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Qrp Club Kits New Jersey QRP Club NKOE SERIAL CW SENDER FOR PALM PDA $34 K8IQY PRECESION VXO $60 HC908 DAUGHTERCARD $35 BADGER SMARTBADGE IDER $20 SOP RECEIVER $38 ISLANDER PAD CUTTER $9 N2CAU TIP TAPPER IAMBIC KEY $29 PSK31 AUDIO BEACON KIT $25 N2CX HALFER $9 PSK31 WARBLER $49 Norcal QRP Club The Norcal Mini Boots kit $29 BLT Balanced Line Tuner $25 Marker Generator Kit $ 15 Tuna Tin 2 $15 NOGA North Georgia QRP Club Guppy $15 NoGaWatt $22 NoGaPiG $15 NoGa Compendium Vol 1 $8 Az ScQRPions QRP Club Az ScQRPions Stinger Singer $20 Colorado QRP Club Dummy Load Kit $9 Other Commercial Sites.... Norcal Oak Hills Research Small Wonder Labs Elecraft Emtech Tools

QRP Fun Adventure Radio Society Spartan Sprint (First Monday of each month) NOGA North Georgia QRP Club Meets first Saturday of the month near Phipps Plaza QRP ARCI Amateur Radio Club International Qrp Quarterly (Nice Publication) Roger's Website See this for "SLOW" nets GTN Georgia Training Net Homepage Hear KG4FXG train future QRPers! "So You Want to Be A Builder?" "Soldering Tips" Links...

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