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The DPH survey exit interview ended on Friday, May 16. While there are some minor issues that we must address, these will not impact our plan to move our patients on June 29.There will be a follow up visit to confirm correction of the minor items on June 2-3, 2008.The Pharmacy portion of the survey will be completed at the same time.

Great news! We are moving!

Donate Life 5K Run/Walk and Family Festival


n Saturday, April 26, the UCLA Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program staff participated in the 5th Annual Donate Life 5K Run/Walk. e largest Donate Lifethemed event in the nation, it is organized by OneLegacy, the largest of the 58 federally designated organ recovery agencies in the United States. Sponsored by program director Dr. Alan Wilkinson, UCLA Kidney and Pancreas Transplant team members came out with their families and friends to support the event this year as they have done each year since 2003. e primary purpose of the event is to increase organ donation awareness. e festival was quite a success drawing a large crowd of runners and walkers from across Southern California--including many donor family members.


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News shorts

Patients Find Comfort at New Infusion Center

Adding to the myriad of cancer services provided by UCLA Health System, the UCLA Santa Monica HematologyOncology Practice has opened a state-of-the-art infusion center for patients requiring chemotherapy. Encompassing 4,000 square feet, the patient-focused infusion center boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and a flat-screen LCD television at each of its 19 chairs. Semi-private and private spaces are also available. The UCLA Santa Monica Hematology-Oncology Practice welcomes patients with virtually any type of cancer. Specialized programs exist for gastrointestinal, colorectal and breast cancers and each patient receives individualized treatment plan. When appropriate, clinical trials and advanced research techniques are offered. The UCLA Santa Monica Hematology-Oncology Practice is conveniently located for Westside patients at 2336 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 301, adjacent to the new infusion center. For more information, please call 1-888-ONC-UCLA.

New Faculty

Please welcome our new colleagues. Duc Duong, MD, Neurology Dennis Goldfinger, MD, Pathology Steven Hart, MD, Pathology Tien Nguyen, MD, Orthopaedics Joan Lipa, MD, Plastic Surgery Derek Ott, MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Brian Reemtsen, MD, Chief, Congenital Heart Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery Michael Steinberg, MD, Chair, Radiation Oncology

On the Web:

During the week of May 25-31, we will be celebrating "Compliance and Ethics Week" . Please join us in raising awareness and promoting communication regarding our Compliance Program and our commitment to integrity in all that we do for our patients, employees and the communities we serve. Come visit the newly revamped and updated Office of Compliance and Privacy website! Within this website, you will be able to learn about new HIPAA privacy and security policies, get helpful links to government resources, get connected to University of California Resources regarding conducting research in a responsible manner and in compliance with the applicable federal and state laws and regulations, and find answers to frequently asked questions regarding Code of Conduct and current HIPAA rules and guidelines. Visit for more information.

Moving On, Looking Back share your memories of ucla medical center

Farewell to UCLA Medical Center!

As we prepare to move across the street to our beautiful new hospital, let's take a moment to honor the original UCLA Medical Center. Beginning in June, all employees are welcome to visit the "Farewell Wall" in Café Med and jot down a memory about the Medical Center: a touching patient story, a humorous incident, a recollection of a special colleague, or simply a signature. We plan to preserve this "farewell card" as a permanent memento of the great people who have done great work here at UCLA Medical Center.

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What is the BRITE Program? BRITE is an acronym for Begin Right with Instruction and Thorough Education, and its mission is to improve the performance of front office and clinical administrative staff by instituting operational and managerial job training and tools. BRITE offers service topics in three main areas: 3 Customer service training, including effective communications with patients, how to build rapport and conflict resolution 3 Revenue cycle support, including

What motivated you to join UCLA Health System? While a training manager with CTS, I learned of a new opportunity to support training and development with the Faculty Practice Group (FPG) and hospitals. Learning new tasks, training and providing good customer service has been part of my professional history for over 20 years and BRITE seemed, and turned out to be, a perfect fit for me. Also, I had recently experienced the hardship of serving as patient advocate for my husband, who was diagnosed

"I learned first hand what influence a healthcare professional had on the outcome of a patient's health and I wanted to be part of making a difference." Lisa Sergy Helps Staff Reach Full Potential Through Education and Training

registering patients, recording authorizations and patient encounters properly in order to facilitate billing and reimbursements and reduce billing denials. 3 Leadership training to enhance managers' awareness and skills regarding operational processes and leadership techniques. What is your role in the BRITE Program? I'm responsible for the planning, developing and implementing of BRITE program courses and services. I develop and provide new and ongoing training solutions for an array of UCLA Health System technical and service topics. I employ adult learning principles to increase staff training and retention. I refocused the operations training program to include how to provide superior customer service--how to be courteous and helpful to patients and families, for example. How long have you been at UCLA? I joined UCLA in 1996 as a systems trainer for CommunicationTechnology Services (CTS). In 1998, I was promoted to product training manager where I developed more than 30 courses and designed and opened a new training facility to support technical and service training. with a serious digestive disease, and for my father, who was battling colon cancer. I learned first hand what influence a healthcare professional has on the outcome of a patient's health and I wanted to be part of making a difference. How did you gain experience as an adult training expert? I began my career as a hotel operator and then as a front desk agent and front desk supervisor for Hyatt Hotels. I was sent to Kauai, Hawaii, for my first new-hotel opening assignment where I established the operator call center by setting up procedures, manuals, systems and hired and trained staff. I fell in love with Hawaii: the beautiful sunsets and ocean breezes and the casual lifestyle.The magic of the tropics turned ugly on September 11, 1992, when Hurricane Iniki, the largest hurricane to hit Hawaii in recorded history, turned my paradise into rubble. I stayed on to support the rebuilding of the hotel, and eventually was asked to relocate to San Antonio,Texas, to open another hotel operator call center. Over the next few years I realized I wanted to focus my career on training and less on operations and saw an opportunity to do just that at UCLA in 1996. See related story on page 3.

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ifted with a natural ability to work well with people and a background as an adult training specialist, Lisa Sergy is perfectly suited for her position as assistant director of training for the UCLA Health System BRITE (Begin Right with Instruction andThorough Education) Program. With certificates in adult learning principles, facilitation methods, instructional design and development and project management training, Lisa knows the value of continued learning and how it can enhance your career.

It begins with U.

Great Taste, Nutrition and Variety Fuel Dining Commons Options


ungry? Can't decide between comfort food and Asian stir-fry? Maybe a gourmet sandwich on whole wheat will do the trick. Whatever your hankering, chances are you'll find just what you want at the new Dining Commons located at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. "Dining Commons guests will find the menu and quality and freshness of food anything but common to traditional cafeteria dining," says UCLA Clinical Nutrition Manager Erin Neistat. Food Service Manager Larry Harvey, Executive Chef Mark Dyball, the Wellness Initiative Committee and others teamed together and craed a menu to satisfy the dietary needs and desires of a wide range of customers, keeping in mind great taste and satiety without sacrificing nutritional value and affordability. Here's what you can look forward to when the new hospital opens and the Dining Commons is fully operational:


UCLA Health System: The Best and the BRITE(est)!

RITE (Begin Right with Instruction and orough Education) training courses are available to teach and enhance the skill sets necessary for proactive and effective customer service with patients, visitors and colleagues. Designed primarily for the needs of frontoffice clinic managers and staff, new courses are developed regularly and address the ever-changing and ever-growing needs of the work force. BRITE's Spring offerings include: Connecting With Customers for Managers Connecting With Customers for General Staff Introduction to Appointment Scheduling Appointment Scheduling Maintenance Introduction to Outpatient Registration To enroll or to learn more, email [email protected] or call x46281


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Whole-fiber options, including brown rice and whole-wheat pasta More Mexican food favorites with all beans prepared from scratch, thus eliminating the extra salt found in canned beans More tofu options for vegetarians and for those who want plant-based proteins Larger selection of items at the salad bar Fresh fruit or green salad substitutions for French fries Gourmet-style sandwiches Classic favorites from Café Med, including fried chicken and Chef Dyball's special bread pudding A different main-dish salad each day More items made from scratch with fresh ingredients dominating Frozen yogurt bar

In addition, on-line articles are available to enhance your awareness of: 3 Understanding Difficult Patients 3 Improving Communication Climates 3 Tips on Telephone Tone and Service Etiquette 3 How to Be Successful on the Job Here is what just some UCLA Health System administrative staff are saying about BRITE Training:

"Class [Introduction to Outpatient Registration] is great. This class should be mandatory for all staff members that register, encounter and authorize information. Great job, Kenny." --Lizzet Escobeno, Jules Stein Eye Institute "Completely made sense--first time I ever said that about a training class [Introduction to Outpatient Registration]." --Crystal Franco, FPG Billing "This is the best customer service class [Connecting with Customers] that I have ever been to! I learned so much and Shola is the best!" --Yvonne Ortiz, Orthopaedics Westwood "I think this class [Connecting with Customers] is perfect for all aspects of our careers ... Shola was so well organized, patient and knowledgeable. I can't wait to take another class with Shola. My skills learned today will definitely secure my success at UCLA." --Ronnette Pickett, Women's Health Center

It begins with U.

Diners can make sound nutritional choices easily by looking for selections with the Wellness Initiative's green apple seal. Soon, cards bearing the nutritional value of some menu items will also be prominently displayed. For quick meals, go to Level B of the new hospital for a gourmet "Grab 'n' Go" sandwich and get your coffee fix at Starbuck's on Level 1 or at Seattle Coffee on Level B.

3 | May 2008

Protecting the Private Information of Patients is Vital to Our Mission

New Training Module Emphasizes HIPAA Regulation Compliance


ith the widespread use of computers and the digital transfer of information in virtually all aspects of modern society--including healthcare--many fear that patient medical information is becoming more vulnerable to security breaches and misuse. ough long-standing laws and doctor-patient privileges formed the foundation of privacy security for decades, it has become increasingly difficult to protect health information even with all the safeguards. With this in mind, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted by the US Congress in 1996. "It's vital that all UCLA Health System employees comply completely with all aspects of HIPAA regardless of job title and function," says Carole Klove, chief compliance officer. "Not only can lack of compliance result in federal prosecution, but it can seriously damage our reputation, causing the public to question the wisdom of seeking healthcare at UCLA, regardless of our undeniable medical expertise."


new HIPAA education and training module was emailed to all UCLA Health System employees on Monday May 19, 2008. The new module replaces the existing HIPAA Privacy and Security Training modules. Employees must read the entire module before responding to the questions. All the information required to answer the 20 questions is incorporated in the educational content. It is vital that we are at 100% compliance no later than August 18th. All faculty, staff, house staff, students, contractors and volunteers will be expected to complete this new training module and test. This includes employees of the David Geffen School of Medicine, any UCLA hospital and the Faculty Practice Group (FPG). Paper copies in English and Spanish will be available at the following offices: 3 Health System Human Resources, please call Audre Lazaro-Tully at 40500 or Pam Robbins at 65858 3 DGSOM Human Resources, please call Valerie Bakst at 43339 3 Santa Monica Human Resources, please call Kelli Powers at 310-828-0452 3 NPH Human Resources, please call Alma Aguayo at 61191 3 FPG Human Resources, please call Miranda Tse at 310-301-5252

What is the purpose of HIPAA?

HIPAA seeks to establish standardized privacy and security mechanisms to ensure all employees comply with patient confidentiality and data integrity through electronic data interchange of all healthcarerelated information.

Why is it important?

As healthcare providers, we must maintain our patients' trust that their information will be kept confidential. In most cases, the purpose of computer security is to prevent personal health information from being misused, or being inadvertently altered or destroyed.

What are we doing to improve patient confidentiality measures to our system?

We've created a new training module to remind all employees of the importance of HIPAA rules and regulations and the consequences of HIPAA violations.

What can I learn from the new HIPAA module?

e module will present practical ideas for how to protect patient information in our offices, and will remind employees of standard confidentiality and security practices, and the consequences of unauthorized access of patient healthcare information.

When will the module be available?

Beginning May 19, all employees and staff will be required to complete the HIPAA education training module, online or in print, within 90 days.

What will this program accomplish?

Upon completion of the module, all employees should understand the importance of privacy and security and how our daily practices and behaviors can support the high ethical standards of UCLA Health System.

May 2008 | 4



New Hospital Wayfinding Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

1. Where is the public entrance to the Emergency Department located? a. Westwood Plaza b. Charles Young Drive c. ER/Mattel driveway (off Gayley)

Getting a Clean Start

Moving to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center gives us the chance to make a clean start. You are encouraged to begin your housecleaning now by clearing out your old paper. Environmental Services will help you by providing additional trash cans and trash pickups if you need them, for either regular paper trash or papers that must be shredded. Call ext. 55001 for assistance. If you find old patient paper records in boxes or stuffed away in drawers, please dispose of such papers carefully. Questions about what you can or cannot toss should be directed to your supervisor. UCLA Health System Compliance is also available to answer any questions about disposing of or preserving patient records and, of course, to help us keep any materials confidential. Call ext. 57135.

2. Where is patient admissions located? a. 1st floor b. 2nd floor c. 4th floor 3. Where is pediatrics located? a. 5th and 3rd floors b. 2nd floor c. 3rd floor 4. Where is the Neuroscience/ Trauma ICU? a. 5th floor b. 2nd floor c. 6th floor 5. Where is OR located? a. 1st floor b. 2nd floor c. 3rd floor 6. Where is the Child Life Play Room located? a. 1st floor b. 3rd floor c. 5th floor 7. Where is the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)? a. 1st floor b. 5th floor c. 6th floor 8. Where is the Neuro MRI suite located? a. 6th floor b. 7th floor c. 8th floor

Do You Know Your Way Around?

As you navigate your way around Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, it may be helpful to know that patient rooms are numbered as follows:

To find a patient room, the first digit will tell you the floor, and the next digits will tell you the location. So, for example, 4302 is a room in the west pod on the fourth floor.

It begins with U.

9. Where is the patient Discharge Lobby? a. ground floor b. Level P c. 1st floor

May 2008 | 5

Answers: 1C 2A 3A 4C 5B 6C 7B 8A 9B


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