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Documentation Requirements for Quality Assurance and Food Safety

Dear Quality Assurance / Food Safety Department: Raley's has selected iCiX for its Approved Supplier Program. It is Raley's intention to use the iCiX Exchange to assure that vital plant and product information is kept up to date by our vendors. This will include management contacts, telephone numbers, email and other general information. It will also enable you to post and provide secure online copies of updated certifications such as organic, kosher, or third party audits. This will greatly reduce the time spent searching for and providing requested documentation to Raley's. Additional information for vendors is located at Raley's Trading Partners website: The iCiX Exchange will allow you to access Raley's Standard Operating Procedures, directives, and other information, such as our Vendor Expectation Manual and vital recall contact numbers. We also intend to use the Exchange for mass communication to our vendor network. An electronic corrective action request will enable problems and resolutions to be communicated more effectively. Raley's has conducted extensive research on the iCiX Exchange and believes it will be beneficial not only to Raley's, but also our vendors, who will benefit from the greater ability to manage the numerous documents needed to conduct business today. Please find below the general requirements for information (where applicable) to be posted to your site on the iCiX Exchange. Due to the variety of products few vendors will produce a line of products that will require all of the following. later date on the iCiX Exchange under the Raley's page. Please take a moment to review the security measures provided by the iCiX Exchange and to be sure that you are fully aware of security associated with document protection. Any information that Raley's Food Safety & Quality Assurance request for posting should be restricted to allow viewing only by Raley's. If you have questions, need help Additional requirements for specific commodity groups and quality standards will be provided at a

500 West Capitol Avenue W Sacramento, California 95605 or additional information about protecting documents is available at or by calling iCiX Member Support at 877-888-4249. Requirements List all products you and U.P.C.'s / P.L.U.'s produce/sell for/to Raley's to include sizes,

Certification of Liability Insurance Emergency Contacts (include cellular phone numbers / emails) Product Recall Program Standard Operating Procedures including Lot Numbering System. If a production code is applied to the product, in addition to the required "Best Before" dating, please post an explanation of that code. Product Specifications ­ one for each product supplied to Raley's Allergen information: Check boxes on the iCiX page if you produce any products with known allergens, post a list on your site. The list you post to your site should contain "allergen" in the title in order to make it easily identified through the search function on the iCiX exchange. Statement of Assurance for Compliance with the Bioterrorism Act (Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 for Product Traceability). Includes assurances of compliance with federal registration, traceback, records retention, etc. Certificates of Analysis ­ post and keep current. (May include water testing; microbiological; etc) Current third-party audits or proof of third party audit (certificate with rating or score). This is mandatory for all high-risk1 items. Exclusivity Agreement (if applicable) Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.'s) - documented program Good Manufacturing Practices (G.M.P.'s) - documented program if applicable Post and keep current if applicable: Agri Check® certification(s) Organic certification(s) H.A.C.C.P. Certification(s)


High Risk Category: Produce items classified as high risk are, but not limited to:

Fresh Cut Salad Products and Fresh Cut Fruit and Melons; Read-to-Eat Precut Salads/Vegetables; Sprouts / Shoots; Cantaloupe; Berries; Green Onions; Herbs; Lettuces and Spinach; Tomatoes. High Risk Category products require annual third party unannounced audits by an approved third party auditor. Approved third party auditors for produce are: Davis Fresh Technologies (D.F.T.) and Scientific Certification Systems (S.C.S.)

500 West Capitol Avenue W Sacramento, California 95605 G.M.P. certification(s) / 3rd party audits Kosher certification(s) ISO Certification(s) Material Safety Data sheets ­ M.S.D.S (for producers of products that may be purchased and used on the secondary market such as bleach, vinegar, cleaning agents, alcohols, etc.) A completed copy of the "California Proposition 65 Warranty". This warranty is applicable to all products marketed in the state of California. A sample is posted on the Raley's iCiX page for easy reference. All U.S. egg suppliers are expected to comply with the United Egg Producer's (U.E.P.) Animal Husbandry Guidelines for U.S. Egg Laying Flocks. A copy of the third party certification shall be kept current and posted the iCiX site for Raley's review. Gluten free product(s), please post a list of gluten products on your iCiX site. The list you post to your site should contain "gluten" or "celiac" in the title in order to make it easily identified through he search function on the iCiX exchange. Letter of Assurance for B.S.E. Prevention / Feed Ban Compliance Letter of Assurance. State of Assurance for Social Awareness Policies. Please direct any questions about the above requirements to: Raley's Food Safety Department 916.373.6090 or [email protected] You will control access to all posted information and may choose to include other customers besides Raley's on your site. No special software is required. iCiX will serve as contact for all customer service and technical issues. If you need help using the exchange, loading documents or protecting documents, iCiX Member Support is available at or by calling 877-888-4249. Sincerely,

Toni Hofer, Manager Raley's Food Safety Department

c: All Buying Departments


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