals

Polyester Stream Copolyester Cellulose esters Coal gasification plant Kingsport, TN

Performance Chemicals & Intermediates Acetic anhydride Acetic acid

Acetylated wood enhances Eastman's acetyl and chemicals from coal strategies.


Over $2 billion addressable market for acetylated wood


reduced shrink and swell, easier opening/closing

Siding and trim:

less warping than cedar and composite materials


real wood with minimized warping, cupping, and twisting

Wide range of applications...wherever wood is used

Wide range of applications...wherever wood is used.

11 11

The results

70% more dimensionally stable Resists warping, twisting, cupping, bowing Physical barrier to rot, decay, and termites Trace (1%) acetic acid remains (oak has acetic acid naturally) Works & machines like wood Weathering Retains strength Increased surface hardness Southern pine, a renewable resource

Eastman testing complete in these areas. Extensive research conducted with several universities and independent wood product testing laboratories.


Innovation in Technology

Fundamental chemistry Breakthrough process development Analytical methods Product and applications development


Breakthrough process technology...enables high quality acetylation at reasonable cost and leverages our integration

Acetic anhydride

Acetylation Southern pine, a renewable resource

Wood is modified all the way through, changing the chemical structure by the addition of acetyl groups. Recovery Acetylated wood Acetic acid


Basic Process Steps (Solid Wood Acetylation)

Raw Material Selection Post Conditioning

Moisture Removal

Acid Removal (drying) and recovery

Acetic Anhydride Impregnation

Heating + reaction exotherms

Reference: Dr. Callum Hill, Acetylated Wood, The Science Behind the Material 15

Southern Yellow Pine


Dimensional Stabilization

The stabilization of modified woods is primarily attributed to a bulking of the cell wall

Permanent modification of the wood cellular structure

ASE = Anti-shrink Efficiency S(%) = (Vwet ­ Vdry) / Vdry ] x 100 ASE(%) = [(Sunmod ­ Smod) / Sunmod] x 100

Reference: (Hill and Jones 1996)


Inherent Variability of Wood

· location of tree · age · species · stresses · type of cut · grain pattern · location of cut · knots · density

A convoluting factor in every experiment is the uniqueness of each piece wood. Blending is not an option.


Applications development


Wear Track

Multiple materials Over 100+ traverses

per day


Fence testing



Weatherability: 5-year exposure study


Acetylation imparts improved dimensional stability


Innovation in engineering & construction Collaborative relationship with business Align choices with business needs Creativity with no compromises on safety

· Minimize customization · Maximize use of pre-engineered solutions · Design, purchase, build to regulatory requirements and industry

norms, not beyond

creative approach...practical solution


Aggressive innovation timeline


Process innovation and customer research completed


Investment in market launch facility


Market launch


Full-scale plant expansion

Under construction ­ Kingsport TN

25 25

Innovation in collaboration

Leverage external expertise vs. going it alone 60 external collaborators...and growing Access state of the art knowledge...more quickly

Process design Applications development

Eastman acetylated wood technology

Testing & product development

Value chain partners

Regulatory and code compliance




Breakthrough technology enables innovation, providing consumers a sustainable solution without traditional compromises



Acetylated Wood Durability Study

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