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Drug Discovery

Dynabeads® are monosized magnetizable micro-beads which will simplify your sample preparations. The beads are used as a solid-phase for isolation of biologically significant targets - a technology referred to as biomagnetic separation. A wide variety of Dynabeads®-based products are available for the isolation of specific cells, microbes, DNA, mRNA, proteins or other target molecules from different starting samples. The flexibility, effectiveness and robustness of Dynabeads® biomagnetic separation is supported by more than 12,500 published scientific articles !

How does it work ?

The principle of Dynabeads biomagnetic separation.




The technology is simple: Dynabeads® coated with a ligand, probe or selected surface chemistry are incubated with the sample to allow binding of your specific target. The uniform beads ensure rapid binding kinetics, enabling short incubation times. Bead-target complexes are separated from the remaining sample by the use of a magnet. The beads' high magnetic mobility, combined with their lack of magnetic remanence and easy dispersion in solution, ensure easy handling and excellent performance - with a unique level of reproducibility.



Robust, yet gentle isolation

Dynabeads®-based separation is extremely gentle with your precious target molecules. There is no need for harsh conditions such as forcing your sample through columns or filters. Dynabeads® are inert and allow gentle separation, making them the preferred choice when you need to isolate viable cells, high integrity mRNA, native proteins or even large intact protein complexes.

Dynabeads® are truly uniform and do not aggregate. Scanning electron microscopic pictures of Dynabeads® (A), and magnetic particles from alternative suppliers (B-D). Courtesy of Dr. Mikal Heldal, University of Bergen, Norway.

Designed for automation

Intrinsic features of the Dynabeads® make them perfectly suited for automation. All beads - both within and between batches - are identical in size, shape, surface properties and iron content. The beads disperse well and sediment slowly, yet move quickly and with an even pull to the magnet. This facilitates rapid target binding, short incubation and separation times. No mixing or stirring is necessary. The Dynabeads® do not aggregate, ensuring homogenous fluid behaviour in automated systems - without any blocking or clogging of pipette tips. Dynabeads® are a pipettable solid-phase which handles like a liquid!

Dynabeads® have a low sedimentation rate. Analysed by measuring the absorbance in a suspension of beads over time, as the beads are allowed to settle.



One Bead Fits All !




The flexible Dynabeads biomagnetic separation technology can be implemented on practically any type of laboratory robot for low, medium or high-throughput sample preparation and downstream target handling.


Liquid handling robots and Dynabeads® are an ideal combination! Magnetic separation can be performed on an integrated magnet station, or the microtiter-plates or tube-trays containing the beads moved by a robot arm to an external magnet (supplied at a low cost by Dynal Biotech).


Platforms for magnetic separation

Some robots are designed specifically for use with magnetic beads. The KingFisher® technology (Thermo Electron) uses magnetic rods covered with dispensable plastic tips to move beads from one solution to the next. Robots based on the Magtration® technology (Precision Systems Science) are equipped with unique pipette heads with magnets positioned directly behind the pipette tips. The magnetic separation is performed inside the tips.



Technical support

Highly competent and experienced scientists at Dynal Biotech are ready to help you develop, install and optimise Dynabeads® protocols on your laboratory robot. If you need to automate your sample preparation; contact us! Collaborations with major manufacturers of laboratory automation robotics are also established. More information and available protocols can be obtained by contacting Dynal Biotech (for contact details, see back-cover), or from the web at: KingFisher® Liquid Handlers

External magnet, separation within the wells or tubes Extra equipment Working volume Elution volume Robot examples Magnet 5 µl ­ approx. 50 ml 5 µl Genesis® and Freedom EVO (Tecan), Biomek® FX and Biomek® 2000 (Beckman Coulter), BioRobot 8000



Some of many laboratory robots onto which Dynabeads® biomagnetic separations are implemented. A: Biomek® FX (Beckman Coulter) B: Tecan Genesis® (Tecan AG) C: KingFisher® 96 (Thermo Electron) D: MagnatrixTM 1200 (Magnetic Biosolutions) E: BeadRetrieverTM (Dynal Biotech)

Magtration® External magnet, separation within the pipette tips 5 µl - 50 ml 5 µl MagnatrixTM 1200 and 8000 (Magnetic Biosolutions), Magtration® (Precision Systems


Magnetic rods move the beads 10 µl ­ 1 ml 10 µl KingFisher® 96 and KingFisher® mL (Thermo Electron), BeadRetrieverTM (Dynal Biotech)


Trademarks & patents:

· The production and use of Dynabeads® products are covered by several international patents and patent applications. Dynal®, Dynabeads® and Dynal MPC® are registered trademarks of Dynal Biotech ASA, Oslo, Norway. BeadRetrieverTM, MyOneTM, DNA DIRECTTM and mRNA DIRECTTM are trademarks of Dynal Biotech ASA, Oslo, Norway. BigDye® is a registered trademark of The Perkin Elmer Corp., USA. Biomek® is a registered trademark of Beckman Coulter Inc., USA. BioRobot® is a registered trademark of Qiagen, Germany Freedom EVOTM is a trademark, Genesis® is a registered trademark of Tecan AG, Switzerland. Isolex® 300i is a registered trademark of Baxter International Inc, USA. KingFisher® is a registered trademark of Thermo Electron Corp., USA. MagnatrixTM is a trademark of Magnetic Biosolutions AB, Sweden. Magtration® is a registered trademark of Precision System Science Co., Ltd., Japan. MICROLAB® is a registered trademark of Hamilton Company, USA. Pyrosequencing ® is a registered trademark of Pyrosequencing AB, Sweden. TALONTM is a trademark of Becton, Dickinson and Company. Technology used for Dynabeads® TALONTM is licensed to Dynal Biotech from BD Biosciences Clontech.

Concentrated samples & sample concentration

It is often desirable - or even necessary - to work with concentrated samples, as certain biomolecules (e.g. proteins) are denatured upon dilution. Column isolation requires elution in fairly large volumes. When you choose Dynabeads®, you avoid dilution altogether. The bead-target complexes can be eluted in any desirable volume, or even added directly to the downstream application. An added benefit is that the presence of Dynabeads® does not inhibit enzymatic reactions.



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Automated selection of RNA aptamers against the human U1A protein. Biotinylated U1A was immobilised on Streptavidin-coupled Dynabeads ® to facilitate the selection of binders and elimination of non-binders. The 18 rounds of selection were carried out on a Biomek® 2000. Courtesy of Dr. Colin Cox, University of Texas, Austin, USA (reprinted with permission from Nucleic Acids Research).

· ·







- 10,000 - 1,500 - 1,031

All trademarks and patents listed in this brochure are accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of printing. Dynal Biotech ASA will not be responsible for violations or patent infringements which may occur with the use of our products.

- 80


Highly reproducible automated clean-up of PCR products using Dynabeads® MyOneTM Carboxylic Acid and a patented protocol. Lanes 1-4: clean-up of the CD4 PCR-product (1,034 bp), lane C: control, unpurified PCR-product. Automated on the Biomek® 2000.


No unwanted background! Isolation of Cryptosporidium cysts and Giardia oocytes using specific antibody-coupled Dynabeads® on the BeadRetrieverTM (A). Detection of the same parasites using a traditional, manual density flotation method (B).



1. Bhalerao R. et al. (2003). Gene expression in autumn leaves. Plant Physiol. 131: 1-13. 2. Cox JC. et al. (2002). Automated selection of aptamers against protein targets translated in vitro: from gene to aptamer. Nucleic Acids Res. 30(20): e108 3. Deggerdal A. et al. (1998). Automated, solid-phase DNA isolation. Am. Biotech. Lab. 16(9). 4. Heil SG. et al. (1998). Volledig geautomatiseerde isolatie van DNA uit bloed met behulp van een pipetteerrobot. Ned. Tijdschr. Klin. Chem. 23(2):58-61. 5. Smit ML. et al.(2001). Semiautomated DNA mutation analysis using a robotic work-station and molecular beacons. Clin. Chem. 47(4):739-744. 6. Merel P. et al. (1996). Completely automated extraction of DNA from whole blood. Clin. Chem. 42(8): 1285-1286. 7. Commens M. (1999). Isolating DNA with magnetic beads using the Hydra Microdispenser. Robbins Scientific Product Update 7(2):5-6. 8. Nord K. et al. (2001). Recombinant human factor VIII-specific affinity ligands selected from phagedisplayed combina-torial libraries of protein A. Eur. J. Biochem. 268, 4269-4277. 9. O'Meara D. et al. (2001). Monitoring resistance to human immunodeficiency virus type 1 protease inhibitors by pyro-sequencing. J. Clin. Microbiol. 39:464 - 473. 10. Wirta V. et al. (2002). A whole genome Arabidopsis thaliana microarray prepared using a novel probe purification techno-logy. Poster presented at Chips-to-Hits, Philadelphia, Oct. 2002.

T-lymphocyte isolated using cell-specific Dynabeads®. Baxter Healthcare Corporation is working in the field of Stem Cell Therapy, and is the only company with a FDA approved device, the Isolex® 300i.

Streptavidin-coupled Dynabeads® are used to prepare cDNA probes for a whole genome Arabidopsis thaliana microarray on the MagnatrixTM 1200. Courtesy of Valtteri Wirta, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

Any sample size & any format

Dynabeads® protocols are scalable and can be adjusted to suit your specific sample size - whether it is a single cell or several million. The Dynabeads® technology also enables automated processing at the format and throughput you require; 96-, 384- or 1536-well microtiter plates, or larger tubes. The results and applications shown in this brochure describe only a few of the many protocol/platform combinations possible with automated Dynabeads® biomagnetic separation. Did you know that Dynabeads® are an integrated part of more than 10,000 IVD routine instruments for immunoassays and nucleic acid diagnostics testing?

Applying Dynabeads® for high-throughput automated clean-up of sequencing products secures long reading lengths and excellent Phred 20 scores. The example shown here is using ABI's BigDye® Ver. 2 on the Biomek® FX.


More than 15,000 automated instrument More than 15,000 automated instrument



Highly reproducible automated purification of pure recombinant proteins (HAT-CAT) using Dynabeads ® TALONTM on the Thermo KingFisher® 96.

Absolute reproducibility & results you can trust

The unique feature of Dynabeads® - as opposed to magnetic particles from other suppliers - is that all beads, both within and between batches, are identical. This enables you to obtain the level of precision and reproducibility that you need for capture of precious targets - every time. Most alternative magnetic particles available are of inconsistent sizes and surface properties. Thus their behaviour in automated systems will not be equally reproducible. The consistency of Dynabeads® will give you the accuracy and precision that you need and that non-uniform particles can't match. Dynabeads® will always be the logical choice when you need high recovery and consistency. Quality is planned into each product by unequalled raw material specifications, highly controlled manufacturing processes and meticulous quality control, ensuring stable products with a carefully documented shelf-life. This is why we supply Dynabeads® to the global leaders in manufacturing of bead-based automated diagnostic and clinical assays.

Dynabeads® Oligo(dT)25 are used to isolate mRNA from 96 samples (each containing 10,000 cultured cells) for downstream RT-PCR analysis of the PSK-H1 amplicon. Automated on the Tecan Genesis®.

The yields of genomic DNA (blue) isolated from whole blood are consistently proportional to the number of nucleated blood cells present (red), showing the reproducibility of Dynabeads® protocols. Automated on the Tecan Genesis®.



Patient 1 Patient 2 Patient 3 Patient 4




Patient 1 Patient 2 Patient 3 Patient 4

Combined isolation of DNA and mRNA from the same blood samples using Dynabeads®. Results show CD19 PCR on isolated genomic DNA (A) and CD19 RT-PCR on isolated mRNA (B). 3 parallels of 4 patient samples per isolation. Human placenta DNA (50 µl) used as positive control. Automated on the Tecan Genesis®.


ts world-wide apply Dynabeads® - Why? ts world-wide apply Dynabeads® - Why?

True walk-away automation

Sample preparation and target handling is made simple and efficient with automated Dynabeads® biomagnetic separation. Biomagnetic protocols do not require extensive operations such as centrifugation, filtration or precipitation. Large and awkward equipment (e.g. vacuum manifolds- and pumps) are not needed, and there is no risk of the cross-contamination that is sometimes experienced with vacuum extractions. Dynabeads® float freely in the sample with no aggregation, avoiding any problems with entrapment of targets or clogging - as is often seen with columns. These are important benefits for high throughput and small volume applications, and for your efforts to achieve high purity and high recovery.

Streptavidin-coupled Dynabeads® are used to generate single-stranded DNA templates for Pyrosequencing® on the MagnatrixTM 1200. The results shown are for single use of Dynabeads® (A), and sevenfold reuse by a patent pending regeneration technology (B). Courtesy of Magnetic Biosolutions AB, Stockholm, Sweden.

Add Dynabeads®

Binding of target

Magnetic separation

Remove supernatant

Add elution buffer

Pure target

The principle of automated Dynabeads® based separation on a liquid handling robot.

Flexible solution

Laboratory robots are large investments and it is therefore often desirable, even essential, to utilize them for multiple tasks. This requires flexible solutions. Dynabeads® enable separate protocols, and even different projects, to be run based on the same biomagnetic separation principle - on the same robot. Dynabeads® biomagnetic separation technology also allows you to combine protocols. When your are working with scarce material, wouldn't it be nice to isolate both mRNA, DNA and proteins from the

The unique flexibility of Dynabeads ® biomagnetic separation allows any biological target to be isolated from various starting samples. Combined isolation of pure cells, nucleic acids and proteins from single samples is also possible (patent pending).


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