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Wawayanda Town Board Meeting 2/02/06 February 2, 2006 A Regular monthly business meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Wawayanda was called to order at 7:35 P.M., on Thursday, February 2, 2006, at the Town Hall, Ridgebury Hill Road, Slate Hill, New York. Those present were: John R. Razzano Supervisor David S. Cole Councilman Edward Krajewski Councilman Gail M. Soro Councilwoman Richard Penaluna III Councilman Richard Guertin Attorney for the Town Teresa Pierce Town Clerk Also Present: Michael Green - Highway Superintendent; Ann Yates -Planning Board Chairperson; Barbara Parsons & Mary Markiewicz -Planning Board Members; and approximately 16 other individuals. PLEDGE TO THE FLAG REGULAR BUSINESS: PRESENTATION OF BILLS AND DEPARTMENT REPORTS: Reports from the Supervisor, Town Clerk, Planning Board, and the Building & Fire Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer, and the bills from the General Fund, Highway Fund, and Water & Sewer Districts were presented to the Board for review. APPROVAL OF DEPARTMENT REPORTS: MOTION by Councilman Krajewski, seconded by Councilman Cole, to accept the various departmental reports, as submitted. ALL IN FAVOR - CARRIED PAYMENT OF BILLS: MOTION by Supervisor Razzano, seconded by Councilman Krajewski, to authorize the payment of bills in the amount of $331.59 from the General Disbursement Account, representing bills that were payable upon receipt. Breakdown as follows: PPG75 $331.59 ALL IN FAVOR - CARRIED MOTION by Supervisor Razzano, seconded by Councilman Penaluna, to authorize payment of bills from the General Disbursement Account in the amount of $188,242.13 Breakdown as follows: General Fund G20-74 - 76-101 $ 86,105.62 Highway Fund H102-137 77,720.15 Wawayanda Town Board Meeting 2/02/06


Water/Sewer Districts. Ridgebury Lake Sewer Capital Project Robinn Meadows Capital Project WATER/SEWER BREAKDOWN: Robinn Meadows Sewer District Ridgebury Lake Acres Sewer District Ridgebury Lake Water District Denton Hills Water District Arluck Water District Water/Sewer Dist. #1

WS140-171 RLSCP138 RMCP139

14,568.86 5,047.50 4,800.00

$3,258.10 7,191.86 741.00 1,092.17 932.08 1,353.62 Water/Sewer Total = $14,568.83 ALL IN FAVOR - CARRIED

NEW BUSINESS: NEW YORK STATE TROOPERS / COVERAGE FOR WAWAYANDA: Trooper David Scott advised the Board that since the population in Wawayanda has been increasing, they have added two additional Troopers to the Greenville barracks in order to provide more police coverage to the Wawayanda area, at no extra cost to the Town. He added that this action is something that the State Troopers felt necessary, even though the calls to our town went down last year. Dan Myers spoke about dump trucks that travel on Route 284 and Mount Orange Road. He felt that they exceed the weight limits of our roads, and asked Trooper Scott if this could be controlled with scales. Trooper Scott advised that if someone is aware of such a situation, they are to contact the State Police Barracks, and a trooper will be sent out to investigate. Before leaving, he addressed a few other comments and questions. FUNDING FOR RECREATION COMMITTEE: Marguerite Lowry, a member of the Town's Recreation Committee, submitted a request for an appropriation of $1,795.00 to fund proposed activities during the year. Supervisor Razzano advised that he would like to accommodate this request. MOTION by Councilman Cole, seconded by Councilman Krajewski, to authorize an appropriations for the Recreation Committee in the amount of $1,795.00, with the source of this funding being a budget transfer from budget line item #1990.4A to budget line item #7140.4A. ALL IN FAVOR - CARRIED Connie Litchenberger advised that the next meeting for the Recreation Committee is set for Tuesday, February 6, 2006, at Town Hall, and added that all are welcome to attend. Wawayanda Town Board Meeting 2/02/06


Ms. Litchenberger then spoke about the goals that they are looking to accomplish in 2006, and the steps that they are willing to take to make their programs successful. Councilman Cole stated that once the Recreation Plan has been adopted by the Board, the Committee will be charged with recommending improvements to the facilities within the town. Supervisor Razzano spoke about the conversation he had with Marquerite Lowry regarding ways to get the word out to the residents of the Town when it comes to planned activities for children. Ms. Litchenberger stated that she is willing to take her time and funds to obtain whatever type of accreditation that may be required to qualify her to work with children. INSURANCE POLICY FOR THE TOWN: Supervisor Razzano advised that this policy is due to automatically renew on February 6, 2005, and this year the cost is $90,000.00. The major part of the premium increase ($10,000) is designated to public officials liability and the umbrella policy. He then added that $43,000.00 was paid out regarding the Red Falcon Industries litigation. The 2006 premium is up $11,400 over the 2005 premium. DISTRIBUTION OF KEYS TO TOWN HALL: Supervisor Razzano spoke about the requests for the use of the Town Hall by different town committees and Board members, and the need for keys to be distributed to certain individuals. He said that this is our town and our building, and if an individual is volunteering time for the benefit of the town, they should be able to gain access to the building in order to conduct business. WILLIAM GRAY / RETIREMENT FROM THE HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: After 29 years of dedicated and faithful service to the Town, Mr. Gray is retiring from his position as an MEO (Machine Equipment Operator) in the Highway Department. Although he would like to continue serving this community as our Animal Control Officer, and as a Town Constable, in accordance with NYS Retirement System regulations, he must be completely retired for a period of at least 24 hours. Mr. Gray has verbally expressed that he would like the Board to re-appoint him as our Animal Control Officer and as a Town Constable, with the effective date being March 1, 2006. MOTION by Councilman Cole, seconded by Councilman Krajewski, to accept the resignation of William Gray from his position as Machine Equipment Operator, Animal Control Officer, and Town Constable, effective February 27th, 2006. ALL IN FAVOR - CARRIED MOTION by Councilman Cole, seconded by Supervisor Razzano, to re-appoint William Gray to the positions of Animal Control Officer and Town Constable, effective March 1st, 2006. ALL IN FAVOR - CARRIED APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR LICENSE/KATHERINE J. RISKO: On February 1st, 2006, the Town Clerk received notification, by Certified Mail, from Katherine J. Risko, who intends to open a liquor store (Blue Parrot Liquors) in the Slate Hill Commons Mall, on Route 6. She Wawayanda Town Board Meeting 2/02/06 informed us that she has applied to the NYS Liquor Authority for a license. The matter was referred to our Code Enforcement Officer, Jack Grifo, and he has responded that


the business would be in accordance with our zoning for that area. There was no action required or taken by the Board. BLOOD DRIVE: Laura Slowik, Clerk in the Supervisors office, requested authorization to conduct a Blood Drive on April 28, 2006, at the Wawayanda Town Hall. Ms. Slowik is willing to volunteer her time to stay after hours at the Town Hall, so that the Blood Drive will be able to continue until 7:30 PM. She is also willing to handle the clean up and will secure the building when the drive is over. MOTION by Councilman Cole, seconded by Supervisor Razzano, to authorize Laura Slowik to use the Town Hall on April 28, 2006 for a Blood Drive, with the understanding that she will handle the clean up and secure the building when the drive is over. ALL IN FAVOR - CARRIED POSTCARD NOTIFICATION OF TOWN BOARD MEETINGS: Supervisor Razzano spoke about the post cards that Teresa Pierce, Town Clerk, sends to all Board members to remind them of the date and time of Town Board meetings. Stated that he feels they are unnecessary and asked if the Board members are in agreement that this procedure could be discontinued. After a brief discussion it was agreed that the post cards would no longer be sent. OLD BUSINESS: DUMP TRUCK/HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Supervisor Razzano advised the Board that the second dump truck order could not be canceled, and that Highway Superintendent Green has informed him that the truck has already been assembled and is ready for delivery. Mr. Razzano noted that according to his research, we have purchased 5 new trucks in 2 years. He then advised the Board that they need to determine where to look in the budget for the funds to pay for this vehicle. There is insufficient money in Highway Surplus, and there was no appropriation for this purchase in the 2006 budget. Councilman Cole asked Mr. Green about the statement he made last year that he had about $200,000.00 in the Highway Department surplus, but with most of it being Type I which is allotted for road improvements, leaving approximately $65,000.00 that could be transferred out to help cover the cost of the trucks. Michael Green, Highway Superintendent, responded that he believes there is approximately $300,000.00 in the Highway Department surplus. He then spoke about the options for possibly leasing the truck through the state for two years, and then bonding for three years. Supervisor Razzano stated that he will check into this matter further, and added that the Bookkeeper just closed out the books for 2005, and he believes the final number for the surplus was $434,000.00 David LeBlanc asked if the trucks that are being replaced could be sold as surplus, and the money used to help pay for the two new trucks. Supervisor Razzano felt that if the old trucks were sold as surplus, the money could be applied to the cost of the new trucks. Wawayanda Town Board Meeting 2/02/06 Mr. Green added that the Town Board would have to declare the two trucks as surplus, and that in the state of New York, instead of having a local auction which does not draw many prospective buyers, the trucks could be placed on E-Bay which will save the Town from the bidding process.


Supervisor Razzano said that they will explore that possibility in the future. Some further discussion took place. STEARNS & WHELER/BREEZE HILL & ROBINN MEADOWS: Councilwoman Soro stated that she was concerned if Stearn's & Wheler would be continuing work on the Breeze Hill Estates Drainage Issue and the improvements with Robinn Meadows Sewer District. Supervisor Razzano advised that in a recent meeting with Stearns & Wheler, the Robinn Meadows Sewer Plant was discussed, and it was determined that Stearns & Wheler will proceed with the improvements. In regard to Breeze Hill Estates, Supervisor Razzano stated that he is unsure why the Town is involved and added that it should be the developer's responsibility to solve the drainage issue. An unidentified women from the Breeze Hill area stated that the Town approved the construction so they should be involved in rectifying this matter. Added that the residents were notified that the Town would be taking over the drainage easement and then they received notification from the previous Attorney that there was nothing he would be able to do for them. Added that they have now dealt with three attorneys and have not made any progress which is very upsetting to everyone involved. Supervisor Razzano added that he has been out to take a look at the situation and also has spoken with the engineer and will investigate this matter further. QUESTIONS/COMMENTS: FAXES AT TOWN HALL: Councilwoman Soro stated that it was her understanding that any correspondence received through the fax machines at Town Hall were considered official business and should be subject to FOIL (Freedom of Information Law). Attorney Guertin responded that according to Bob Freedman, the Director of the Committee on Open Government, Faxes and E-mails are a form of communications and should be kept on file. DANA RAZZANO: Councilwoman Soro asked the Supervisor if Mrs. Razzano was on the payroll, and if so, who authorized the hiring. Supervisor Razzano advised Ms. Soro that this was a personnel issue, and if she wished, they would go into Executive Session at the end of the meeting to discuss this matter further. ASSOCIATION OF TOWNS/CONFERENCE EXPENSES: Councilman Krajewski advised the Board that he has conducted some research on the procedures for handling reimbursement for personal monies expended during the conference. In regards to meals, the reimbursement would be $64.00 per day with receipts, or $50.00 per day without receipts. This is for breakfast and dinner only, and for lunch meals there is no reimbursement. Further discussion took place regarding guidelines that should be followed when attending these meetings. Wawayanda Town Board Meeting 2/02/06 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE: Deborah Glover, a member of the Economic Development Committee, asked that the new Town Attorney take a look at the confidentiality agreement since there are two new members on board. She then informed everyone that the committee's next meeting will take place on Monday, February 6, 2006. Supervisor Razzano advised that he has already addressed the Confidentiality Agreement with Attorney Guertin.


MASADA: Ms. Glover spoke about issues concerning Masada, in that the City of Middletown did not recognize the Town of Wawayanda as a concerned party, and that we need to protect our town's interest, as well as our municipal boundaries. Supervisor Razzano stated that he shares her concerns. There was further discussion about Masada and about a letter from concerned citizens stating that the town needs to protect the health and safety of town residents. When Supervisor Razzano referred to a letter from the state, Ms. Glover responded that she feels that he is looking at this issue at the Town's standpoint, when in fact, she is speaking on behalf of the residents. KATRINA RELIEF EFFORT: Deborah Glover spoke about the Katrina relief effort which was conducted in our Town. Through the efforts of dedicated individuals, we sent 16.5 tons of supplies to Louisiana. Ms. Glover then informed the Board that a letter was received from the White House, commending all parties for their time and dedication. Ms. Glover added that the Town needs to recognize all persons who participated in this effort, and asked if she could display plaques at town hall, and also the book that was written by Marguerite Lowry. Councilman Cole advised Ms. Glover to coordinate with the Town Historians. Connie Litchenberger read the letter dated December 6, 2005, from First Lady Barbara Bush, in response to Ms. Lowry forwarding her story to them. The letter extended the Bush's appreciation to all the volunteers who made this effort possible. MASTER PLAN COMMITTEE: Erika Myers stated that she had attended the Master Plan Committee meeting last night and there was a question on whether or not private meetings could be held when they did not have a quorum. She then asked Attorney Guertin for his opinion. Supervisor Razzano advised that it was not a private meeting. Rather, it was a meeting that took place last night with Saratoga Associates and the Master Plan Committee. The discussion that took place was to allow additional work to be done in between meetings, and added that there was no intention to exclude the public Attorney Guertin advised that under the Section 102 of the Open Meetings Law, the meeting has to be open to the public and it does not necessarily mean the public has to participate. Under Section 102 of the Open Meetings Law, a Public Body is any entity for which a quorum is required in order to conduct public business. Since the Master Plan Committee has been established for development of the Master Plan, under section 272.A of the Town Law it is considered to be a public body and is subject to the open meetings law. Therefore there is a requirement that there be public notice of their meetings. Public Notice would only have to be Wawayanda Town Board Meeting 2/02/06 the posting of the meeting time in a conspicuous spot, as well as verbal notification to the media within a 72 hour time frame. Since there is a shortage of time until the end of the moratorium, Councilman Cole suggested that the committee members themselves meet prior to their next meeting on February 15, 2006, with Saratoga Associates. Supervisor Razzano will have the meetings posted on the public access channel. INCREASE OF INSURANCE PREMIUM: Mary Markiewicz questioned the reasons behind


the large increase for the Town's Insurance premium. Supervisor Razzano provided an explanation of all factors involved, which included the litigations brought on by the Moratorium. Councilman Cole informed the Board that the increase is 13% from last year to this year. RIDGEBURY LAKE WATER & SEWER DISTRICT: Councilwoman Soro questioned the amount of money which is owed to the General Fund by the Ridgebury Lake Water & Sewer Districts. She then quoted figures. Supervisor Razzano responded that in previous years the amount owed was reflected as capital charges on the tax bill but for one reason or another there was a change, and the capital charge is now being billed on a quarterly basis. Under the old practice, when the taxes were paid, the debt to the General Fund was repaid in the first quarter of the year. Now it won't be completely repaid until the end of the year. Added that he would like to see it reverted back to the tax bill. Councilwoman Soro added that all of the Water & Sewer Districts are in the red. David LeBlanc asked if Ms. Soro was implying that this was a result of this administration, or the previous administration. Supervisor Razzano stated that this has been an ongoing problem.

MOTION by Supervisor Razzano, seconded by Councilman Krajewski, to interrupt the regular meeting so that the Board may convene in Executive Session on a Personnel Matter. ALL IN FAVOR - CARRIED EXECUTIVE SESSION: No action taken. MOTION by Councilman Cole, seconded by Supervisor Razzano, to close Executive Session and re-open the regular meeting. ALL IN FAVOR - CARRIED CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY TO THE SUPERVISOR: MOTION by Councilman Krajewski, seconded by Councilman Cole, to authorize the hiring of Dana Razzano as a temporary secretary to the Supervisor, and to authorize Supervisor Razzano to hire a full-time person as his confidential secretary. Wawayanda Town Board Meeting 2/02/06

VOTE John R. Razzano - Abstain David S. Cole - Aye Edward Krajewski - Aye Gail M. Soro - Aye Richard Penaluna III - Aye MOTION CARRIED


No Other Comments, and No Other Business. MOTION by Supervisor Razzano, seconded by Councilman Krajewski, to adjourn the meeting. ALL IN FAVOR - CARRIED MEETING ADJOURNED: 11:11 P.M. PREPARED BY KATHRYN SHERLOCK RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED, _______________________ Teresa E. Pierce, RMC Town Clerk


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