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Incinerator Design Specification Sheet

Attention: Company Name: Phone: Fax: Email: Project Reference: Customer: General Location: Site Elevation: Required By Date: Today's Date:

EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS Acid Gas Incinerator Tail Gas Incinerator Solution Gas Incinerator Still Column Incinerator Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No Enclosed Ground Flare Vent Gas Bio Gas Yes Yes Yes No No No

INCINERATOR SPECIFICATIONS Description: Structure Type: If Dehydrator: Choice: Self Supported Knockout No Knockout Overall Stack Height: If Tank Vapours: Minimum Burn Inlet Elevation: Electrical Area Classification: Electrical Power Available: Instrument Air Available: Fuel Gas Pressure: Fuel Gas Analysis: Waste Gas Analysis: Waste Gas Temperature: Waste Gas Pressure: Guyed ft. ft. ft. ft. ft. Customer Specifications:

Outlet Nozzle Elevation: Elevation Top of Still Column:

Please provide Height: Please provide Tank Vent Elevation: Please provide Elevation: Hazardous Non-Hazardous

Please provide details: No Yes Please provide Pressure:

Please provide details: Please provide details: Please provide details on a separate sheet or complete page two. Please provide details: Please provide details:

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TORNADO Technologies Inc. · Tel: 403-244-3333 · Fax: 403-245-1821 ·

Incinerator Design Specification Sheet

Maximum Design Flow Rate: Temperature at Incinerator Inlet: Pressure at Incinerator Inlet: Maximum Allowable Pressure Drop: Site Elevation or Atmospheric Pressure: SCFH °F PSG Inches Water Column (Feet or PSIA)

WASTE GAS ANALYSIS Component: Mole Percent: Mole Fraction: Pound Moles Per Hour:


Note: 1. We must be supplied with the flow rate and gas composition that will deliver the highest BTU value to the incinerator. 2. Include all potential waste gas sources to be sent to the incinerator. 3. Ensure the flow rate provided is the surge flow rate (if applicable) and not an averaged flow rate.

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TORNADO Technologies Inc. · Tel: 403-244-3333 · Fax: 403-245-1821 ·



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