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Cover Letter & C/V (HSE Adviser / Rigging Supervisor) Dear Sir / Madam

I have been employed in the construction industry for more than 27 years during which time I have undertaken both onshore and offshore projects primarily in the oil & gas sector. I am a highly qualified and experienced Rigger and Erector with extensive supervisory experience and a proven ability to review and enhance existing procedures to ensure efficiency and productivity. I am a fully qualified safety and health practitioner with IOSH accreditation and my main area of expertise is in the completion of risk assessments and the implementation of new working practices designed to improve safety standards and ensure statutory compliance. I have been involved in the investigation of accidents and incidents on-site and have made subsequent recommendations to avoid the occurrence of similar issues. I have also designed and delivered health and safety training to both managers and employees. I now wish to develop my career further, and am therefore looking for a new and suitably challenging position. I believe that my key qualities are my excellent interpersonal skills and strong communicative ability, combined with my talent for effective organisation and prioritisation. I see myself as a highly dedicated and strongly driven individual.

Skills Include: (Safety)

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carrying out risk assessments and looking at how risks could be reduced; planning practical and effective solutions towards safe working practices; making changes to working practices that are safe and comply with legislation; keeping up to date with new legislation; outlining safe operational procedures, which identify all relevant hazards and accurately assess risks; leading in-house training with managers and employees about health and safety issues and risks; carrying out accident investigations on sites and producing subsequent reports and recommendations; keeping records of inspections findings and producing reports suggesting improvements; keeping records of incidents and accidents and producing statistics for managers; leading in-house training with managers and employees about health and safety issues and risks; developing preventative and remedial programmes of health and safety; advising on a range of specialist areas, e.g. fire regulations, hazardous substances, noise, safeguarding machinery and occupational diseases; ensuring the safe installation of equipment; attending safety committee meetings; Managing hazardous substances and the disposal of chemicals, e.g. asbestos. carrying out fire drills;

Please refer to my C/V for my Rigging experience and past profile of work history Kind Regards David Lewis




Name: Address: D.O.B. Tel: Mobile: Dependants: Nationality: Email:

David Lewis 23 / 04 / 1962 (44 years old)

Wife 2 Children Scottish / British [email protected]

NAT. INS. No: PASSPORT No: Exp 2014 (U.S.A. Visa valid Dec 2009) SEAMAN'S DISCHARGE No.:


NEBOSH Health & Safety General Cert N.V.Q. Level 3 Rigging supervisor QRG30/2 I.O.S.H. (Institute of Occupational safety & Health) 102390 E.C.I.T.B. REF: QRG 30/2 C.I.T.B. (Skills Data-base refine):0059191

Grade 6 Rigging Supervisor / Steel Erector SAFETY PASSPORT 138961 C.S.C.S. Health and safety 1564731 FASPAS (Europe) OFFSHORE CRANE OPERATOR 5247 (Sparrows) Stage 2 NSL Rigging & Lifting training cert. GANTRY CRANE OPERATOR Sparrows 10800 OFFSHORE MEDICAL 02/02/05 valid to 02/02/07 R.G.I.T.6931 (Exp-date) -29/5/2006 MAPS/OPTICS No: 2053214 (PTW ) L.O.L.E.R. 24 May2002 cert number 000080734/2001 Driving Licence (Clear)


Vaccinations up to date covering most countries including, yellow fever, typhoid, and hep A, All above references and certificates can be forwarded on request PROLOGUE OF EMPLOYMENT

Having worked in the shipbuilding, steel, and oil & gas industry since 1978, I have built up an extensive knowledge and understanding of the construction Industry over this time. I have worked at home and overseas long and short-term projects employed as a Rigger and more recently Rigging Foreman/Supervisor. Successful team worker, professional attitude to promote and maintain safety standards, able to delegate and prioritise, with good inter personal skills at all levels of management, presentations or meetings. My duties include heavy lifting and rigging procedures including L.O.L.E.R. and P.U.W.E.R method statements and studies, the permit to work system, load testing and proof loading of relevant rigging and lifting equipment and certification, all cranage and winch work also overseeing on site safety and awareness requirements were understood and met, managing and co-ordinating projects, trouble shooting and subsequent corrective action being applied. I worked as a safety rep on many offshore platforms and benefited from the safety culture that has been adopted good awareness, aptitude and commonsense regarding safety, I have completed a N.E.B.O.S.H.certificate in health and safety. I feel I equip myself well in any job or task asked of me, handling pressures and problems that arise in this type of working environment, I have been responsible for the supervision of multi national personnel, consequently I am familiar with the different cultures that I have worked with over the past few years, and in some cases training, checking and testing individuals bringing up to acceptable levels of competence by implementing classes to explain all aspects of lifting and rigging.and more recently raising the emphisis on safety awareness in the workplace through communication and co-ordination.


EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Aug 06 to Dec 06 Shanahan Engineering Dublin (HSE Adviser) BP Saltend co generation project and Scottish Powers Damhead Creak power stations respectively, working as safety adviser carrying out daily toolbox talks, and daily safety meetings with management, audits, and monitoring handling all safety related issues on site. The work involved change out and overhauls of turbine units using highly skilled teams of mechanical fitters and engineers. April 06 August 06 North Sea Lifting Aberdeen Site Competent Person (Rigging) Based in Tbilisi Georgia working out of BP office, my job was to oversee all lifting and rigging procedures that took place on the Baku to Ceyhan pipeline (BTC) including two large pumping stations and numerous other tasks along the length of the pipeline. This Included giving training in lifting and rigging for operators and staff, checking out of equipment including cranes and machinery, making sure was fit for purpose and safe for use before it was permitted on to site. March 06 Global Resources Aberdeen (HSE Adviser) Offshore Beryl Bravo working for drilling company KCA employed as safety Adviser, work consisted of permit checking and auditing, gas testing & monitoring, tool box meeting and conducting safety

meetings and discussions as well as rig safety walk downs monitoring elimination of deficiencies, auditing, monitoring and all safety related matters involving drill crew and rig management

November 05 Microtec- air Basildon Essex (HSE Advisor) Working full time as a Health and Safety Advisor for Microtec-Air, carrying out training programs in asbestos related training procedures for New Operators and Supervisors, one or two day training classes practical and theory, using computer-aided training, power-point presentations using training videos and DVDs, explaining new legislation and guidelines (EH.50) demonstrating new working practices and familiarization for asbestos removal Operators and Supervisors. April 05 Nov 05 Cape Industrial Services (Cape East Malta) Malta Shipyards Valletta. Rigging Consultant / HSE Advisor. Working out of the Malta Dry-docks and also Marsa and Maneol Island dock yards, employed to undertake review of rigging procedures in the yard, involving all rigging equipment, methods of lifting, safe practices, competence and skill. Subsequently devised a training programme, and trained over a hundred and fifty of the yards (multi skilled) workforce, bringing them up to basic standards of competence regarding rigging and lifting practices under the (L.O.L.E.R.) I was also responsible for overseeing complex lifting operations being undertaken in yards, including all the lifting operations for the Kashogen Kazakhstan project, carrying out risk assessments, method statements and planning and supervision of lifts around the yards. Also utilised as Safety Adviser engaged to look after all safety issues around the office and yards in co-operation with the yards own safety teams and sub contractors. March 05 U.K.P.S. Offshore Lowestoft Suffolk (Rigging Supervisor) Onboard Sub seas 7 diving vessel, Commander working on (BOPs Farragon) project in the North sea main duties and responsibilities included mobilisation of vessel and subsequent overview of job in the field, identifying all safety concerns and implementing safety awareness procedures onboard the ship. The job entailed laying 1500 metres of cable on to the seabed; project was postponed due to heavy seas and bad weather at the site. Nov 04 Dec 04 Aker Kvaerner Aberdeen (Rigging Foreman) Offshore on bluewaters Uisge Gorm FPSO, utilised to plan and carry out all lifting procedures on three week shutdown of installation work involved replacing parts of turret which involved use of Tug to hold vessel steady while this operation took place, safety and pre-planning was imperative on this operation. Work also involved replacing new vessels and pipework on Gasco unit, check valves and spools on well March 04 Anglo European London (Rigging Foreman) working for engineering firm M.S.L.southern Ireland projects included pharmeceutical plants Smith Kline Beechams, Ely Lilley, and some work at Cork Airport erecting steel and Rigging operations, I also acted as a safety rep whilst employed by the agency February 04 AMEC Ltd Aberdeen. (Rigging Foreman) Offshore Nigeria on new FPSU Bonga hook-up charge hand rigger on deck crew overlooking all lifting and crane operations and basic rigging duties throughout the vessel, nominated safety representative.


November 03 WOODGROUP Ltd Aberdeen (Rigger) Offshore Forties Charlie shutdown, basic rigging duties and operations removing large header and pipe work. Later moving on to ETAP rig, further work and training in overhead crane and pelloby operations working with new trainee's giving insight into offshore working environment and all safety issues. August 03 ­ October 03 C.CREW (Smit Ltd) Aberdeen (Rigger) Offshore onboard Polar Prince, project was to try and recover remaining oil from sunken oil tanker the Prestige, off northern shores of Spain. Working with team of engineers, ROV and sub sea personnel, basic deck duties and crane and winch operations, acting safety rep. Project suspended due to adverse weather conditions June 03 August 03 BRIGGS MARINE, Burnt island Fife. (Rigging Supervisor.) Onboard M.V. Forth Guardsman, installing boat landing and "J" tubes onto steel piles, for North Hoyle Wind farm, supervising all lifting rigging, slinging and cranage procedures, method statements, risk assessments, deck operations, promoting positive safety culture. Operating with a four point mooring system and assisting team of diving personnel, subcontracted by Vestas Celtic and Mayflower energy. For National Wind power, in all erected total of 36 turbines. April 03 AMEC OFFSHORE, Gt. Yarmouth. Offshore (Crane Operator) Two weeks work on Cleeton Platform, South Humberside, working with wire line operations, and general deck and lifting operations March 03 ENGLISH PARTNERSHIPS LTD London (Rigging foreman) Utilised to destruct five large hanger type aluminium structures, used for offices, utilities and storage in construction of Millennium Dome, most of the structure was salvaged to be re-used abroad. Implemented on site safety awareness and co-ordinated all lifting and planning operations. Feb 03 CALTECH INTERNATIONAL Grangemouth (Rigging Foreman) Working at Wick, on new water treatment plant job, job entailed of planning and executing all lifts, and crane operations on site Short three weeks contract. November 02 FUSE INTERNATIONAL, Basingstoke, Hants. (Tower Rigger) Sub-contracted to Bechtel by O.2 Wireless and based in Birmingham, Alabama, and Nashville Tennessee U.S.A. travelling to base sites throughout the counties installing R/F and telecom related apparatus, involving 3~G crossovers, installing new M.H.A.s and jumpers doing site surveys, erecting ice bridge, steelwork and panels also cad welding, concrete pads and lightning conductors. Elected safety rep for the erection squads dealing with all safety concerns in the field, and reporting any findings or concerns back to management. September 02 M.I.L.INTERNATIONAL. Great Yarmouth (Rigger / Rig Builder) Offshore Cormorant Alpha, renewing sections of derrick, fingers, monkey boards, damaged steelwork, installing heat shields and relevant apparatus to derrick work lasted two Aug-02 October 02 INTEROCEAN PERSONELL B.V Netherlands (Rigging Foreman / Crane Op) Offshore on Hereema's semi submersible lifting barge Hermod working out of Trinidad shore base diving operation's and lifting operations in the Gulf of Mexico. Projects postponed due to adverse weather conditions, subsequently down manned. Aug 02 WOODGROUP ENGINEERING, Aberdeen (Rigger) Offshore on B, Ps Schiehallion F.S.P.O. this task was to install a "dummy spool" on the turret of the ship that had been damaged, working with single buoy mooring contractors we removed the damaged swivel system, to be repaired onshore and at a later date replaced June 02 to Aug 02 SOUTH SEA INSPEC Kiantec Crescent Singapore (Rigger/Erector Supervisor) Erection supervisor, new build derricks for jack-up rigs and repairs implementing safe working practices and subsequent training for erectors, abseilors welders on projects, working mainly at Keppel Fels yard, building, erecting and maintenance of new derricks for jack up's and semi submersibles clients included most drilling companies Santa Fe, Global, Ensco ect; also worked offshore in Vietnam, Vung Tau province realigning derrick with use of surveyor and team of abseilors, jacking up and shimming to remedy problems in the field. January 02-April 02 P.C.T.GROUP. Dalsetter Avenue Glasgow, (Rigger Foreman) Employed in fabrication yard, before working offshore in Angola, on Elf's new F.P.S.O. the Girrasol most work was repairing Materson and King type cranes and hoists that were damaged on the sail round from Ulsan in Korea, working with fitters the offshore work lasted six weeks in all. Elf management whilst onboard requested we give out rigging and safety awareness training to local workforce.


November2001-Dec 2001 RED-EYE ­DESIGN & DISPLAY Perth (Rigging Foreman) Rigging Foreman Overseeing rigging operations and responsibilities regarding on site safety, using cherry pickers and scissor jack lifts and rope access techniques inside shopping malls and centres using an eight man rigging crew to assemble and fix large festive lighting design and displays April2001-Nov 2001 LANMAR PIPE WORK AND ENG, GLASGOW (Rigger/Erecting foreman) Working on various sites Throughout Scotland and Ireland for small fabrication company various duties included erecting structural steelwork rigging and crane operations. April 2000-June 2001 WOODGROUP ENG. LTD, ABERDEEN. (Rigging foreman/charge hand) Employed on many locations and installations throughout the North Sea, during this period offshore, mostly on B.P. Amoco rigs, covering most aspects of rigging, from removing and installing pipework, valves. Spools to large H.P. water separators, heat exchangers. Feb 2000 ­ Apr 2000 AEROTEK Europe, Edinburgh. (Rigger/Erector (Foreman) for a programme involving the construction of telecommunication towers and installation of related telecomm equipment, for various commercial enterprises i.e. Orange, Medlock, throughout North England and Scotland, in charge of small erection squads, responsible for scheduling work risk assessments and on site safety was met and complied with. Dec 99 - Jan 2000. SMIT INTERNATIONAL (C-CREW) Rotterdam, N.L. (Rigger /Crane Op) On board salvage vessel Smit Pioneer and operating out of Davis-Ville marine base U.S.A. This job was assisting the U.S. government and F.B.I. with the crash investigation and related salvage duties associated with the recovery of debris from Egypt Air Flight 990, this work lasted about six weeks and in all managed to recover about 80% of the aircraft, to be examined onshore at later date very successful operation as they managed to identify what caused the aircraft to crash. Sept 99-Dec99 B.M.D. Ltd.Cork, Ireland (Rigging / Erection Foreman) Employed firstly to Little Island, project, then on to Whitegate oil refinery, before finally becoming rigging foreman at Pfizer's new pharmaceutical plant at Ring-a-skiddy, all these jobs involved steel erecting, the latter being one of the longest pipe support systems I have personally worked on, later transferred to O.S.P.4. To be put in charge of small rigging crew, installing large fragile fibreglass lined vessels and other related plant and steelwork July-98 -Nov 98 .STOLT COMEX SEAWAY. Aberdeen (Rigger/Crane Op. foreman) Norwegian pipe laying and cable laying vessel, Seaway Falcon, duties onboard here consisted of a wide range of activities, working on own initiative mostly trying to keep the welding dept, (firing line) supplied constantly with pipe and materials this was imperative, as well as organizing and implicating other projects such as sub sea work that was ongoing at the same time, a wide diversity of work onboard Jan-98-June 98 I.P.C.O. Nigeria (Rigging Supervisor) Onsite, Onne, Port Harcourt, This consisted of a load out terminal, on the Bonny River, my duties here, included some heavy lifting procedures, up to and above 400 tons, working with a lifting barge the Ammal 318.The project consisted of an array of bridges and jackets, a lot of sub sea and diving programmes where scheduled, as well as piling and pipe laying operations. Most of my work here was, basically to oversee any large or awkward lifts and to give an insight to the local rigging crews as to how it could be done in a safe and controlled manor. Nov-97-Dec 98 MOTHERWELL BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION (Steel Erector charge hand) Eight week shutdown on British steels blast furnace, Redcar plant, this was replacing large staves on the top of the furnace using winching and tirfor techniques, also installing some new structural steelwork on site. April 97-Nov-97 U.I.E. SCOTLAND. Clydebank, Glasgow. (Rigging Foreman) Working foreman, on the Blue water F.S.P.O. installing topsides and pipework. This project involved some heavy lifts which I was directly involved with planning and eventual emplacement, using a 500 ton de-mag crane, also utilising the other cranes on site some very awkward lifts inside of the ship, dual tandem lifting and transfers with minimal disruption. Feb 97- April97 ATLAS INEXCO B.V. Netherlands (Rigging Foreman) Operating of Jack-Up rig Sea Fox III, six week shut down on small satellite rigs in the Dutch sector, basic over haul and change out of valves, pipe work, assisting flying squad with replacing damaged crane boom and other related work.


Sept 96-Nov96 PETER CRISPE RIGGING Co.Ltd Wolverhampton (Rigger) Working offshore, replacing damaged heat shields and flare tips, this involved using a helicopter to lift off and replace the new tulips, because the heat had damaged the skid rail, I think this was the first time this method had been tried on such a high structure offshore, but it was very successful and safe operation. Mar 96- Aug 96 U.K. CONSTRUCTION Ltd. (Steel Erector) British Steels, Hunterston Ore terminal, Scotland this involved a large decommissioning project of the site later to be transferred to the U.S.A. for eventual re-erection, my main tasks were to dismantle sections of the plant, removing to stock yard for logging and onward freight. April195 Feb 96 P.T.CAL-MARINE OFFSHORE Jakarta, Indonesia (Rigging Foreman) Employed offshore, in the east Java sea, onboard large crane barge (C.B.1), work was refurbishment of the ARII, offshore platforms, installing pipe work to the top sides, replacing large high pressure separators, repair and tie in of risers, installing new dive system, subsea flow-lines contracted to Atlantic Richfield Indonesia June 92 March 95 A.O.C. LTD Aberdeen (Rigger) Offshore various platforms in the North Sea. Including Piper Bravo, Nelson Hook-ups and the Brent Redevelopment project. Working as a rigger basic duties included day to day crane operations banks man / slinger, signaller all rigging and lifting duties on the last of the big Hook ups. Jun 90 - Jun 91 BRITLANDS LIMITED, New Malden, Surrey Steel Erector for News International & News Buda Duck papers printing plants at Knowles, Liverpool & Berlin, East Germany. Work involved installation of press floors, sound proof booths, ink tanks & ink line pipe work, structural staircases and hand rail Feb 90 - Jun 90 CRESTHAVEN ENGINEERING LTD., Barking, Essex Erection Foreman Erection of telecommunication towers, masts, aerials, micro wave dishes and wave guides. In charge of erecting & rigging squads and responsible for scheduling work... Jul 89 - Dec 89 SMALLMAN CONSTRUCTION LTD., Basildon, Essex Erector (chargehand) On high rise building using fast track system at Broomielaw, Glasgow. In charge of erection and snagging squads and laying of decking Jan 89 - July 89 HIGH FORCE ENGINEERING LTD., Middlesbrough Steel Erector Phase 1 project at Liverpool Street, London. Responsible for fixing and building steelwork, torquing of high strength HSFG bolts on main bridge structures and line/levelling Apr 88 - Nov 88 T.D. ENGINEERING LTD., Dudley, W. Midlands Steel Erector On Maxwell House. Worship St. London .14 storey building in central London in charge of all craneage, erection and snagging squads. Later transferred to Daily Telegraph building at Isle of Dogs to complete by contracted finishing dates. Oct 87 - April 88 CLEVELAND REDPATH LTD., Greenock, Scotland Rigger At Scot Lithgow Shipyard in charge of rigging crews in steel stock yard to offload plate & steel beam sections. The control & delivery of same to fabrication sheds. Jan 85 ­may 87 SCOTT LITHGOWS Port Glasgow Scotland Rigger Working on the new build of a semi submersible oil rig on the lower Clyde yard basic rigging and lifting operations and associated duties 1982 -Dec 84 Lanmar Pipe work & Engineering Dalmarnock Rd Glasgow Rigger / Improver Working for small local firm working throughout the central belt of Scotland basic rigging and erecting work, general duties Jan1978 - Jan1982 Govan Shipbuilding Ltd. Glasgow. Apprenticeship, four year journeyman / improvership This covered all aspects of rigging in the upper Clyde shipyards Splicing, burning, caulking, reading drawings, marking out loft duties, including 1 day release courses at Reid Kerr college, Paisley.



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