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OBJECTIVE · New web based application software have been developed and uploaded in the web. As soon as the data's are entered and saved at the DCCB level, the data's can be accessed by all the higher agencies (viz; TNSCB, RCS, and NABARD). It facilitates to the Management to get the required data's immediately to take Management Decisions at the appropriate time. It reduces the employee's workload to the maximum extent possible. Stabilized single data given to all the higher agencies.

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Website Address · (Use Mozilla Firefox for best view) · Username and Password will be provided separately.

Guidelines to enter data for DCCB

· · From the menu, select DCCB Data Entry. A screen with 5 pages will open. Select the DCCB; Period and click Go.

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Enter all the data (page 1 to 4) and click "Save" button to save the data. If any data entered and saved is incorrect, correct the same and click "Save" button. Changes will be updated. Finally click the CRAR button on Pg 2 and Save.

Note the following while gathering data...

All amounts should be in Crores. Page: 1 · Other Reserves data are pertaining to profit appropriation figures except Contingent Provision for Standard Assets. · NPA Reserves should be taken from Non Statutory Reserves and Balance to be taken as NSR. ·

Other liabilities: Amount not covered under any heads in source of funds (liability) should be

aggregated & shown in this head.

Page: 2 · Loans & Advances: Loan Data entered in page 3 will get reflected in page 2. · Any other assets: Amount not covered under any heads in application of funds (Assets)

should be aggregated & shown in this head. · · ·

Total Source of funds and Total Application of funds should be tallied (pg 1 & 2).

Year of Audit Completed: 2008-2009 (Format: YYYY-YYYY) Page 3: Total Loans Overdue Principal in page 3 should be tallied with DCB Overdue Balance in page 4.


· · Using the "Report" menu ­ 2 page summary of DCCB and PACS Consolidation reports can be generated. Select the DCCB, Period and click the "Report" button. Report will be generated in PDF format which can be saved and printed.

For Assistance

Tamil Nadu State Apex Co op Bank DAP Section, No.233/4 NSC Bose Road, Chennai ­ 600 001.

e-mail: [email protected] Tel No. 044 25302349 M Ramalingam, Asst. General Manager (9941727177) P Kandhasamy, Manager (9444871585) A Baskar, Asst. Manager (9444646246)



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