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Frilly scarf by Tove B

Materials: 1 skein Manos del Uruguay (main colour) 1 skein Elsebet Lavold Silky Wool (contrast) Knitting needles straight 6mm and round (80 cm) 4mm This simple leaf pattern looks very effective in a thicker yarn. It is also very easy to memorize and only calls for yo, k2 tog/ssk on the right side. I added a frill to the sides for some interesting effect. Feel free to experiment with different yarns and colours. I like the uneven spinning of the Manos yarn, but a plied yarn can work just as well. Or maybe use a thin mohair with glitter for an evening look.

Twin leaf pattern Row 1 (wrong side) and all other wrong-side rows ­ P10, k2, P10 Row 2 ­ K6, ssk, return the resulting stitch to the left-hand needle and with point of right-hand needle pass the next stitch over it and off needle; then sl the stitch back to the right-hand needle (this is "ssk and pass"); yo, k1, yo, p2, yo, k1, yo, sl1 ­ k2 tog ­ passo, k6. Row 4 ­ K4, ssk and pass, k1, (yo, k1) twice, p2, k1, (yo, k1) twice, sl 1 ­ k2 tog ­ psso, k4. Row 6 ­ K2, ssk and pass, k2, yo, k1, yo, k2, p2, k2, yo, k1, yo, k2, sl 1 ­ k2 tog ­ psso, k2. Row 8 ­ Ssk and pass, k3, yo, k1, yo, k3, p2, k3, yo, k1, yo, k3, sl 1 ­ k2 tog ­ psso. The scarf Using the Manos yarn and 6mm needles, cast on 26 stitches. Then k1, p1, knit Twin Leaf Pattern, p1, k1 until you have knitted a sufficiently long scarf. I used up basically the whole skein of Manos and my scarf is 35", about 90 cm. When your scarf is the length you want it, cast off all stitches. Now take the contrast yarn (Silky Wool) and pick up a random number of stitches along the long edge. Purl 1 row (wrong side). On the next row k1, make 1 (twist the yarn between two stitches and knit it) throughout the row. Purl your way back and repeat once more. Then knit the last wrong-side row. Cast off all stitches and repeat this frill on the other edge.

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