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Ancestors of James Griffin

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Ancestors of James Griffin


Introduction : The Griffin Family


Family Tree of James Griffin


Kinship of James Griffin


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Introduction ­ The Griffin Family

This report traces the origins of the Reading and London based Griffin family back to the mid 1700s in rural Oxfordshire. Information passed down over the generations made reference to a Griffin ancestor who had been a farmer at Chilworth Farm somewhere in Oxfordshire. But who this ancestor was and when he had been living remained a mystery to his twenty first century descendants. Little was known about his immediate family and how subsequent generations came to be living in Reading and London. The ancestor in question is identified as one Richard Griffin born in the year of 1769 who was shown to be living in the hamlet of Chilworth, South Oxfordshire in the early 1800s. For some reason, most likely financial, the Griffin family left Chilworth Farm between c1818 and c1825 with descendants becoming tradesmen in order to make a living. Initially this was in the nearby town of Wallingford where Richard's son, Robert, was married in the early 1830s and two of his sons, Henry and William were born. In common with many people living in small towns and villages, Robert Griffin moved to London in search of increased work opportunities and better prospects for his family's future. Two of his descendants ­ daughter Mary and grandson, Robert Henry Griffin, were later to return to the Berkshire area ­ to the beautiful village of Blewbury in the 1850s/60s. Robert Henry's son, Robert Charles Griffin, eventually settled in Reading with one descendant, Phyllis, electing to stay in the area and another, James, making the decision to move to London. The story of Richard Griffin's son, Robert, and his descendants is one of hard work and determination to succeed as well as of heartbreak ­ with two Griffin brothers dying in their early twenties leaving widows and young children. As well as highlighting health issues and lack of available treatment in Victorian times, it demonstrates the interdependence of families and the important part that many grandparents had to play in supporting and caring for their grandchildren.

*The towns of Abingdon and Wallingford and the village of East Hagbourne were all in the county of Berkshire prior to boundary changes in 1974 when parts of North Berkshire were absorbed into Oxfordshire. As such, recordings of their locations in census records and parish records are made as they appeared at the time. Footnote: Certain details have been changed and information omitted to protect the identity of the family. More detailed, personal information about the first two generations is normally supplied by the family involved and included in the early part of the report. Jane Wolsey © Tracing Your Ancestors, March 2007

Ancestors of James Griffin

Kinship of James Griffin


Bull, Matilda (b. 1862) Crook, Betsy (b. 1809) Griffin, Caroline (b. 1921) Griffin, Charles (ch. 1812) Griffin, Charles Richard (b. 1843) Griffin, Henry Robert (b. 1835) Griffin, James (b. 1930) Griffin, Jane (ch. 1815) Griffin, Mary (ch. 1810) Griffin, Mary (b. 1833) Griffin, Phyllis Beryl (b. 1915) Griffin, Richard (ch. 1769) Griffin, Robert (b. 1811) Griffin, Robert Charles P (b.1887) Griffin, Robert Henry (b. 1863) Griffin, Sarah (ch. 1816) Griffin, William Henry (b. 1837) Martin, Ethel Mary (b. 1888) Stevens, Laura Jane (b. 1932) Waller, Elizabeth (b. 1845) Wells, Elizabeth (b. 1772)


Grandmother 2nd great-grandmother Sister 2nd great-granduncle Great-granduncle Great-grandfather Self 2nd great-grandaunt 2nd great-grandaunt Great-grandaunt Sister 3rd great-grandfather 2nd great-grandfather Father Grandfather 2nd great-grandaunt Great-granduncle Mother Wife Great-grandmother 3rd great-grandmother

Common Ancestor

Bull, Matilda Crook, Betsy Griffin, Robert Charles P Griffin, Richard Griffin, Robert Griffin, Henry Robert Griffin, James Griffin, Richard Griffin, Richard Griffin, Robert Griffin, Robert Charles P Griffin, Richard Griffin, Robert Griffin, Robert Charles P Griffin, Robert Henry Griffin, Richard Griffin, Robert Martin, Ethel Mary Griffin, James Waller, Elizabeth Wells, Elizabeth

Ancestors of James Griffin

First Generation


James Griffin, son of Robert Charles Percival Griffin and Ethel Mary Martin, was born in 1930 in Reading, Berkshire and died in 1987 in Chelsea, London. Noted events in his life were: · Birthplace: Reading, Berkshire James was born in Reading the county town of Berkshire situated on the River Thames thirty seven miles west of London. Recorded in the Domesday Book as having a population of 600 people, by the end of the sixteenth century Reading was the largest town in Berkshire with a population of over 3000 and a thriving trade in cloth. The population continued to expand with the opening of the Kennet & Avon Canal which provided access down to the Bristol Channel, and the coming of the Great Western Railway. Major industries were developed in Reading including Simonds (brewery) from 1785, Suttons Seeds (bulbs and seeds) from 1807 and Huntley & Palmers (biscuits) from 1822, causing Reading to become known as 'the town of the 3 Bs'. In the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth centuries, these industries were the town's major employers attracting many workers from rural areas of Berkshire and neighbouring counties. Others, including James's ancestors, flocked to the town to set up or work for businesses that would cater for the fast expanding population. · Occupation: Despite work opportunities available in the town, on reaching the age of 20, James made the decision to move to London where he obtained work as a Commercial Traveller selling food products to the booming catering industry. James married Laura Jane Stevens in 1955 in Kensington, London.

Second Generation (Parents) Father

Robert Charles Griffin, son of Robert Henry Griffin and Matilda Bull, was born 3rd qrtr 1887 in East Hagbourne, Berkshire and died 1st qrtr 1976 in Reading, Berkshire. Noted events in his life were: · Birthplace: East Hagbourne, Berkshire East Hagbourne is a small village situated in South Oxfordshire - six miles west of the town of Wallingford. At the time of Robert's birth and up until boundary changes in 1974, East Hagbourne was in the county of Berkshire - recorded as such in census and parish records. The name of the village derives from Hacca, a chief of one of the West Saxon tribes who settled in Britain following the departure of the Romans. His settlement was beside a stream which still bears his name - Hacca's Brook or Hacca's Burn. Centuries later, the stream still flows in a moat around the Manor House. At some time, the settlement became divided into two separate villages - East and West Hagbourne. In 1659 a major fire destroyed many homes resulting in King Charles I making a proclamation to be read out in all churches in England calling for aid and support for the villagers of Hagbourne.

Ancestors of James Griffin


In the nineteenth century, and at the time of Robert's birth, most of the villagers were involved in agricultural work. Of particular importance was hop farming with hops being grown on much of the area around East Hagbourne. There were also extensive orchards of apples, pears and cherries. Some villagers were employed at the paper mill situated by the village stream which became famous in the mid 1800s for its `accidental' invention of blotting paper. · Childhood: From the census records and family history information, it is clear that Robert spent his childhood living with his grandparents, Joseph and Elizabeth Bull. This was as a direct result of his father Robert's death when he was only four months old. · Census : 1891 in Newtown, East Hagbourne, Berkshire Joseph B Bull, Head, 58, Bootmaker, born Wallingford, Berkshire Elizabeth Bull, wife, 59, born East Hagbourne, Berkshire Ada Bull, daughter, born Brightwell, Berkshire Robert C Griffin, grandson, 3, born Newtown, East Hagbourne, Berkshire · War Service: 1915-1918, Malta Following the outbreak of World War I, Robert joined the army and was sent with his battalion to defend Malta and the boats that brought wounded soldiers to Malta's military hospital. That he was very close to his grandparents was evident by the number of letters he wrote to them and the number of gift parcels he is reported to have received from them during his time in Malta. · Occupation Before and after World War I, Robert worked as a Commercial Traveller for Venners & Sons Ltd, a grocery wholesale company supplying grocery shops in the Reading area and beyond. In his late teens, he was known to be living at Tudor Lodge, Baker Street, Reading with his grandparents, mother and half-brother, Arthur. Nearby in Tilehurst Road, and most likely the closest grocery shop to Tudor Lodge, was the shop owned and run by Robert's future mother in law, Caroline Martin. It may be that through visiting the shop on a regular basis, Robert developed the idea of becoming a Commercial Traveller for the grocery company that supplied Caroline's shop and other shops in the area. After working for Venners for a number of years, Robert went to work as a Traveller for the Danish Bacon Company. Robert married Ethel Mary Martin 1st qrtr 1915 in Reading, Berkshire. Children from this marriage were: i. Phyllis Beryl Griffin was born 2nd qrtr 1915 in Reading, Berkshire ii. Caroline Griffin was born 2nd qrtr 1921 in Reading, Berkshire and died 2nd qrtr 1921 in Reading, Berkshire. iii. James Griffin. James married Laura Jane Stevens in 1955 in Kensington, London. Mother Ethel Mary Martin was born 1st qrtr 1888 in Reading, Berkshire and died 2nd qrtr 1954 in Reading, Berkshire. Ethel married Robert Charles Griffin 1st qrtr 1915 in Reading, Berkshire

Ancestors of James Griffin

Third Generation (Grandparents)



Robert Henry Griffin, son of Henry Robert Griffin and Elizabeth Waller, was born 2nd qrtr 1863 in Paddington, London and died 4th qrtr 1887 in Blewbury, Berkshire. Noted events in his life were: · Birthplace: Paddington, London Robert's birthplace is thought to have derived its name from the old Sussex word 'pad' meaning pack horse. In early times the only form of transport of goods was on the pack horse. Pack horses were grazed on meadows outside the main city and historians suggest that Paddington might mean 'the village of the pack horse meadows'. In the late 1700s, Paddington was a rural area consisting of only a few houses. By 1801, this number had grown to 357 houses with a population of 1,887. With the development of industries and the Paddington branch line of the Grand Junction Canal, people of wealth were attracted to the Paddington area giving rise to the building of many magnificent houses in terraces. This, in turn, attracted tradespeople, including Robert's grandfather, to provide services to the expanding population which also increased substantially with the erection of Paddington Station in 1854 and the coming of the Great Western Railway. · Childhood: Blewbury, Berkshire at The New Inn Some time between his birth in 1863 and 1871, Robert was sent to live with his father's sister, Mary, who was married to Malachi Grace, landlord of the New Inn in Blewbury Berks. The reason for this decision is unknown but it can be speculated that Robert was sent to live in the country for health reasons. He was later to die from tuberculosis ­ an illness that was then often acquired in childhood and the greatest cause of deaths in Victorian London. · Census : 1871 in Blewbury, Berkshire at The New Inn Malachi Grace, Head, 33, Innkeeper, born Blewbury, Berkshire Mary Grace, wife, born Abingdon, Berkshire Robert Griffin, nephew, 8, born Paddington, London · Census : 1881 in Blewbury, Berkshire at The New Inn By 1881, Robert was helping his Uncle Malachi with the running of the New Inn and his carrier business which would have involved delivering produce and goods for local farmers and businesses. Malachi Grace, Head, 43, Innkeeper, born Blewbury, Berkshire Mary Grace, wife, 45, born Abingdon, Berkshire Robert Hy Griffin, nephew, 18, Assistant Innkeeper, born Paddington, London Ruth Grace, niece, 6, born Blewbury, Berkshire Following Malachi's death in 1884, Robert's day to day workload would have increased significantly placing additional strain on an immune system already weakened by tuberculosis. In 1897, Robert died aged just 24 years leaving a widow and four month old son. Robert married Matilda Bull 2nd qrtr 1887 in Marylebone, London. The child from this marriage was: Robert Charles Griffin. Robert married Ethel Mary Martin 1st qrtr 1915 in Reading, Berkshire.

Ancestors of James Griffin


Matilda Bull was born 4th qrtr 1862 in North Moreton, Berkshire Matilda married Robert Henry Griffin 2nd qrtr 1887 in Marylebone, London.


Fourth Generation (Great-Grandparents)


Henry Robert Griffin, son of Robert Griffin and Betsy Crook, was born in 1835 in Wallingford, Berkshire. Noted events in his life were: · Birthplace: Wallingford, Berkshire Once the county town of Berkshire, Wallingford was founded by the Saxon King, Alfred the Great, and became as important and as large as the town of Winchester. At the time the Domesday Book was written, Wallingford had a population of some 2-3000 people, a far larger population than any other town in Berkshire. Such was the considered importance of the town, a castle was built there as a stronghold and a medieval palace to be enjoyed by visiting royalty. Wallingford's importance continued until the building of a bridge across the Thames at Abingdon in the 1400s. The main road to Gloucester and the West was diverted to pass through Abingdon instead of Wallingford which led to a major loss of trade and the decline of the town as a place of any real importance. Despite this, at the time when Henry's father would have completed his apprenticeship and Henry was born, the population of the town was approximately 2,500 ensuring some kind of work opportunities for qualified tradesmen. · Census : 1871 & 1881 in Paddington, London at 21 Hall Place Henry married Elizabeth Waller in 1864 in Marylebone and in 1871 they were shown living with Henry's widowed father, Robert, and their youngest son, Ernest. Robert and Henry were clearly working together in the plumbing business which Henry was later to take over. Robert Griffin, Head, 55, Plumber & Glazier, born Chilworth, Oxfordshire Henry Griffin, son, 31, Plumber, & Glazier, born Wallingford, Berkshire Betsy Griffin, daughter in law, born Marylebone, London Ernest Griffin, grandson, 1, born Marylebone, London Living close by was Betsy's brother, William Waller at 17 Hall Place, whose occupation was shown as Shoemaker. By 1881, Henry had taken over as head of household although Robert was shown still living with Henry, Betsy and Ernest and working as a plumber. Robert was later to move to live with daughter Mary, at the New Inn, Blewbury, where he died in 1890 aged 78 years.

Ancestors of James Griffin


· Census: 1891 in Paddington, London at 181 Shirland Road By 1891 Henry and Betsy had moved to Shirland Road in Paddington - probably to be near their newly married youngest son, Ernest, who was shown living at 161 Shirland Road. The previous decade was one that had brought a traumatic change to Henry and Betsy's lives with the death of their eldest son, Robert, in 1887 aged 24 years. Henry Griffin, Head, 48, Plumber, born Wallingford, Berkshire Elizabeth Griffin, wife, 44, born Marylebone, London Following another traumatic event - the death in 1894 of their only remaining child, Ernest, Henry and Elizabeth appear to have made the decision to move away from Paddington relocating to Chelsea. · Census : 1901 in Chelsea, London at 210 Kings Road Henry Griffin, Head, 60, Plumber, own account, born nr Reading, Berkshire Elizabeth Griffin, wife, 56, Dressmaker, born Marylebone, London Dressmaking was an occupation that Elizabeth had pursued prior to her marriage to Henry as shown in earlier census records. Henry married Elizabeth Waller 4th qrtr 1864 in Marylebone, London. The child from this marriage was: Robert Henry Griffin. Robert married Matilda Bull in 1887 in Marylebone, London.


Elizabeth Waller was born 1st qrtr 1845 in Marylebone, London. Elizabeth married Henry Robert Griffin 4th qrtr 1864 in Marylebone, London.

Fifth Generation (Great Great-Grandparents)

Great Great-Grandfather

Robert Griffin, son of Richard Griffin and Elizabeth Wells, was born in 1811 in Chilworth, Oxfordshire at Chilworth Farm and was christened on 13 Jul 1811 in Great Milton, Oxfordshire. Noted events in his life were: · Birthplace: Chilworth, Oxfordshire On census records Robert's birthplace was recorded as Chilworth, Oxfordshire and was likely to have been at the farm run by his father ­ Chilworth Farm which is still in existence today. Chilworth Farmhouse is now a grade II listed building described by South Oxfordshire Council as a "Farmhouse. C18; parts probably C17. Limestone rubble with brick dressings; old plaintile roof with brick gable stacks. 2 parallel ranges, extended. 2 storeys plus attics. 5-window front with brick dentil eaves course has sashes 4 panes wide; ground-floor windows under brick segmental arches......."

Ancestors of James Griffin


In 1872, the Imperial Gazeteer of England and Wales described Chilworth as a small hamlet in Great Milton parish, Oxford, some 5 miles from the town of Thame, with a population of 79 and 18 houses. The majority of the houses were likely to have been farm workers' cottages. Robert was baptised at the church of St Mary the Virgin in the village of Great Milton situated just to the south of Chilworth Farm and approximately 10 miles south east of Oxford. · Childhood: Early 1800s Robert spent his early life on a farm and, as a young boy, would have been involved in helping his father with simple tasks such as egg collecting and feeding animals. At that time, it was likely assumed that he would follow in is father's footsteps as a farmer. Whatever occurred, and it may well be the case that the family was forced to leave the farm for financial reasons as suggested by family history, Robert was later shown to be a plumber and glazier. As Robert was married at the age of 22 years and his first children were born in Wallingford, Berkshire (now in the county of Oxfordshire), it is likely that Robert was apprenticed to a plumber and glazier in Wallingford. Placing Robert as an apprentice would have been a shrewd decision on the part of his father who would have wanted to ensure that his son was involved in a trade for which there would always be a demand. It was common in the 1800s for boys to be apprenticed from the age of 14-16 years for a period of 5-7 years. Apprentices often lived in the home of their 'master' and received little more than lodging and food in compensation for their work. As such, Robert would not have reaped the rewards of his work until the completion of his apprenticeship. · Census : 1841 in Marylebone, London Between 1837 and 1841, Robert moved to London where tradesmen of all kinds were much in demand. London was rapidly expanding and tradesmen would have been able to charge higher rates than in small towns and villages. It is likely that Robert saw this move as an opportunity to develop his business to a level he was unlikely to have achieved in Wallingford. Robert Griffin, Head, 30, Plumber, not born in Middlesex Betsey Griffin, wife, 31, not born Middlesex Mary Griffin, 8, not born Middlesex Henry Griffin, 6, not born Middlesex Their youngest son, William, born c1837 in Wallingford was not shown to be living with them and was likely staying with a relative at the time the census was taken. · Census : 1851 in Marylebone, London at 15 Upper James Street By 1851, William had returned to live with his parents and Robert and Betsy had had another son, Charles. Charles was destined not to follow in the footsteps of his brothers by becoming a tradesman as on later censuses he is shown as teacher, Headmaster and Superintendent of an orphanage. Robert Griffin, Head, 39, Plumber & Glazier, born Chilworth, Oxfordshire Betsey Griffin, wife, 40, born Wallingford, Berkshire Mary Griffin, 16, born Abingdon, Berkshire Henry Griffin, 14, born Wallingford, Oxfordshire William Griffin, son, 13, born London, Middlesex* Charles Griffin, son, 6, born London, Middlesex *All later census records show William's birthplace as Wallingford.

Ancestors of James Griffin


· Census : 1861 & 1871 in Paddington, London at 21 Hall Place By 1861, Robert had moved to Hall Place in Paddington and was now shown to be widowed. Son Henry was working with his father as a plumber and son William was working as a whitesmith ­ most likely involved in making household items from tin such as kitchen utensils, boxes and candlesticks which were much in demand in the nineteenth century. Robert Griffin, Head, widower, 48, Plumber, born Chilworth, Oxfordshire Mary Griffin, 25, Dressmaker, born Abingdon, Berkshire Henry Griffin, 23, Plumber, born Wallingford, Berkshire William Griffin, son, 21, Whitesmith, born Wallingford, Berkshire Charles Griffin, son, 6, born Marylebone, Middlesex In 1871, William and Charles had left home and Henry was shown as married with one son. Robert married Betsy Crook in 1833 in Wallingford, Berkshire. Children from this marriage were: i. Mary Griffin was born circa 1833 in Abingdon, Berkshire. ii. Henry Robert Griffin. Henry married Elizabeth Waller in 1864 in Marylebone, London. iii. William Henry Griffin was born circa 1837 in Wallingford, Berkshire. iv. Charles Richard Augustus Griffin was born circa 1843 in Marylebone, London.

Great Great-Grandmother

Betsy Crook was born in 1809 in Wallingford, Berkshire. Betsy married Robert Griffin in 1833 in Wallingford, Berkshire.

Sixth Generation (3rd Great-Grandparents)

Great Great Great-Grandfather

Richard Griffin was christened on 15 Feb 1769 in Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire. Noted events in his life were: · Farmer: Late 1700s/early 1800s. Family history passed down over the generations provides information that a Griffin ancestor was a wealthy farmer at Chilworth Farm in Oxfordshire. As Chilworth was close to Great Milton where Richard married Elizabeth Wells, and the marriage entry in the parish register shows Richard's occupation as Farmer, it can be assumed that this was the ancestor of Chilworth Farm. This is further supported by the fact that Richard and Elizabeth's children were baptised at Great Milton. Further information passed down over the generations implies that the 'unknown' Griffin ancestor lost all his money when his bank went bankrupt. Evidence suggests that this may well have been the case as family descendants are later shown to be living in Wallingford and London - with a number of the children following 'trade' occupations such as plumbing and glazing. Following the French Wars and subsequent national financial problems, many country banks failed. As a country farmer, it is quite likely that Richard had an account with a 'country' bank.

Ancestors of James Griffin


· Birthplace: Cuddesdon/Wheatley, Oxfordshire Richard was baptised at All Saints Church in Cuddesdon, a village in South Oxfordshire. As the church also served the villagers of nearby Wheatley, and earlier Griffins were shown to be Wheatley farmers, it is quite possible that this was Richard's birthplace. Known at one time to be a successful farmer, Richard was most likely born to farming parents. Cuddesdon and Wheatley were both originally Saxon villages and the name Cuddesdon derived from the Anglo-Saxon "Cudde's Dune" (Cudde's Hill, or the 'Hill of Cuthwine'). Land around the village was devoted principally to farming. Wheatley village lies six miles east of Oxford town. At one time, the principal occupation of villagers was stone quarrying with the stone being used for such buildings as Windsor Castle, Merton College, Oxford, churches and local cottages. Agriculture was later to become the principal occupation. Richard married Elizabeth Wells on 2 Jul 1807 in Great Milton, Oxfordshire. Children from this marriage were: i. Mary Griffin was christened on 21 Jun 1810 in Great Milton, Oxfordshire. ii. Robert Griffin. Robert married Betsy Crook in 1833 in Wallingford, Berkshire. iii. Charles Griffin was christened on 9 Aug 1812 in Great Milton, Oxfordshire. iv. Jane Griffin was christened on 17 Mar 1815 in Great Milton, Oxfordshire. v. Sarah Griffin was christened on 14 May 1816 in Great Milton, Oxfordshire and died on 19 May 1816. Great Great Great-Grandmother Elizabeth Wells was christened on 23 Jul 1772 in Little Milton, Oxfordshire. Elizabeth married Richard Griffin on 2 Jul 1807 in Great Milton, Oxfordshire.

Name Index

BULL Matilda, 1, 3, 4 CROOK Betsy, 4, 6, 7 GRIFFIN Caroline, 2 Charles Richard Augustus, 6, 7 Henry Robert, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 James, 1, 2 Jane, 8 Mary, 6, 7 Phyllis Beryl, 2 Richard, 5, 7, 8 Robert, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Robert Charles, 1, 2, 3 Robert Henry, 1, 3, 5 Sarah, 8 William Henry, 6, 7 MARTIN Ethel Mary, 1, 2, 3 STEVENS Laura Jane, 1, 2 WALLER Elizabeth, 3, 4, 5, 6 WELLS Elizabeth, 5, 7, 8


Location Index

Abingdon, Oxon, 6 Blewbury, Berkshire at The New Inn, 3 Chelsea, London, 1 Chelsea, London at 210 Kings Road, 5 Chilworth, Oxfordshire, 5, 6, 7 Chilworth, Oxfordshire at Chilworth Farm, 5, 6, 7 Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire, 7 Cuddesdon/Wheatley, Oxfordshire, 8 East Hagbourne, Berkshire, 1, 2 Great Milton, Oxfordshire, 5, 6, 7, 8 Kensington, London, 1, 2 Little Milton, Oxfordshire, 8 Malta, 2 Marylebone, London, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Marylebone, London at 15 Upper James Street, 6 Newtown, East Hagbourne, Berkshire, 2 North Moreton, Berkshire, 4 Paddington, London, 3 Paddington, London at 181 Shirland Road, 5 Paddington, London at 21 Hall Place, 4, 7 Reading, Berkshire, 1, 2, 3 Wallingford, Berkshire, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


Name/Location List

Name: Abingdon, Oxon

1. Mary Griffin Birth (Cir 1833)


Name: Blewbury, Berkshire at The New Inn

1. Robert Henry Griffin Death, Event: Childhood, Event: Census (1881)

Name: Chelsea, London

1. James Griffin Death (1987), Event: Occupation (1950-1987) 2. Laura Jane Stevens Birth (1932), Death (1994)

Name: Chelsea, London at 210 Kings Road

1. Henry Robert Griffin Event: Census (1901)

Name: Chilworth, Oxfordshire at Chilworth Farm

1. Robert Griffin Birth (1811)

Name: Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire

1. Richard Griffin Christening (15 Feb 1769)

Name: Cuddesdon/Wheatley, Oxfordshire

1. Richard Griffin Event: Birthplace

Name: East Hagbourne, Berkshire

1. Robert Charles Griffin Birth (1887), Event: Birthplace

Name: Great Milton, Oxfordshire

1. Charles Griffin Christening (9 Aug 1812) 2. Jane Griffin Christening (17 Mar 1815) 3. Mary Griffin Christening (21 Jun 1810) 4. Richard Griffin Marriage: Elizabeth Wells (2 Jul 1807) 5. Robert Griffin Christening (13 Jul 1811) 6. Sarah Griffin Christening (14 May 1816) 7. Elizabeth Wells Marriage: Richard Griffin (2 Jul 1807)

Name/Location List

Name: Kensington, London

1. James Griffin Marriage: Laura Jane Stevens (1955) 2. Laura Jane Stevens Marriage: James Griffin (1955)


Name: Little Milton, Oxfordshire

1. Elizabeth Wells Christening (23 Jul 1772)

Name: Malta

1. Robert Charles Percival Griffin Event: War Service (1915-1918)

Name: Marylebone, London

1. Matilda Bull Marriage: Robert Henry Griffin (1887) 2. Charles Richard Griffin Birth (Cir 1843) 3. Henry Robert Griffin Marriage: Elizabeth Waller (1864) 4. Robert Griffin Event: Census (1841) 5. Robert Henry Griffin Marriage: Matilda Bull (1887) 6. Elizabeth Waller Birth (1845), Marriage: Henry Robert Griffin (1864)

Name: Marylebone, London at 15 Upper James Street

1. Robert Griffin Event: Census (1851)

Name: Newtown, East Hagbourne, Berkshire

1. Robert Charles Percival Griffin Event: Census (1891)

Name: North Moreton, Berkshire

1. Matilda Bull Birth (1862)

Name: Paddington, London

1. Robert Henry Griffin Birth (1863), Event: Birthplace

Name: Paddington, London at 181 Shirland Road

1. Henry Robert Griffin Event: Census (1891)

Name/Location List

Name: Paddington, London at 21 Hall Place

1. Henry Robert Griffin Event: Census 1871 & 1881 2. Robert Griffin Event: Census 1861 & 1871


Name: Reading, Berkshire

1. Caroline Griffin Birth (1921), Death (1921) 2. James Griffin Birth (1930) 3. Phyllis Beryl Griffin Birth (1915) 4. Robert Charles Griffin Death (1976), Event: Occupation (Pre and post 1918), Marriage: Ethel Mary Martin (1915) 5. Ethel Mary Martin Birth (1888), Death (1954), Marriage: Robert Charles Griffin (1915)

Name: Wallingford, Berkshire

1. Betsy Crook Birth (1809), Marriage: Robert Griffin (1833) 2. Henry Robert Griffin Birth (1835), Event: Birthplace 3. Robert Griffin Marriage: Betsy Crook (1833) 4. William Henry Griffin Birth (Cir 1837)


Family history Information from Griffin family members Census Returns 1841-1901

Census Returns of England and Wales, Kew, Surrey, England: The National Archives of the UK Public Record Office (PRO)


General Register Office (GRO) Birth Index General Register Office (GRO) Marriage Index General Register Office (GRO) Death Index Parish Records ­ Wallingford, Great Milton, Little Milton, Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire Cuddesdon/Wheatley, Oxfordshire,_Oxfordshire Chilworth Farm, Oxfordshire Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings Map South Oxfordshire District Council Conservation Website Chilworth, Oxfordshire Great Milton, Oxfordshire The Imperial Gazetteer of England & Wales [Wilson, John M]. A. Fullarton & Co. N. d. c. (1870-72). Wallingford, Berkshire/Oxfordshire Wallingford Timeline[email protected]/19C David Nash Ford's Royal Berkshire History ­ Wallingford Wallingford History Paddington, London

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