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Class: X Biology Questions Ch 1: Life Processes

Time allowed: 1 hr General instructions: 1. All questions are compulsory.

Maximum marks: 20

2. Q 1 to Q 2 are very short answer type questions. These questions carry one mark each. 3. Q 3 to Q 4 are short answer type questions and carry two marks each. 4. Q 5 to Q 7 are also short answer type questions and carries three marks each. 5. Q 8 is long answer type question and carries 5 marks.

Q1.Mention the form in which carbohydrates are stored in the following: a. Plants b. Human beings (1 mark) Q2.What is translocation? (1 mark) Q3.What happens when we exhale air into the lime water? Give reason for your answer. (2 marks) Q4. Fill in the given table with appropriate responses: ENZYME ORGAN SECRETED ACTION FROM a Trypsin ? ? b Salivary ? ? amylase (2 marks) Q5.:The given graphic plot shows the energy output of two types of


Answer the following questions related to this graph: 1. Identify the two types of respiration denoted as A and B 2. Which type of respiration gives more energy and why? 3. In which organelle of the cell does B type of respiration occur? (3 marks) Q6.a) Draw a labeled diagram of guard cells showing open stomatal pore. b) Fill in the blanks: i) Guard cells swell when: __________________ ii) Guard cells shrink when: _________________ (3 marks)

Q7: The given diagram represents the cross-section of a leaf.

Answer the following questions in relation to this diagram: 1. Label the parts from A to F 2. State the function of part E. 3. Complete the photosynthesis equation given below.

Chlorophyll 6CO2 + 6H2O Sunlight

(3 marks)

Q 8. a) Label the given diagram of human heart.

b) Differentiate between pulmonary artery and the pulmonary vein. (5 marks)


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