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IT Assurance Manager at Vodafone UK Ltd

Tracey is a highly energetic and enthusiastic individual who is tenacious in problem solving and finding resolutions to complex problems. She is collaborative in nature, whilst maintaining a firm stance in achieving her organisational goals. She knows the telco business well and the role played by IT in achieving business success. Tracey has strong programme managemnt skills and is able to deliver. March 29, 2010 Steve Naylor , Delivery Executive - Vodafone UK , EDS was a consultant or contractor to Tracey at Vodafone UK Ltd

"Tracey is a straight talker, passionate and focussed. Her strong delivery, quality assurance and relationship building skills are rapidly apparent. Tracey can be relied on to find solutions to obstacles and be commercially aware I found her both personable and professional." April 6, 2009 Janine Hayward , Online Senior Release & Portfolio Manager , Vodafone worked with Tracey at Vodafone UK Ltd

Tracey is a strong, committed and focused business manager with an excellent sense of humour and a good cackling laugh. She has a very keen eye for detail and is a tough negotiator, seeking to gain the best advantage for her team and her business in all ways, commercially, technically and culturally. She is a very strong business lead with a great sense of integrity and spirit." April 12, 2010 Rachel Biggs, Business Relationship Manager, EDS, an HP Company worked with Tracey at Vodafone UK Ltd

"Tracey is a very passionate individual, showing a solid mix of Technical knowledge, clear understanding of Business priorities, and good soft-skills in order to achieve delivery or complex IT projects with aggressive timelines. She is very focused on the results, and shows real enthusiasm working on new challenges - making her a key asset to launch and deliver quality products and services in the Telecoms space. I have enjoyed working with her, and her personal style makes Tracey always a pleasure to have on a delivery team - I would highly recommend her." April 15, 2010 Sylvain Thevenot , Director of Voice & Messaging , Vodafone Group Marketing managed Tracey indirectly at Vodafone UK Ltd

Technology Business Partner - Online at Vodafone UK Ltd

Tracey has an unrivalled energy to get the job done, understanding complex situations and encouraging others to join forces and unite under a common cause. With a broad range of business accumen, IT knowledge and networking ability, Tracey is an asset to any company objective. March 30, 2010 Jason Baldwin (Senior Manager at Vodafone UK Ltd.) worked directly with Tracey at Vodafone UK Ltd. "Tracey is an incredibly skilled professional with extensive experience at managing senior stakeholders, co-ordinating project teams and aligning business teams with Technology capabilities. She is able to bring together very disparate views and facilitate the delivery of a result that is acceptable to all parties and delivers the required benefits." April 11, 2010 Mike Strefford, Technology Business Partner - EBU Customer Management, Vodafone Ltd worked directly with Tracey at Vodafone UK Ltd

"Tracey is a pragmatic and passionate individual who readily understands her stakeholder's business issues and is able to drive change accordingly. She is a vocal and strong champion, not afraid to articulate the real issues and to propose real business solutions for them." April 13, 2010 Sarah Wood , Head of Portal & Site Strategy , Vodafone managed Tracey indirectly at Vodafone UK Ltd


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Microsoft Word - Work_Recommendations.docx