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It's important to complete all your shipping details so we can provide you with a fast and reliable end to end service. If you would like assistance with any shipment preparation, please don't hesitate to contact us. Ask for Toll Priority Global.

How to complete a commercial or proforma invoice.

Guide for completing a Proforma or Commercial Invoice

In addition to your Toll Priority Global airway bill, International customs regulations require a completed commercial invoice or proforma invoice to be submitted with dutiable/non-document consignments. To assist you with this requirement, Toll Priority Global has created this commercial invoice template and step by step instructions. Please ensure that you complete all necessary documentation to ensure that your consignment avoids unnecessary delay. Important: If you are not a sending from a private individual please use a company letterhead. Invoice & Consignment Details Select Invoice Type Commercial Invoice ­ if your consignment includes items for sale. Proforma Invoice - if your goods are a gift/sample/not for sale. Complete the airway bill number. Complete the invoice number. Complete the date of export. Complete the number of pieces you are shipping under this consignment. Complete the total weight of your consignment in kilograms. Shipper/Consignor Details Complete your (company) details; ABN number. Your reference number if required. Company name. Contact name. Full address. Phone & fax. Country of export. Ship to/Consignee Details Complete recipient (company) details Company name. Contact name. Full address. Phone & fax. Ultimate destination country. Manufacturer's Details Complete only if manufacturer is not the sender. Company name. Full address. Complete the item details, in the table provided including; Number of items (eg 1 box). Country of manufacture. Full Description. Part number (where applicable). AHECC Code (Australian Harmonized Export Commodity Classification if you know them.). Quantity. Unit of Measure. Weight. Unit Value. Total Value. Total Weight. Currency. Total invoice Value. Total Packages. Indicate Incoterms / if used. Select the boxes to indicate if: Goods are DDP (Delivered Duty Paid). Goods are other Incoterm status. Goods are hazardous. Include details of; Reason for export. Special Instructions. Permit Type & Number (if applicable). Confirmation & Printing Complete & sign the declaration. Check all details match airway bill. Print the commercial/proforma invoice on your company letterhead. Make 3 copies of the invoice and attach to your consignment with original invoice and airway bill.


Microsoft Word - How to complete a Commercial Invoice V3.doc

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