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How to set up your band profile on

This is meant to help new bands to set up a band profile, as it can be a little tricky to set up - starting with making sure that you have a BAND profile and not an INDIVIDUAL profile. I have learned through helping numerous bands that this is not necessarily that intuitive, so if you have not set one up yet, let's do it now!

This is the header that you see when you first go to can see, the light blue strip is the primary navigation.

Click on MUSIC

As you

The navigation now has a maroon strip labeled MY SPACE MUSIC.


1. Sign up!

2. Complete your registration

if you can't decide what 3 types you want to be search under or known by, you can edit it later.

3. Add a picture

You can add a picture of your band at this point. This is the picture that will show on your band profile home page. You will be able to add other pictures later that your fans can click on. Click on BROWSE to find a picture. Click on SKIP FOR NOW if you'd like to do this later.

4. Choose a picture on your computer

You'll get a window that allows you to search on your computer to find the best picture possible.

5. Invite everyone to see your new band profile on MySpace.

6. Add a song of yours (you can add up to 4 songs)

You can add a song by clicking on ADD A SONG in the box on the right. In the box on the left, you can choose one of the following: "Auto-play first song when someone views my profile" or "Check this box to randomize song play. If the box is left unchecked, your first song will play." You can also opt to "allow users to add songs to their profile."

7. Check out your home page!

You'll be able to update information clicking on the links to the right of the picture. Take advantage of all the ways you can reach your fans, share news, and get people to hear your music!

Check out other bands to see how they use their MySpace profiles...


Microsoft Word - How to set up your band profile on MySpace.doc

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Microsoft Word - How to set up your band profile on MySpace.doc