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Are you tough enough...

to work on a drilling rig?

Precision Drilling is looking for Toughnecks.

A Toughneck is smart, professional and strong. Toughnecks are committed to the job and their team. They are resourceful and resilient, finding innovative ways to get the job done. The Toughnecks are a team of the best in the business. A Toughneck understands what it means to work hard. Toughnecks work on drilling rigs across Canada. They work long hours, in physically demanding positions, but are paid well and have good benefits. Precision Drilling has many opportunities available and Toughnecks who are flexible and prepared are exactly what we're looking for.

Toughnecks are proud professionals. Read on to learn how to join the Toughneck team.

Are you tough enough? 1

Are you tough enough to work on a drilling rig?

Being a Toughneck on a drilling rig is a great way to make a living. Find out if you're tough enough to be a Toughneck by deciding if the following statements are true for you. If more than three of the statements are false, talk to one of our recruiters to find out how we can work together to get you working with us. Call 1-877-PD-JOBS-4.


____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____


____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ I can be away from home for long periods of time. I prefer to work outside, even in bad weather. I am able to work in remote locations. I like working with my hands. I like working as part of a small team where others rely on my contribution. I don't mind getting dirty. I can lift 80-100 lbs. many times in a day. I can drive long distances in challenging conditions. I take direction well. I can work 12 hour shifts. I don't mind working nights. I am able to work well with different personality types.

____ ____ Total


Are you tough enough to work on a drilling rig?

Mandatory Requirements


____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____


____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Legally entitled to work in Canada. At least 18 years old. Willing to actively participate in and support all company safety policies and procedures. Possess a Class 5 driver's license. Willing and able to attend a 2.5-day Pre-Employment Orientation in Nisku, Alberta. Physically fit and prepared to work in an environment where there is a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol.

Looks like you're tough, but there's more to being a Toughneck. Take a look at this list. If you answer No to any of these statements, talk to one of our recruiters and find out how we can work together to get you working with us. Call 1-877-PD-JOBS-4.

____ ____ Total


Important Information Rig Assignment

During busy periods you could be sent directly from the Pre-Employment Orientation to a rig, so be prepared to get straight to work. During slower seasons it may take several weeks to be assigned. Toughnecks who are flexible and prepared will have more opportunities available to them.

Entry Level Positions

A Leasehand is an entry level position primarily responsible for keeping the rig site clean and performing general maintenance. The Leasehand also provides assistance to other rig personnel, as required, while gaining knowledge of Precision's safety culture, drilling rig equipment and systems. Safety is the top priority for all drilling rig personnel.


Are you tough enough to work on a drilling rig?

Important Information (continued) Pay and Benefits

Leasehands earn $27.50 per hour (2012). You will also earn overtime and statutory holiday pay in accordance with the labour standards in the province in which you are working. In non-camp situations you will receive a non-taxable subsistence allowance to cover the cost of your food and accommodation. In a camp you will receive a camp allowance for every day you work and your food and lodging are provided. Precision offers Toughnecks an excellent benefits program which covers life insurance, disability insurance, prescription medications, basic dental and optical and a pension plan that matches your contributions. The details of this plan will be available to you after you are hired. Salary example for two weeks: 14 Days, 12 hours a day Regular pay: 80 hours @ $27.50/hour = $2,200 Overtime pay (time and a half): 84 hours @ $41.25/hour = $3,465


Drilling rigs operate 24 hours a day with a twelve-hour day shift or a twelve-hour night shift. Generally rig crews will work a week of day shifts, a week of night shifts and then have a week off. However, the rig is a very dynamic work place and you can expect to be asked to work longer during the busy season.

Total gross pay for two weeks = $5,665



So you're tough, qualified, and interested. The final set of questions determines if your application will stand out above the other Toughneck candidates. If you do not have at least three of these five assets that's okay. Talk to one of our recruiters and let them know you are still interested. Call 1-877-PD-JOBS-4.


____ ____ ____ ____ ____


____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Reliable vehicle, i.e. can reliably travel 1,000 km, if required. Valid H2S Alive ticket. At least $1,000 in cash or credit in order to work in non-camp situations. At least 6 months of labour experience, e.g. farming, construction, seismic, swamping. Mechanical inclination, i.e. experience servicing or maintaining vehicles or machinery.





Are you tough enough to work on a drilling rig?

Pre-Employment Orientation

After a successful interview, you may be asked to attend a 2.5-day Pre-Employment Orientation at our Nisku office. Attendance at this orientation does not guarantee you a job but is a necessary step in the application process. During this orientation you will learn what life is like on a drilling rig, including details regarding transportation to work, accommodations, clothing and gear, spring break up, training and safety policies. Information on these topics is also available at During the Pre-Employment orientation, candidates are certified in Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and take an intense physical fitness test and drug test. Most training at the entry level is on the job.


Application Procedure

Congratulations. You have what it takes to join the Toughnecks at Precision Drilling. To apply: 1) 2) Fill out an online application form at Fill out the application attached to this brochure and send it to the Technical Support Centre 1513-8 Street Nisku, AB T9E 7S7 All applicants must complete an application form. Resumes are not required but can be attached to your application form. If we think you have what it takes to be a Toughneck, you can expect the following steps: 1) 2) Phone or in-person interview and reference check. Invitation to attend a 2.5-day Pre-Employment Orientation in Nisku that will include: · · · 3) Intense physical test Drug test Classroom and hands-on orientation and safety training

Assignment to a drilling rig upon successful completion of steps 1 and 2 above.


Are you tough enough to work on a drilling rig?


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