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Between two points in one plane is created a straight line, the fundamental principle of design for the Solotrak pins. Without angling pins or using multiple rows of pins the Solotrak's single row of overlapping snag proof rigid steel pins provides a perfectly straight row of aligned aim pins. The famous Metal Optic Pin has been rePin #1 thru #5 engineered to a single row to achieve a zero pin gap for arrow speeds beyond 360 feet per second, with the additional size of the finer .010 pin diameter. This new Solotrak configuration allows for multiple diameter sizes and the ability to add or remove any pin and color with ease. For example, at close range a .029 is the largest .010 Diameter and easy to see, for long range a .010 can be .019 Diameter added as a last pin to cover less of the target. Solotrak pins are numbered 1 thru 5 with the Mounted near the riser this diameter embossed into the pin. compact unit sports a stout look with 3/8-24 drilled and tapped hole located in the extension bar for concealed light, a tough reinforced composite guard with bubble level for accuracy.


59.99 SP319

Solotrak features .010 pin diameter availability.

Available in Lost or Real Tree Camo


89.99 SP319DT

Solotrak sight with dovetail extension.

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Along with the Solotrak pins described in the previous page, the ST Series' sights have been designed with an integrated pinguard machined entirely of 6061 aircraft aluminum. For improved accuracy the 1st and 3rd axis leveling adjustments are engineered into the unit and preset to the extension bar at the factory! A steel carrier rotates around a pin pivot for third axis.

The one piece aluminum head rotates around the flat head screw as a pivot point for leveling in the first axis.

89.99 ST310

All New Solotrak ST Series offers multi-axis leveling and fiber optic pins.

Available in Lost or Real Tree Camo ST 310 3 Pin ST 510 5 Pin



149.99 ST510 DTCL

ST 510 CL ­ DT Dove Tail Bar Extension

Solotrak sight with dove tail bar extension.


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Tool-less gang adjust with ball click registry are added to this Solotrak sight to make it the fixed pin sight that does it all. The patented locking mechanism clamps onto the threaded rod as well as the dovetail nest giving this model twice the locking power as anything on the market without the use of tools for gang adjustments. This is Toxonics' proven tournament technology brought to the bowhunter.

Available in Lost or Real Tree Camo MA 310 3 Pin MA 510 5 Pin


189.99 MA310


All New Micro Adjust offers Solotrak features plus tournament shooting proven technology.

11.99 H18

.029 .019 .010

Extension Chord set includes 3 standard color fiber optic and protective tubing in twice the length. Specify diameter when ordering.


Yellow - 3 Fibers per tube

7.99 Tube H3P Specify color

.029 .019 .010

and diameter when ordering.

Green - 3 Fibers per tube

Red - 3 Fibers per tube

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KeySlide Adjustable Range

As the speed of today's bows has increased, many archers are opting for fewer pins. The ultimate choice is to shoot a single pin with a quick setting range of yardage choices. The engineers at Toxonics have created a gear driven, single pin sight called the KeySlide.

A key driven Delran slide block gives the ProSlide a smooth feel throughout two inches of pure travel. A unique gang adjust feature on the front of the sight makes all two inches of travel useful and available to the archer for yardage marks. A gear driven adjustment arm lends a consistent and direct adjustment feel to the sight when small or large adjustments are made.


Single Pin


Three Pin


Five Pin








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The NailDriver has a 10-click knob for computer generated sight tape compatibility; it's proven to be the toughest, most reliable target sight available on the market to date. This particular model is completely hand machined and match milled to perfection with the Toxonics patented locking mechanism. Depress the lock knob for rapid movements; a single block and lead screw for twice the locking power and repeatability as others sights on the market.


Part #





3575 Basic

Part #





The patented Toxonics locking system in this sight uniquely locks the lead screw and sight block with the simple twist of a knob. With twice the locking power as the rest, it is the sight of choice for those who shoot lot of arrows. Both windage and yardage area a 32-pitch 10-click adjustment for computer generated sight tapes. For a quick adjustment, loosen the knob about 3 turns and push in on the knob. This will allow you to move the entire sight block up or down quickly.

1400 Youth

MSRP Part #




Toxonics quality is shown in this entry level target sight. This model is designed for the punishments of today's compound bows. Very light and compact, the model 1400 is simple and basic in fulfilling the needs of the tournament shooter.

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NewBalanceTM Stabilizers are designed to enhance and tighten groups through proper weight distribution and balance, rather than the simple addition of mass weight.


49.99 NB10

NewBalance Stabilizer basic model in black.


69.99 NB20

NewBalance Stabilizer equipped with Alpha Shox for vibration dampening. Film dipped in Realtree® APTM camo.


NewBalance ­

the right solution for balance AND stability.

69.99 NB30

NewBalance Stabilizer equipped with Mathews® Harmonic Damper for additional vibration dampening capacity. The model NB30 is film dipped with the Lost CamoTM.


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New for 2009



ST 510 CL 5 Pin ST 310 CL 3 Pin

ST 510 CLDT 5 Pin ST 310 CLDT 3 Pin



10121 Business Park Drive Mineral Point, Missouri 63660 573-436-5130 573-436-5131 Fax

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