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26th February ­ Term 1 ­ Week 4 Middle and Senior School Inter-House Swimming 2010 On Monday 15th February Tranby held its 4th annual Twilight Swimming Carnival at Rockingham Aquatic Centre. It was a fantastic evening with a large number of parents turning out to see many impressive races. All competitors should be congratulated on great performances with every student doing their best to ensure their house would challenge for the trophy. While we do congratulate all competitors the following students produced standout performances and were awarded medals for their efforts: Under 13 Female Champion Under 13 Female Runner Up Under 13 Male Champion Under 13 Male Runner Up Under 14 Female Champion Under 14 Female Runner Up Under 14 Male Champion Under 14 Male Runner Up Under 15 Female Champion Under 15 Female Runner Up Under 15 Male Champion Under 15 Male Runner Up Under 16 Female Champion Under 16 Female Runner Up Under 16 Male Champion Under 16 Male Runner Up Under 17 Female Champion Under 17 Female Runner Up Under 17 Male Champion Under 17 Male Runner Up Open Female Champion Open Female Runner Up Open Male Champion Open Male Runner Up Katie Gaskell (Budjar) Georgia Harris (Bilu) Jack Driscoll (Bilu) Cameron Jeffrey (Karla) & Thomas Singleton (Marra) Brooke Capewell (Budjar) Beth Western (Karla) Rhys Dobson (Karla) Luke Graham (Bilu) Emily Dixon (Karla) Emma Hackett (Budjar) Ryan Phillips (Bilu) Blake Kennedy (Karla) Danielle Purdue (Bilu) Sarah Pokia (Karla) Dylan Fox (Karla) Gerard DeKlerk (Bilu) & Luke Duff (Bilu) Jessica Lant (Budjar) & Simone Jacobs (Karla) Mikaela Rohde (Bilu) Brody Capewell (Budjar) Evan Kennis (Bilu Niloufer Ali (Bilu) Daisy Morgan (Karla) Jack Alderson (Budjar) Guy Kennis (Bilu)

It was a very close carnival with Mr & Mrs Ferreira's Bilu & Karla neck and neck the whole way. It was Bilu who eventually took out the carnival with their strong team performances in the relays. The final scores were as follows: 1st ­ Bilu - 3074 2nd ­ Karla ­ 2984 3rd ­ Budjar ­ 2620 4th ­ Marra - 2534

From the Principal

Mrs Jo Bednall

I was immensely saddened by the knife tragedy at the Brisbane school last week. It had tragic consequences for so many people- the twelve year old who died and his family and friends, the thirteen or fourteen year old who stabbed him and his family and friends, the teachers who were with the victim in his final hours, the school community and the list could go on. How should we, as a school community, respond? We need to find the balance between saying "it could never happen here" and saying "let's ensure that it never happens here". The former implies that we basically ignore what has happened without considering our own culture and protocols, and the latter implies extraordinary measures such as metal detectors at the gates. We are confident that there is not a high level of violence at the College- in fact there is almost no evidence of violence at all. In my more than ten years at the College I think I have suspended only one student for bringing a knife to school, and that was a number of years ago. However, the Heads of Schools and I will always take such action if a student is found with a knife or other weapon at school. Similarly, student fights always result in one level or other of suspension. In the parent survey conducted last year, families expressed a high level of satisfaction with the level of care and support that their children obtain throughout the College. This mirrors the effort that we put into stressing the importance of the classrooms and playground being safe, positive environments for all students. All staff take responsibility for establishing constructive relationships with their students and accept that they must hold all students accountable for doing the right thing - especially for treating each other with respect. Generally, this happens really well, as is evidenced by families and students telling us that they feel safe at Tranby and enjoy coming to school. However, we do not always get it 100% right and we must always be vigilant to prevent bullying, if possible, and to ALWAYS respond when we become aware of it. Throughout the school, right up to Year 12, we structure our pastoral care so that each student has an adult who works with them to help them to be their best. The arrangements differ from one part of the College to another, as is appropriate with students at different levels of maturity, but our overall goal remains the samehelping our students to be the best they can be. Of course this is not just about teachers and other adults giving students opportunities to grow and mature, it is also crucial that students recognise that they must take advantage of those opportunities. That "doing their best in all things" often means doing things that they may not much want to do, eg doing that extra study, reading that extra book or participating in that sporting event that they aren't all that great at. It also means doing the right thing, such as standing up for the student who others are pushing aside and being prepared to say "no, I'm not going to do that, it's not right" no matter how many others are going along with it. These are some of the hard lessons that all successful adults have had to learn and as a College we do not back away from saying to our students "you get out of life what you give". Indeed, life was not meant to be easy and we believe that if we can give our students opportunities to grow in all aspects of their lives and support them to take full advantage of those opportunities, then we are taking big steps towards keeping our College as safe as possible.

Junior School News

Mr Graham Badge


Congratulations to all students in Year 4 ­ 6 for an outstanding Interhouse swimming carnival which was held last Tuesday. There were many exceptional individual performances and the competition was close all afternoon. The final results were: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Budjar Bilu Karla Marra 2773 2693 2682 2541

Individual Year champions were: Yr 4 Girls­Champion, Lucy Gaskell (Budjar) Runner-up, Sophie Driscoll (Bilu) Yr 4 Boys­Champion, Eric Botha (Budjar), Runner-up, Matthew Clarke (Bilu) Yr 5 Girls­Champion, Olivia Howarth (Budjar), Runner-up, Yasmin Purdue (Bilu) Yr 5 Boys­Champion, Tristan Stanghon (Karla), Runner-up, Liam McGrath (Marra) Yr 6 Girls-Champion, Hayley Dixon (Karla), Runner-up, Phoebe Howie (Budjar) Yr 6 Boys-Champion, Sean Phillips (Budjar), Runner-up Sean Harrington (Bilu)

The swimming team will be competing at the IPSHA Co-educational schools swimming carnival at Wesley College on Thursday 11th March. They will have two training sessions under the guidance of Ms Jennifer Reilly (Olympic and Commonwealth Games medallist) in preparation for the carnival. On Tuesday 16th February classes in the Early Learning Centre enjoyed `Pancake Day' (Shrove Tuesday). Pancakes were eaten with great enjoyment and the class teachers discussed the significance of the event. It was also the theme for Chapel that week.

The two assemblies to date from 6M and 3D have been very enjoyable and entertaining. Thank you to the many parents who take time to support their children at assembly and to see the children receive their merit awards. The roster for assembly for the remainder of the term is: Week 4 ­ 6B Week 5 ­ 3G Week 6 ­ 6P Week 7 ­ 2J Week 8 ­ 5T

Middle School News

Mr Mike Jenzen

ABSENTEE PHONE NUMBER ­ MIDDLE SCHOOL 9523 3101 After School Classes Students in the Middle School have the opportunity to attend after school classes every Wednesday and Thursday from 3.30pm until 4.30pm. The classes are held in MS 11 and MS 12. The classes are opportunities for students to: - Work on homework or assignments; - Revise work and concepts covered in class; - Access laptops (and the internet) for their work; - Get teacher assistance with their learning. The classes are for all levels and students may come as often or infrequently as they need. Afternoon tea will be provided for students. I strongly encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity. Middle School Leaders On Monday our Year 9 leadership group were formally inducted into their positions of leadership. Congratulations to the following students on their preparedness to lead by example and give of themselves to serve their community: Bilu House Captains Scott Bettesworth, Jennifer Wood Budjar House Captains Robbie Adams, Chelsea Lambart Karla House Captains Shane Dye, Carly Donnell Marra House Captains Liam Caines, Emily Wise Arts Captains Ethan Reynolds, Lauren Peck Service Captains Scott Cherrington, Jazz McCafferty Bilu Sport Captains Michael Stewart, Amy Thomson Budjar Sport Captains Jordan Adams, Casey Van Hinte Karla Sports Captains Lars Carlton, Emily Dixon Marra Sport Captains Kane Williams, Derry Urquhart Curriculum Captains Alex Collings, Phoebe Chaytor Sport Captains Lars Carlton, Casey Van Hinte

Senior School News

Mr Steven Davies


In my item in the last newsletter, I commented briefly on the flurry of publicity that had surrounded the release of 2009 TEE /WACE results for Year Twelve students. As the results of Year Twelve students from 2009 were forwarded to schools, we became aware of the more favourable treatment of marks obtained in Stage 3 courses relative to Stage 2 courses. Generally, the Stage 2 courses suffered in the scaling processes. The scaling process is applied to all courses in Stages 2 and 3 so that students around the state can be ranked, allowing universities to apply their selection process. I am fortunate to have access to the advice of Mr Mark Newhouse, Manager of Curriculum at the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia (AISWA), on matters concerning the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). As part of our annual review of student results, Mr Newhouse visited the College last week and spoke to teachers in the Senior School. Mr Newhouse gave us reason to feel confident that our students are being prepared correctly to tackle compulsory WACE examinations in Stage 2 and 3 courses. I am also confident that we have given our students good advice as they choose courses to study in Years Eleven and Twelve. That advice is to encourage students to study at the most appropriate stage for their ability and background. If students enrol in Stage 3 courses and are not capable of achieving satisfactory results at that level then it will have a detrimental effect on them educationally and on their scaled score. Students should study at the highest stage of which they are capable. Mr Newhouse also clarified for us the relative treatment of Stage 2 and 3 courses when scores achieved in those courses are statistically manipulated by the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC) for the purpose of enabling our students to gain places at university. TISC considers that students studying Stage 3 courses are being best prepared for university. Stage 3 courses attract a 15 mark incentive in recognition of the extra academic demand and rigour of study at this stage. The implication of this is that students studying courses at Stage 2 in Year Twelve will not be as well prepared for university study and that students, parents and schools need to have realistic expectations about the relative scaled scores of Stage 2 courses compared to Stage 3 courses. Mr Newhouse presented us with data to show that it is still possible for students studying Stage 2 courses in Year Twelve to achieve a high ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) and to gain entry in to university. It is important, however, that those students try to rank among the top scorers in Stage 2 courses. The greater the number of Stage 2 courses studied, the greater negative effect it is likely have on the ATAR. It is very important to understand that this discussion about Stage 2 and 3 courses is all related to university entrance. There are many students who do not intend to study at university and for these students, the ATAR is irrelevant. Students should still choose courses and stages that suit their interest and career aspirations and also present some challenge. It is also important to note that students may gain entry to university, if they wish, via alternate entry pathways and also after having completed some study at TAFE. TAFE provides many exciting career options and the more practical approach to study suits many students better than the more theoretical approach experienced at university level. TAFE entry is based on grades achieved and not scaled numerical scores. For students currently in Year Ten or Eleven, the issue of course selection will come up in the second half of this year. If you have any questions regarding my discussion above or regarding career pathways, please see me, Mrs Klein (Careers Counsellor) or your Head of House. There are many options available to you and these options are well worth exploring.

College & Community News

Australian Curriculum On Monday 1st March 2010, the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) published draft K-10 Australian Curriculum in English, mathematics, science and history for a period of national consultation. The consultation period closes on 23rd May 2010. This is a significant event in Australian education. The draft curriculum and all the resources required to provide feedback are published at: At this address, you will find the draft curriculum which you can comment on, a survey which you can complete and other resources such as videos, information sheets and frequently asked questions. On visiting the website, you will need to register your details in a simple process that will provide you with an ongoing login and password and ensures you the opportunity to save and return to your feedback over time and as often as you wish. This is a unique opportunity for you to express your views and comment on the draft curriculum materials. Take the opportunity over the next few months to contribute to making this the best possible curriculum for all teachers and students in Australia. The draft curriculum in the same four learning areas, for the senior secondary years, will be published online and available for public consultation between April and June 2010. More details on consultation on the senior years' curriculum will be provided in March. ACARA will refine the draft curriculum in response to the feedback from both the K-10 and senior years' national consultation, and will publish a final version of the K-12 Australian Curriculum in English, mathematics, science and history in September 2010. National History Challenge 'The History Teachers' Association of Australia have for many years run the hugely popular 'National History Challenge'. This is a research-based competition for students in years 5 to 12 which gives them a chance to be a historian, investigate their community and explore their own past. It emphasises and rewards quality research, the use of community resources and effective presentation The theme of this year's competition is: Celebrations, Memories & History Entries close 27th August All participants receive a certificate of Participation but there are a range of further prizes to be won. State and Territory winners: $200 cash, a medallion and certificate. A National Winner will be selected from state and territory winners at each year level/age group $300 (single entries) or $100 group entries), a medallion and a trip to Canberra to attend the Presentation Ceremony at Parliament House. State/Territory Young Historian Prizes include $500 cash, and travel to Canberra. Australian Young Historian Prize: $1000 cash single entry or $250 (each) for group entries, a Plaque and certificate. There are also a range of special category prizes to be won where winners can win up to $300!!! If you are interested in participating in this excellent competition, please see the S&E coordinator Ms BlaschakMoore for registration information. You can find her office in the I-Lab. Posters for this competition will be placed around the school also for more information!

College & Community News

IMPORTANT DATES: 1st March Labour Day Holiday InterSchool Swimming 2010 3rd March ANZ School Banking (Library) 5th March SWISSA Interschool Swimming ­ Bunbury 8th March Book Fair 11th March IPSHA Junior Interschool Swimming - Wesley th 15 March ACC Interschool Swimming ­ Challenge Stadium Middle & Senior Inter-School Swimming 2010 Training is currently being held at Aqua Jetty in Warnbro for the Inter-School swimming team members from years 7-12. Training is held during the following times: Monday 4-5pm Wednesday 4-5pm Friday 7-8am Buses will transport students from school to the pool for Monday & Wednesday and from the pool to school on Friday. HELPERS WANTED! We are currently looking for parent helpers for the SWISSA Swimming carnival in Bunbury on Friday 5th March and the ACC Swimming carnival on Monday 15th March. If you are interested please contact Troy Mollica on 9523 3124 or via email at [email protected] Sports Star Profile Throughout the year we will be profiling a number of different athletes throughout the school. We were thinking about whom to start with and we thought there would be no better way than starting with our two Sporting Captains for the year. Thomas McCarthy's profile is below and Tayla Green's will appear in the week 6 newsletter. Thomas has been a regular contributor to a variety of sports throughout his time at Tranby. He also plays a number of sports outside of school time representing himself well in Cricket and Rugby in 2010. Thomas has made an excellent start to his year as sports captain leading assemblies and assisting with set ups for carnivals and Inter-House sport. Name: Favourite Sport: Position: Team Name: Favourite Athlete: Favourite Sporting Team: Thomas McCarthy Cricket Opening Batsmen Serpentine Jarrahdale Blues Kobe Bryant LA Lakers

Sporting Endeavours Serpentine-Jarrahdale Basketball Association: 2000-2008 Mundijong Centrals Football Club: 2001-2007 Serpentine-Jarrahdale Cricket Club: 2006-Present Rockingham-Mandurah District Cricket Club: 2007 Tranby Basketball Team: 2007-2008 Tranby-Kolbe South African Rugby Tour: 2010 Tranby Inter-School Athletics Teams Tranby Inter-School Swimming Teams Tranby Inter-School Cross Country Teams

P & F News


A sleep over at the College for Tranby Dads & Tranby students will be held on:

19TH MARCH 2010 5pm Friday ­ Saturday morning On the oval (Corner Eighty Rd & Clyde Ave)

*** Calling all Dads *** BYO tent, food and children BBQs will be available

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED To register please email: [email protected] [Please put Tranby sleepover in the subject line]

Registration is $10.00 per family Please send via the diary in an envelope clearly marked with your family name and the number of people attending.


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