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Commands and Site functionality

Creating Circular or Device Based Geofences

Log in with your User ID and Password Click on the icon below the map Go to the map and click on the point you want to Geofence If you click on the wrong point, erase it by clicking on the brush on the far right below the map When you have chosen the right point, click the icon below the map again Name the geofence and click next Select the vehicle from the drop down menu. Select "Inside" or "Outside" the geofence or you may also select both in the drop down box. Enter the radius of the geofence in meters or yards. Enter the email address of anyone that should be notified of a geofence event. Select "Inside", "Outside" or "Both" for the geofence and then click assign. See the message on the top that says "geofence created successfully". Click "Close" and the name of the device based geofence will appear under "Land marks" on the homepage. Geofences can be created around a specific address by clicking the Find Address Icon and typing in a specific address. A bubble will pop open which will give the option of creating a device based geofence. Then follow the instructions above.

To Get Started

Go to Log in with your User Name and Password Find the correct vehicle by clicking on the plus sign next to the correct subfleet name. When you find the correct vehicle, check on the box to the left of its name. Then you can: Create Device Based Geofences, Locate Car, Disable / Enable Starter

Locate Now

Click on the "Send Commands" icon

Your Vehicle

Send Commands Icon

How to set notifications for events

Events available Low Battery Motion Started Parked SOS Follow the next steps Click on the Admin icon on the top tool bar Select and click on the Event icon Select event to be notified on your left side Enter email or phone number per unit. Click on the Save Icon Adding an SMS Text Message Alert Select the event to be notified on your left side Click the phone icon to the right of the correct unit box Type in the area code and phone number in the box provided then choose the correct carrier from the menu to the right Click the phone icon again to save

Command page pop-up will appear

Command Locate Now Disable Power Button Enable Power Button In Queue 0 0 0

Click on "Send Commands Icon" next to "Locate Now" You will receive a confirmation that the command has been sent.

Disable / Enable Power Button

Click on the "Send Commands" icon

Your Vehicle

Send Commands Icon

Command page pop-up will appear

Command Locate Now Disable Power Button Enable Power Button In Queue 0 0 0

To Disable the power button, click on "Send Commands" icon next to "Disable Power Button" You will see a confirmation if the command was successful To Enable the power button, repeat above procedure and click on "Send Commands" icon "Enable Power Button"

Events and How they Work Parked: An Event occurs if the vehicle stops moving for about 2 minutes. The unit will send a message to the SKYPATROL website indicating that it is "Parked" with the current address of the vehicle. Motion: An Event occurs if the device senses movement. The device will send a message to the SkyPatrol website indicating that the vehicle is in "Motion." Once the device reports "Motion," it will continue reporting the address of the vehicle every 5 minutes until the vehicle stops moving in which case you will receive a "Parked" message. SOS: An event occurs when the panic button is pressed for more than three seconds. Two notifications will be sent to the platform and via e-mail or SMS Text Message if assigned to this alert. The first notification will be the last position and time the unit held an accurate GPS signal and the second notification will be the current position and time. (If the current position is identical to that of the first notification than an accurate GPS signal could not be received when the panic button was pushed). Low Battery: An Event occurs if the device senses that the battery is running low. The device will send a message to the Skypatrol website indicating that the vehicle has "Low Battery."



Turn On / Turn Off


Product Review




Battery Charging

Connect AC/DC Power adapter with the TT8850/Micro Unit Plug the AC/DC Power adapter into the power socket During the charging process the PWR LED (Battery Icon) will flash, once the battery is fully charged the PWR-LED will stay on. It is also possible to charge the TT8850/Micro thru a USB port, though the battery will take much longer to charge. Complete charging of the battery takes about 10 hours on the initial charge. Please note that before using the TT8850/Micro for the first time you should completely charge the battery for best performance. The battery light will be solid once fully charged.

Turn On: Option 1: Press the POWER KEY for at least 3 seconds and release it to turn the TT8850/Micro ON. At the same time the PWR LED (Battery Icon) will turn on. Option 2: Connect the device to a charger or external Battery and the TT8750/ Micro will turn ON automatically, PWR LED (Battery Icon) will turn on. Turn Off: Option 1: Press the POWER KEY for about 2 seconds. PWR LED will flash fast and then it will turn OFF. The time it takes to power off depends on the quality of the network at the moment. The maximum time to power off is 90 seconds. Please note the End-User may not be allowed to Power OFF the TT8850/Micro when the power key is disabled by command settings. Option 2: when using an external battery, the device will Turn OFF when the External Battery is disconnected.

Panic Button

Press and hold the exclamation mark button (!) located to the left of the sim card entry slot. By holding this button down for three seconds, it will automatically initiate the panic distress signals.




Mounting Device into the Magnetic Holder

Please install the TT8850/Micro into the holder as shown in the following pictures.


110/220 Universal Power Supply Magnetic Mount 40Lbs USB to 10-30VDC Conversion Cable Long Life External Battery Pack 17600mAh, Adaptor Cables. Optional Pelican Case (P) Pelican Case 1020

Note: If your device comes with the optional Magnetic Holder please remove it before placing it near a computer or peripheral device as the magnet may effect or harm your hard drive.



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