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DJ Contract

Agreement made this ___________ day of ______________ between, __________________________________ (Hereinafter referred to as "Purchaser") ___Ernesto Santiago, Jr._____ (Hereinafter referred to as "Engineer or DJ") It is mutually agreed between the parties as follows: The Purchase hereby engages T&T DJ and Sound Co., and T&T DJ and Sound Co. hereby agrees to perform the engagement hereinafter provided, upon all the terms and conditions herein set forth. Purchaser deposit is NONREFUNDABLE. Deposit must be paid in cash, check or money order. Checks and money orders must be made out of T&T DJ and Sound Co. Remaining balance should be paid in CASH ONLY, no later than function date, prior to equipment setup. Purchaser will be liable for any cancellation, damages, theft and breach of this agreement. Purchaser must notify T&T DJ and Sound Co. of any cancellations 30 days prior to engagement. If purchaser does not notify T&T DJ and Sound Co. 30 days prior to the engagement, then purchaser will be held liable for remaining balance of this contract. (Emergency, death and act of mother nature are exceptions for cancellations and rescheduling). Purchaser has the right to reschedule activity (Pending availability from T&T DJ and Sound Co.) up to 6 months from original date stated on this contract. Purchaser will be charged a fee of $50.00, for every 45 minutes of travel time. Purchaser must provide the appropriate electricity (2 separate 20 amp outlets) and 2 8ft tables. Purchaser must provide dinner for 1 person. T&T DJ and Sound Co. will provide the Party Plan requested by the Purchaser. T&T DJ and Sound Co. will arrive at an appropriate time to setup system and provide sound check (if needed). T&T DJ and Sound Co. will provide the music requested by the purchaser. Purchaser can provide music if needed or requested by T&T DJ and Sound Co. T&T DJ and Sound Co. Hereby agrees to perform the function in this contract. If at any time T&T DJ and Sound Co. cannot perform this function. T&T DJ and Sound Co. will assign the appropriate DJ company for this function. Type of Function: _____________________________________________________________________________ Place of Engagement: __________________________________________________________________________ Exact Address: _______________________________________________________________________________ Date(s): _____________________________________________________________________________________ Hours of Function: ________________________________ Estimated Travel Time: ________________________ Sound Check: ________________________________________________________________________________ Full Price Agree Upon: $__________ + Travel $__________ = Total $____________ ($____ each additional hour) Deposit Amount: $_______________ Balance: $_________________ Check or Money Order: #_______________ Name of Purchaser: ____________________________________________ Date: ___________________________ Address of Purchaser: __________________________________________ Telephone: _______________________ Signature of Purchaser: _________________________________________ Date: ___________________________ T&T DJ and Sound Co. Signature: ________________________________ Date: ___________________________


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