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Vortek In-Line Pistol

Addendum to the Traditions Warranty and Shooting instructions

Caution: Before loading and shooting your new Vortek pistol please carefully read and understand the directions outlined in this addendum and the supplied manual . The Vortek Break Open Pistol is comprised of two major assemblies: 1.The barrel which includes the accelerator breech plug, forend and ramrod. 2. The frame, which includes the trigger housing and pistol grip.

Disassembly and Cleaning Instructions:

Your new Vortek Pistol should be broken down and cleaned prior to and after shooting. To Disassemble: 1. Make sure that the pistol is unloaded by pulling back barrel release lever at the front of the trigger guard and turn the Accelerator breech counterclockwise until it comes out. Look down the barrel and make sure there is no load in it. 2. With the barrel in the closed position remove the ramrod and set aside. 3. Remove the standard head screw located on the bottom of the forend and take the forend off. 4. While holding the barrel pull back firmly on the release lever and break the barrel open to remove it from the frame. 5. Located on the back of the grip is an M5mm Allen screw. Using the correct wrench turn the screw counterclockwise and remove it. Slide the grip off the frame. Removing the grip will expose the M3mm Allen screw that holds the trigger housing in the frame. 6. Remove the M4mm Allen screw at the rear of the trigger housing. Hold the release lever forward and rotate the rear portion of the trigger housing down and out of the frame. Do not disassemble the hammer and trigger assembly any farther than this. If the trigger assembly is taken down farther than this point it could cause it to be unsafe and will void your warranty. Note: The trigger housing cannot be removed with the hammer extension installed in the hammer. 7. Inside the bottom of the frame locate the standard screw and washer that holds the firing pin and spring in the frame. Cover the back of the pin with your off forefinger, to avoid it from popping out, and loosen the screw inside the frame slowly (making sure not to fully remove the screw) until the firing pin pops out against your finger. Remove the firing pin and spring form the hole At this point your Vortek pistol is completely disassembled and ready for a thorough cleaning. Follow the cleaning procedures outlined in the manual provided with this pistol. (Pages 22-31) To Reassemble: 1. Insert the firing pin spring and firing pin, with the notch down toward the screw, into the firing pin channel. Using your off index finger push the firing pin and spring down into the cannel and tighten the screw. Check the function by pushing on the back of the pin making sure it protrudes through the frame. 2. Slide the trigger housing into the frame front first and hold the release lever in the forward position. Make sure the spring at the front of the trigger assembly goes into the hole in the release lever. Rotate the rear of the housing up into place compressing the spring against the release lever and tighten the screw. Note: Check to make sure the hammer and trigger are functioning properly before continuing reassembly. If they are not check the front of the assembly it is probably not all the way into the frame and flush. If this is the case remove the trigger assembly and start over. 3. Slide the pistol grip onto the frame and install the M5mm screw at the rear of the pistol grip.

1375 Boston Post Road, P.O. Box 776, Old Saybrook, CT 06475 ph (860) 388-4656 fx (860) 388-4657

3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Screw the Accelerator breech plug into the barrel and make sure it is all the way in and snug. With the barrel in one hand and the frame in the other slide the barrel into the frame. The muzzle should be on a downward angle as this is done. Close the barrel against the frame. Position the forend onto the barrel and tighten the screw. Install the ramrod into the barrel thimble for storage. Perform a function test of the pistol by depressing the release lever and breaking the barrel open then close the barrel. Cock the hammer to the full cock position and move the safety to the safe position. Make sure the trigger cannot be pulled. Move the safety to the fire position and pull the trigger the hammer should release and come forward striking the back of the firing pin.

Your pistol should now be clean and assembled ready for use. Recommended Loads: The maximum load for this model is 70gr of loose powder. Do not follow the load data listed for the rifle in the accompanying manual. Note: A 15% reduction by volume must be taken when using loose Triple 7 powder. Bullet Traditions Smackdown Weight 250gr 300gr Powder Charge 1 IMR White Hot Pellet 1 Hogdon Triple 7 Pellet (50gr) 50gr loose Triple 7 3f 60gr loose Pyrodex P 1 IMR White Hot Pellet 1 Hogdon Triple 7 Pellet (50gr) 50gr loose Triple 7 3f 60gr loose Pyrodex P

Hornady XTP


Helpful Tips: 1. 2. To ease loading of the projectile use a loading stand or break the barrel open and place the breech plug on a flat padded surface for more leverage. The Vortek pistol comes drilled and tapped for scope mounting. The base required for mounting a scope is our product number A1783 available for purchase at or 1-860-388-4656. The jag on the ram rod needs to be unscrewed and rotated 180 o degrees then screwed back onto the ram rod for the length needed for loading the pistol.



1375 Boston Post Road, P.O. Box 776, Old Saybrook, CT 06475 ph (860) 388-4656 fx (860) 388-4657


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