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West Elementary School

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Learning Garden and Outdoor Classroom

West Elementary School

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[email protected]

We plan to turn an ordinary courtyard into an inviting outdoor classroom. We plan to include benches, a planting bed, a butterfly garden and landscaping.


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Low Maintenance benches (8) @ $300 = $2400.00 8' x 5' Hillcrest Tool Shed = $600.00 Adirondack chairs (4) @ $125 = $500.00 (4) Planting Beds: Timbers (30) @ $2.00 = $60.00 October(32) @- $2.00 = grant application Rebar 2007 Submit $64.00 January/February 2008 - (assuming grant is Soil = $250.00 (donated) awarded) site preparation, install raised beds Seating area: March 2008 - install pavers, order benches, Pavers = $800.00 chairs $250.00 (donated) and butterfly houses Fill = and tables, feeders Early April 2008$600.00grass, flowers, plants Landscaping = - plant (donated) We bushes,(2) @45.00 = $90.00 and have a vision for a wonderful outdoor Bird feeder set up benches, chairs, tables, learning classroom be built feeders and$120.00togarden in a natural Bird bath = butterfly courtyard 2008 - official opening Late Aprilgarden:between our cafeteria and Butterfly that is classroom wing. This area is a perfect location, Flowers = $110.00 (donated) as it is blessed with [email protected] $40.00 = $80.00 Butterfly houses (2) large oak tree in the middle seed, fertilizer and fill dirt = $120.00 sides Grass of a grassy area, enclosed on three Our project is deserving of this grant because by school walls full of windows and open on the Labor = $0.00 we have the state is encouraging all schools far end. Theelements in place to successfullyto Refreshments for volunteers = $100.00 develop the envisioned spaces, and has a We create outdoor learning outdoor classroom.goal (donated) have a solid plan, a large volunteer 4 years. of accomplishing this within the nextworkforce, an excellent site, support environmental These spaces willand a great deal of enthusiasm and anticipation for ecology, biology, make this education, reading, the opportunity to horticulture Our volunteer workforce valuable addition to and is coordinated by the and natural science,our children's directly they will learning PTA. We already also three project obtained opportunities. We have have already leaders the support the teachers to prepare students for identified, and have a dozen others who have several donations that (SOL) exams. defray Standards of Learning will significantlyThis the already signed up during our back-to-school cost of is very important for piece required is project the project. The last the continued growth open house. aIn addition, we our PTA budget funding. As Title I school, have made and continuous quality improvement at the is contacts with a local boy scout and girl scout K needed The entire school community, including school. to fund other critical areas, including troops. support requirements that have been are teacher The girl scouts staff planning to support students, parents, and members will the can use Lowe's employees to help with We learning garden for their bronze award the previously funded by the state. Therefore, proudly take ownership of this beautiful outdoor project, and the site preparation,through a grant the raised without support boy scouts are considering space and enjoy the building the such as this, we performing of required potential Eagle Scout laying the pavers. projects. We have also planting bed, ableincorporateoflearning garden as would not be and thebuild ourthe space into their upkeep, they will to made three tasks the local Master Gardener's Thesecontact with will require volunteers with planned. curriculum and there will be many opportunities Association and the County Extension some experience and familiarity years. Office to to make improvements over the with the We provide additional resources In the project. In materialsthis projectneeded. foraddition, we can K envision and tools to be just the beginning addition Kiwanis International use helpthe school'slong commitment to this phase of with selection and delivery of the a decades K (K-Kids) club has and landscaping items. We their support. needed materials offered activities and projects outdoor classroom. The have already discussed this the learning garden K can be developed using project with Scott, that the manager of our local exhaustive list, very are too numerous for an Lowe's. He is however supportive of this include:effort, and is willing to our ideas initially type of growing herbs for work withDay; 4th grade vegetable garden that Mother's us on this project. We both feel this project has the potential tokindergarten resulting in salad by year end; make connections with our local Lowe's store and and pumpkin patch; observation of trees, bushes workforce, benefiting bothseasons of fall, winter flowers cycle through the the students and the volunteers. studying migratory song birds and and spring; butterflies; and a project to plant and monitor the growth of tulips from seed to blooms in the spring. In addition all grade levels would enjoy outdoor reading and story telling during the long and pleasant fall and spring seasons that we


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