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Senior electrical ENGINEER

Personal Details Name: Surname: Place of Birth: Date of Birth: Nationality: Marital Status: Address: E-mail: Foreign Languages 1English ­ very well : writing and speaking 2French - well 3Italian ­ well Skills ADRIAN CIUTURA Constanta - Romania 1960 Romanian Married Constanta - Romania [email protected]

1PC Software: Windows, Office (Word, Excel, Power Point,Out look,Amos) and

Internet/ Email softwares. 2Electrical Software: GE Multilin, Holec, ABB-VFD, Alstom IGBT, Schneider Electric, Merlin-Gerin, Ingersoll- Dresser, Telemecanique, Legrand,Siemens. Education 11979 ­ High School, Constanta 21986 ­ Ovidius College: Electrical Foreman Course 31990 - Ovidius College : Electrical Engineer Diploma ·2005 ­ Bosiet Certificate Rotterdam ·2008 ­ AMOS course Singapore

·2008 ­ Offshore Lifeboat COXSWAIN (OPITO) course Malaysia Work Experience :

Position : Electrical Engineer - Maintenance Period : 2007 JUL - until now - SINGAPORE Employer : Premium Drilling Involved in : - Maintenance for DEEP DRILLER 5 jack-up rig - Jacking and moving DD 5, drilling in Bangladesh (off shore) - Lead a 3 indian team Equipment : Power generation ­ 5 Warsila engines, Cranes- Favelle Favco, Engines made by ABB,Siemens,Alstom ,Cubicle- MERLIN GERIN ,SIEMENS SIVACON, low voltage 460 ­Telemecanique - MURMANSKAYA jack -up rig drilling in China sea


Commissioning for WILFORCE jack-up rig

Position : Senior Electrical Engineer ­ Maintenance Period : 2006 DEC ­ 2007 JUN ­ LIBYA Employer : Teknica UK Client : Waha Oil Company Involved in : Land rigs maintenance in Samah field , Samah II station, Balat station, Belhaden station, AA field, Khalifa station, LA3 and LA7 distribution stations. Maintenance for : Samah camp ( lighting, kitchen gears, compressors, water production RO plant- construction), water wells, production oil wells, HV Switchgear, HV transformers 138 KV / 4160 V, MV/LV Transformers, UPS System, batteries, repair /removal of electrical equipment ( relays,circuit breakers, controllers, starters),cables. Isolation and switching operations, performing routine and corrective maintenance activities on equipment, interogation of power protection relays after trips and routine testing and maintenance. The equipment was made by : Cutler-Hammer USA, ASCO / Keltronics/ CiscoCanada, Telemecanique, Siemens.

Position : Senior Electrical Engineer - Maintenance Period : 2006 JUN. 2006 NOV- N' KOSSA - offshore Republic of CONGO Maintenance in N 'Kossa field for NKP platform and satellites : NKF 1, NKF 2 and Tchibeli

Employer : Dietsmann Technologies SA Client : Total E & P Congo Involved in : - Lead a 3 congolaise team - Work Permit Procedure : isolation / deisolation for motors and pumps - Gas Turbine data processing - Preventive maintenance : monthly ,quarterly and annual maintenance for 12V DC, 24V DC, 48V DC ,Ni Ca batteries ( SBL, SBM, SBH ), chargers, invertors ,rectifiers ,cathodic protection, fire pumps. - Maintenance for : NKF1, NKF2, Tchibeli (satellites ) 3 Turbo Generators EGT ( EUROPEAN GAS TURBINE ) 25MW/ 11KV 2 Emergency Generators 1600KVA/ 400V -SDMO X 1700 K FRANCE 2 Ground Default Generators Transformers FRANCE TRANSFO SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC MINERA 30 KV ( three-phase) Compressor 7 MW ; 3.5 MW ; 1.5 MW Compressor Fluides Service 10 bar (France ) Cubicle MERLIN GERIN SM 6- 30 KW MERLIN GERIN Breaker ( FLUARC ) 11 KV / 630A ,11 KV/ 2500A Fluair 200 Panel 11KV Schneiderelectric MOTORS : RODEMIP, SULZER, ENSIVAL FRANCE, INGERSOLL- DRESSER 200KW, ALSTOM 500KW , CONSTRUCTIONS ELECTRONIQUES NANCY 11KV, LEROY- SOMER LV equipment 400V -GEC ALSTHOM TELEMECANIQUE- SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC LV : Machine Control ( Limit Switches, Machine Safeguarding ,Relays and timers ) ; Motor control ( Starters )

Position : Senior Electrical Engineer Period: 2004 NOV.- 2006 JUN. YOHO PROJECT -offshore NIGERIA -Pre ­ Commissioning , Commissioning , Inspection and Maintenance in

YOHO project OML 104 Nigeria ; client ­ Mobil Petroleum Nigeria ; company Exxon Mobile Contractor ­ Saipem -Work Permit procedure and isolation / de isolation procedure\ - Pre- commissionig and commissionig for Systems such as : Main Power Generation ;HV Switchgear ; MV / LV Transformers ; UPS Systems ; Lighting and Small Power ; Essential Lighting System ; Power Distribution System ; Aids to Navigation System ; Fire Water System -Checking , inspection and remediating equipments such as Transformers 2500 KVA ( Prolec ) ; Turbo Generator Solar Turbine Taurus 60 4,4 MW, 4160V; SWG 4160 V (Powell) Switchgear correct terminations, check phase rotation between all generator Voltage adjustment, Generator heaters, Semiautomatic synchronizes Bus breaker in short parallel Manual operations Electrical equipment for 4160V : · Power breakers, bus bars , electrical transformers 4160/ 480- 2500 kvA made by Powell Electric Electrical equipment for 480 V /60 Hz Cuttler - Hammer UPS made by Guttor Under voltage relay Basler electric BE-27 Over current relay BE 1-51 Synk check relay BE -125 Diferential relay BE 1 -87G Battery monitoring devices VRU Compressor :Gas generator Novo Pinione ; cubicles ­ breakers, contactors 480 v ( Cutler ­ Hammer ) ; Electrical Motors AC/ DC 470 , 700 , 1000 HP ; Automatic Transfer Switch ( ASCO Canada ) . ESP and VFD equipment. -Commissiong and energisation for several production systems and shutdown Crude stabilization , Crude export , Separation system, Produced Water . Equipments used for inspection , testing and checking : Unilap Iso 5 KV norma insulation tester Megohmmeter Fluke 1520 ; Clamp Meter 337 Fluke ; Ground Fault Detector ;Multimeter Fluke. -Work Paper ­ B3 sheets, Punch list, Work Permit Experience in HV Maintenance: 230 kv, 115 kv, 13,8 autotransformer. Supervising installation, services and repairs for HVAC systems. Inspecting airconditioning units to ensure efficient operation and performing regulary scheduled maintenance on heating and cooling units.

Position:Senior Electrical Technician/Electrical Inspector Period : 1993 APR. -2004 OCT. PETROMAR-CONSTANTA ROMANIA OFF-SHORE JACK-UP RIGS -Installation , removal of electrical equipement , repair , and documentation of the entire offshore unit's electrical systems , and equipement to include all refrigeration and air conditioning systems , all electrical power generation sources , rectifiers and circuits , transformers , power distribution equipment , electrical motors and controllers , performing , diagnostic tests and troubleshooting system faults and failures , of all electrical equipment down to the component level . - Baylor SCR system and Brake Controllers - Rosshill SCR system ,Field supplies, Generator controls -API Standard -IPS system -Troubleshooting for ESP and VFD equipment. -Repair for HVAC systems. - TOP DRIVE -DRAWWORKS -The equipment was made by SCHNIEDER AND ABB Other Job Functions: a). Participation to Emergency Response b). Participation in the use of the Company's Hot Permit system onboard any operation assigned . c). Additional responsibilities regarding safety and environmental duties . o Participation in maintenance, complete overhaul for electric parts (helicopter pad, generating set, enines, antiblast electrical installation, installation work and conditioning installation for platforms Saturn, Prometeu, Atlas, Orizont, Gloria, section7 and section 9) Commissioning and energisation for several electrical instruments and telecom subsystems Measurement at high voltage transformers (insulation resistance

o o

with megger) and all checking: Oil and winding temperature strips to protection relays Oil and winding temperatures alarms to protection relays Tap changer function test Continuity neutral to earth Pressure relief device operation Oil Levels 1Precommissioning and commissioning for high voltage and low voltage switchrooms 2Insulation resistance test - megger 3High potential test ­ tester 4Low OHMS test ­ multimeter 5Measurements and checking for circuits breakers 6Precommissioning and commissioning for all lighting subsystems 7Insulation resistance and low OHMS tests 8Load tests (with clamp meters) 9Illumination tests (lux meter) 10Precommissioning and commissioning for heat tracing subsystems 11Insulation resistance, low OHMS test for heat cable 12On load tests 13Verify if heat cable and insulation material are currently 14Precommissioning and commissioning for several pumps and motors

1Period: 1987 FEB -1993 MAR.

Employer: Onshore Petromidia Rafinery, Navodari, Romania Position: Senior Electrical Technician - Maintenance Duties: -Participation in job planning and safety meetings, presenting daily topics related to HV Electrical activities. -Isolation and switching operations, performing routine and corrective maintenance activities on equipment, interogation of power protection relays after trips and routine testing and maintenance. -Maintenance of 132 KV, 66 KV and 33 KV electrical systems and equipment including overhead lines, switchgear, HV, MV, power generation equipment, variable frequency drives, UPS systems, transformers, starters, brakers. -Maintenance for transformers: ·Regular cleaning of the porcelain ·Oil level checked regularly ·Inside of the terminal box and ventilation screens checked for cleanliness -Process Shutdown and Start-up: duties and tasks as required and under guidance. Stop, start and synchronise the HV and LV generation systems and equipment. Carry out switching on HV and LV distribution systems and drilling generators to support production, as required. Apply and remove busbar main earth. Alter electrical protection settingsas required on HV and LV distribution systems.

-Isolation/ De-isolation: isolate/ de-isolate electrical systems and equipment in accordance with electrical working precautions, Company Operating Procedures and Standards, including: -LV small power distribution, LV battery/ UPS and HV distribution systems -Preventative and Restorative Maintenance: Perform all necessary servicing, condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and restorative maintenance duties and tasks safely, efficiently and effectively on electrical systems and equipment including the following systems/ equipment: LV small power distribution LV main distribution power LV batterry/ UPS HV distribution Fire and Gas (under supervision, when necessary) Position: Senior Electrical Technician- Maintenance 1985 APR- 1987 FEB Petromar On-shore 1Witness calibration of instrument and controls 2Witness functionality tests 3Receive work assignment from electrical supervisor and carries out his duties in accordance with specifications and company standards and regulations 4Diagnoses and rectifies faults on electrical equipment and associated control gear, heavy and light HT and LT switchgear and ancillary equipment 5Isolation of certain electrical circuits, issues danger notices as authorized and carried out routine and planned maintenance on a wide variety of electrical equipment 6Electrical installation work as assigned, and arranged with my supervisor the materials and spare parts required to perform assigned work 7Routine records of completed work and completed logs for maintenance work performed 8Verbal and/or written reports on work performed 9Monitorized the correct installation and testing of electrical systems 10Witness installation of electrical cables and equipment 11Witness functionality testing of electrical systems 12Review drawings and other quality documents relating to electrical installations 13Electrical technician in high voltage power station where I was working on shifts on berth 34 Petromar 14Maintenance and operation (transformers, circuit breakers) 15Revision and repairing damaged parts of equipment from platforms (electrical installations for platforms; engines, helicopter, pad, generators, rooms)

Period : 1980- 1985 Employer Radiotehnica Constanta Position : Electrical Technician in high voltage power station.


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