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TOTAL SAUDI PRODUCTS CARS TOTAL lubricants for car: Meeting new challenges everyday

Developed in partnership with major manufacturers (Peugeot, Citroën) and meeting all the most stringent international standards (ACEA, API, SAE...), TOTAL oils protect engines from wear, transmit power and facilitate gear shifting. Confirming its desire to be the leader in the domain of lubricants with high technological content, the TOTAL brand markets innovative products specially designed for Saving fuel (Fuel Economy oils), protecting the environment (low SAPS range) and enhancing your engine's performances.

TRANSPORT Up-to-date and consistent

The lubricants in the Total range are the product of a complex, continually evolving chemical process. The result is ever-increasing performance that ensures long system life and fewer visits to the workshop.

Suitable for all Heavy Duty Engines and Transmissions

The new RUBIA TIR Standard range has been developed to comply with the truck manufacturers' most severe requirements, and can exactly match the specifications of any vehicle on the market, including the most recent models. These engine oils satisfy the technical requirements of diesels with low pollutant emissions (Euro 3). You will appreciate the performance resulting from these new formulas: -Maintains of the oil film in extreme conditions -Improved anti-wear capability -Permanently clean pistons.


TOTAL has always combined the performance of product ranges on offer with service and simplicity in order to satisfy its customers. This is why TOTAL today markets the new generation of oils for public works. These multi-purpose oils satisfy the most recent demands of manufacturers and international standards (MAN, RVI, MB, ACEA, API...) whilst giving priority to simplicity and logistic economy. Furthermore, with the ANAC service you can opt for a preventive diagnosis service which will help you to optimize the management of your equipment.

Products approved by major machine manufacturers

TOTAL's highly diversified range guarantees you: -Products that are continually adapted to suit the latest technology and international specifications (MAN, RVI, MB, ACEA, API...) -Products developed in partnership with major manufacturers. -Products compliant with stringent public works machinery manufacturing standards, meeting the most demanding international requirements. -Products tested on a variety of test platforms under the most difficult conditions.

BOATING Set a technological course with TOTAL NEPTUNA Innovation and environment protection

NEPTUNA is the new lubricants range specially designed by TOTAL for leisure boats. Total group's expertise has been devoted to leisure boats professionals and yachtsmen. Recognized properties: high performance, consistent quality, cleaner engine. These Lubricants meet the manufacturers' technological requirements and the latest international standards (ACEA, NMMA, API...). Besides, the range contributes to the sea-environment protection while offering a biodegradable product.

A full range or environment-friendly and fuel saving lubricants

Developed with the concern of full observance to manufacturers-technical-requirements, NEPTUNA range obtained the highest approvals of the National Marine Manufacturers Association in line with the last international standards: -NMMA TC-W3 ® for 2-stroke engines -NMMA FC-W ® for 4-stroke engines

FISHING TOTAL, a reliable partner for fishing

New regulations in the fishing and shipping industry have prompted TOTAL to introduce a new range of lubricants which are more environment-friendly, more effective and more reliable. Furthermore, Total still proposes a complete range of products covering all your needs for boating uses.

Products approved by major machines' manufacturers

TOTAL's highly diversified product offering guarantees you: -Products that are continually adapted to the latest technology and international specifications -Products that accommodate both current and pending requirements. -Products developed in partnership with major marine engine manufacturers meeting the most demanding international requirements -Products tested on a variety of test platforms under the most difficult conditions

INDUSTRY Lubricants and specialties for industry A dedicated organization for each market

Total Lubricants has consolidated its reputation as a specialist in various industrial sectors including food processing, wood, paper, board, chemical, construction/infrastructure, energy, mining and materials, rubber, textile, metalworking... and offers its customers comprehensive lubrication solutions. Each of these sectors uses various types of machineries: compressors, turbines, transformers, machinetools, hydraulic transmissions, textile machinery etc. TOTAL markets a wide range of products specially tailored to meet your market's needs for these applications. The safety of people and equipment is essential when using a lubricant that is why TOTAL products meet the strictest quality standards and have been approved by major equipment manufacturers.

Cement Industry

Cement is a very equipment-intensive industry. Lubrication plays a major role in ensuring optimum performance for your equipment under severe operating conditions. Total Lubricants offers an extensive range of products and services spanning all manufacturing processes from the quarry to the cement plant with in-depth understanding of the specific constraints in each application , which is why TOTAL products have been approved by major equipment manufactures (OEM).

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is the sector Total probably knows best thanks to the close and special links between this industry and the chemical branch of Total Corp. Thanks to our involvement at ARKEMA and Total Petrochemicals, we have developed lubrication solutions for a market in which productivity and safety are absolutely paramount.


At Total we know that lubricants and coolants are critical for optimum performance in the Power Generation industry. This is why we have used our global expertise to develop the highest quality products possible.

TOTAL's comprehensive solutions for Power Generation industry.

TOTAL LUBRICANTS has acquired and maintained its reputation as an expert on the energy market to provide its customers with comprehensive lubrication solutions.

Food & beverages industry

Food Safety is a top priority in the food and beverage industry. TOTAL LUBRICANTS provides a full range of food grade lubricants under the brand NEVASTANE, as well as associated services to help food and beverage industries protecting their process, their brand and their consumers.

Glass Industry

Glass manufacturing is one of the most demanding processes around, combining very high temperatures and top quality requirements. Total Lubricants has acquired and maintained a reputation for expertise on your market to provide customers across the globe with comprehensive lubrication solutions.

Metal working

Total Lubricants provides its customers with a range of machining fluids and high-quality lubricants which meet the most stringent of specifications.

TOTAL's comprehensive solutions for the Metalworking industry. State-of-the art solutions

In metalworking industries lubricants need to meet certain technological constraints: Extreme product stability ,Very low foaming propensities, Neutrality of the products due to direct contact with machining operators TOTAL also offers a wide range of neat cutting oils, quenching oils, rust prevention oils and machine oils.


TOTAL provide a comprehensive high quality range of lubricants (mineral and synthetic) for the aviation industry. As a major player in the lubrication of piston and air turbine engines, the group is also the privileged distributor of the ROYCO brand (hydraulic or turbomachine oils, greases...).


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