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history HIsToRY

AfricAnA studies

James L. Conyers, Jr.

Volume 1

Afrocentric Traditions

Ever since the first contacts between Europe and Africa, African people have operated from the fringes of Eurocentric experience in the Western mind. Much of what we have studied in African history and culture, or literature and linguistics, or politics and economics, has been orchestrated from the standpoint of Europe's interests. Whether it is a matter of economics, history, politics, geographical concepts, or art, Africans have been seen as peripheral. This volume reviews the past in order to evaluate the present and move ahead with appropriate policies for the future.

ISBN: 978-1-4128-0478-3 (paper) 2005 198 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95 ISBN: 978-1-4128-0886-6 (eBook) 2009 198 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

Volume 3

Volume 2

Law, Culture, and Africana Studies

Paperback Racial Structure and Radicial Politics in the African Diaspora

New in

The authors focus on issues of affirmative action, legal culture, theories of black culture, and methodologies of scholarly work in Africana studies.

ISBN: 978-1-4128-0660-2 (paper) 2007 142 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95 ISBN: 978-1-4128-0935-1 (eBook) 2009 142 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

A must read book for anyone interested in the areas of racial theory and racial relations, multicultural and polarized religions, and the making of African personality and culture. In keeping with earlier volumes in the series, it emphasizes the cross-fertilization of Africa and the world.

ISBN: 978-1-4128-1045-6 (paper) 2009 223 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95


Old Memories, New Moods

Americans from Africa Volume 2 Peter I. Rose

Old Memories, New Moods contains essays on the roots of African American protest, comments on the background and character of the Negro Revolt and the Civil Rights Movement, interpretations of the impact and significance of Black Power, and, finally, varied views on changing self-images and the meaning of Black Pride. Original essays written especially for this book include those by Mina Davis Caulfield, August Meier and Elliott Rudwick, Gerald W. Mullin, and the editor. Many other essays by black and white social scientists, psychiatrists, historians, and political figures are offered in careful juxtaposition. Among these contributors are anthropologists Melville J. Herskovits and Ulf Hannerz; social historians Raymond and Alice Bauer, Winthrop D. Jordan, Eugene D. Genovese, Kenneth Stampp, and Stanley Elkins.

ISBN: 978-0-202-36161-1 (paper) 2007 479 pp. $39.95/£35.95/$C47.95

Gone from the Promised Land

Jonestown in American Cultural History Second Edition John R. hall

With a new introduction by the author In this superb cultural history, Hall presents a reasoned analysis of the meaning of Jonestown: why it happened and how it is tied to our history as a nation, our ideals, our practices, and the tensions of modern culture. Hall deflates the myths of Jonestown by exploring the social character of Jim Jones's Peoples Temple--how much of what transpired was unique to the group and its leader and how much can be explained by reference to wider social processes? The book begins by examining the cultural origins of Jonestown: Who was Jim Jones? Where did he get his ideas and followers? How was his Peoples Temple established? The organizational base of the Temple is analyzed through relevant comparisons with modern institutionalized practices in economics, bureaucracy, social control, public relations, and power.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0587-4 (paper) 2004 404 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

America and the world

The Double Bind Majid Tehranian and Kevin P. Clements, editors

As the world's first democracy with a written constitution and Bill of Rights, the United States has stood for global aspirations toward democratic liberty, equality, and solidarity since its formation in 1776. However, as it developed into an empire by the late nineteenth century, the United States also has threatened the liberties of other peoples, including Native Americans, Hawaiians, Latin Americans, Asians, and Africans. The American role in world affairs has long been polarized around two conflicting images and strategies.

ISBN: 978-1-4128-0460-8 (paper) 2005 197 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

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history HIsToRY

AfricAn civilizAtions series

Ivan Van Sertima, series Editor

Great Black Leaders

Ancient and Modern

Any selection of leaders, whatever the criteria, is inherently subjective. This collection does establish clear criteria for inclusion, attempting to include outstanding individuals from America, Africa, and the Caribbean, who are clearly of global and not solely national significance. Leaders from a number of historical epochs are selected, and the editor also includes material on outstanding women leaders.

Blacks in Science

Ancient and Modern

Providing an overview of the lost sciences of Africa and of contributions that blacks have made to modern American science, Blacks in Science present a range of new information from Africanists. The book also includes bibliographical guides that are crucial to further research and teaching.

ISBN: 978-0-87855-941-1 (paper) 1983 333 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

Early America Revisited

A vigorous defense and amplification of Van Sertima's classic work, They Came Before Columbus, this book makes a carefully balanced case for an African presence in America before Columbus' voyages. The work in no way denies the importance of the Columbus voyages for opening up the New World to Europe, hence changing the economic and political map of the world for all time. Van Sertima's critical cutting edge is that there is an anthropological and ethnographic dimension to the process of discovery, one in which black Africans of non-European origins played a central role. Van Sertima marshals literary and pictorial evidence and shows its authenticity to be beyond question. More than of historical interest, these discoveries serve as a basis for reexamining culture contacts between civilizations.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0463-1 (paper) 1998 235 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

ISBN: 978-0-88738-739-5 (paper) 1988 433 pp. $28.95/£26.50/$C34.95

Also Available


Egypt: Child of Africa

ISBN: 978-1-56000-792-0 (paper) 1995 484 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

African Presence in Early Asia

Revised and Enlarged Edition with Runoko Rashidi, editor

ISBN: 978-0-88738-717-3 (paper) 1987 224 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

African Presence in Early America

This profusely illustrated volume presents what is presently known about the links between Africa and America before the age of Columbus. It makes a convincing case for pre-Columbian contacts between Africa and America before the era of the slave trade. The contributors draw upon the evidence of cultures in private collections and findings from excavations, and evidence of ancient African mathematics, astronomy, map making, scripts, navigations, trade routes, pyramidal structures, linguistic connections, and technological and ritual complexes.

ISBN: 978-0-88738-715-9 (paper) 1987 250 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

The Golden Age of the Moor

ISBN: 978-1-56000-581-0 (paper) 1991 474 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

Egypt Revisited

ISBN: 978-0-88738-799-9 (paper) 1989 454 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

African Presence in Early Europe

ISBN: 978-0-88738-664-0 (paper) 1986 345 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

Great African Thinkers Black women in Antiquity

ISBN: 978-0-87855-982-4 (paper) 1988 239 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

with Larry williams, editor

ISBN: 978-0-88738-680-0 (paper) 1986 375 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

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history HIsToRY

booker t. WAshington

Up from Slavery

An Autobiography

Large Print Edition

New in Paperback

The Economics of Slavery

And Other Studies in Econometric History Alfred h. Conrad and John R. Meyer

How are economists and historians to explain what happened in history? What statistical inferences can be drawn from historical data? The authors believe that explanation in history can be identified with the problems of prediction in a probabilistic universe. In essence, the book is an argument for a demonstration of the point of view that the restricted approach of "measurement without theory" is not necessary in economic history. The authors explore the meanings and implications of evidence, explanation and proof in history by applying econometric methods to the analysis of major problems in nineteenth century economic history, including the profitability of slavery in the antebellum South. The book presents an original and provocative approach to historical problems that have long plagued economists and historians and provides the reader with a new approach to these and similar questions.

ISBN: 978-0-202-30934-7 (paper) 2007 250 pp. $22.95/£20.95/ $C27.95

chArles s. Johnson

Shadow of the Plantation

With a new introduction by Joseph s. himes

"A masterpiece of fact finding.... the effect is more like that of an art than of a science." --John Crowe Ransom, American Review Focusing on descendants of slaves in one rural Southern community in the early part of the twentieth century, Johnson reviews the troubled history of race relations in the United States. When reread half a century after it was first written, the book is revealed as a remarkably perceptive comment on race relations and the triumph of individuals over circumstances. Johnson describes and analyzes 612 black families in the rural community of Macon County, Alabama in the late 1920s and early 1930s: their families, economic situation, education, religious activities, recreational life, and health practices.

ISBN: 978-1-56000-878-1 (paper) 1996 215 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

In this captivating autobiography, Washington recounts his personal voyage from the shackles of slavery to the pinnacle of prominence. Up from Slavery is as much about Washington's Tuskegee Institute as it is about himself. When criticized for limiting the educational horizons of blacks by emphasizing agricultural and vocational subjects at his school, Washington declared that these are the true bases of black economic development.

ISBN: 978-1-56000-544-5 (cloth) 1997 425 pp. $39.95/£35.95/$C47.95 ISBN: 978-1-4128-1311-2 (paper) 2009 425 pp. $24.95/ £22.50/$C29.95


The Man Farthest Down

A Record of Observation and Study in Europe With robert E. Park With a new introduction by st. Clair Drake

"The book is as readable for its lively presentation of conditions in Europe as it is valuable for its conclusions." --The Nation The Man Farthest Down represents an early contribution to the study of comparative social systems. Its treatment of life in the East European shtetls is as moving as the analysis of ghetto life in America. In his new introduction to this edition, Drake illustrates the intellectual camaraderie shared between Park and Washington in their studies of race. Drake also details their individual observations, philosophies, and activities in both their academic and political lives.

ISBN: 978-0-87855-933-6 (paper) 1984 456 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

Slavery and Its Aftermath

Peter I. Rose, editor

A reissued classic, Slavery and Its Aftermath offers the reader the opportunity to see--and indeed, to participate in--debates over the extent of African influence on the life of black Americans. This volume deals with four controversies: the retention of "Africanism," the impact of slavery on personality and social structure, life in the South and in the North, and the current status of black Americans. The work contains essays on the roots of black protest, comments on the background and character of the Black Revolt and the Civil Rights Movement, interpretations of the impact and significance of Black Power, and varied views on changing self-images of being African-American.

ISBN: 978-0-202-30941-5 (paper) 2007 486 pp. $44.95/£40.50/$C53.95

Bitter Canaan

The Story of the Negro Republic With an introduction by John Stanfield

Bitter Canaan is a historical sociological account of Liberian society. Johnson traces the historical development of American race relations that lead to the emigration of thousands of blacks to Liberia. The struggles in leaving America and settling the African wilderness are detailed. His critical study of American corporate intervention in Liberian society in the twentieth century has the flair of contemporary political analysis.

ISBN: 978-0-88738-053-2 (cloth) 1985 256 pp. $39.95/£35.95/$C47.95 ISBN: 978-1-56000-630-5 (paper) 1987 256 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

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history HIsToRY

chArles W. chesnutt

The house Behind the Cedars

New in Paperback

Slavery in the United States

Louis Filler With a new introduction by the author

Slavery in the United States clarifies the institution of slavery in its historical context. This finely etched volume encompasses the human implications of slavery and its practices. It emphasizes the distinguished and disreputable elements on both sides of the slavery relationship, and in every part of the United States. The work includes high quality, often neglected, readings that permit the reader to form his or her own views. It reveals the best writings on all aspects of the slavery issue, as well as analytic summations by contemporary historians and social researchers.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0431-0 (paper) 1998 165 pp. $24.95 /£22.50/$C29.95

Narrative of the Life of an American Slave New in

Large Print Edition Frederick Douglass



Chesnutt's novels are about tensions, alliances, and emotional and physical violence on both sides of the color line. The House Behind the Cedars is a tale of an attractive brother and sister who decide to establish themselves in the best class of whites South Carolina has to offer. Rena makes a brilliant match, exactly as her calculating brother has intended. But the engagement is soon threatened by her own ambivalence and a series of miscalculations, shifting loyalties, and full-stop treacheries.

ISBN: 978-1-56000-494-3 (cloth) 2000 240 pp. $39.95/£35.95/ $C47.95 ISBN: 978-1-4128-1264-1 (paper) 2009 240 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

This volume, the most famous of all slave narratives, written by the most towering black figure of the 19th century, is both literature and historical analysis. Douglas provides a true glimpse of the brutal experience of slavery in antebellum America. With this classic autobiography, Douglas has left an indispensable legacy for modern day readers in helping them understand what it's like to be "broken in body, soul, and spirit" yet rise above unimaginable adversity to become an outstanding orator who hoped his "little book would hasten the day of deliverance to the millions of my brethren in bonds."

ISBN: 978-1-56000-534-6 (cloth) 1997 143 pp. $34.95 / £31.50/$C41.95 ISBN: 978-1-4128-1285-6 (paper) 2009 143 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

Jews and the American Slave Trade

Saul S. Friedman

"... a much needed response to an explosive issue that has been plagued with false charges and pseudoscholarship. In calm, logical and precise academic fashion, Dr. Friedman amply proves that Jews did not dominate the slave trade to and in America and, in fact, played a minuscule role even when part of the larger European, West Indian, North American, and South American slave societies. From ancient slavery to colonial mass transport, through each involved European nation to each American colony, Dr. Friedman's careful analysis is thoroughly documented and interestingly crafted. --Dr. David A. Rausch, professor of history, Ashland University

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0660-4 (paper) 1999 326 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

The Marrow of Tradition

New in Paperback

Andrew Durnford

A Black Sugar Planter in the Antebellum South David O. whitten

The Durnford volume offers singular accounts of American life and labor in the first half of the nineteenth century. Because Durnford was black, free, and a medical practitioner, his life stands as a rare example of a man and a culture adjusting to peculiar social orders.

ISBN: 978-1-56000-200-0 (cloth) 1995 192 pp. $32.95/£29.95/$C39.95

"The Marrow of Tradition" is a phrase furthest from a benign statement on culture. Rather it is a sharp-edged sensibility that the tradition involved, the sense of the racial supremacy of whites over blacks in the post-Civil War South, remained strong even at the turn of the twentieth century. In this compressed epic, Chesnutt, with a subtle sense of irony describes the frame-up of a black man for the rape and violation of a white woman. And while the hoax is uncovered by none other than the grandfather of the actual perpetrator of the crime, the mores and traditions of the South are such that while the innocent is eventually let go, the guilty white youngster goes unpunished. This is a brilliantly written effort in a class with The Ox Bow Incident and To Kill a Mockingbird.

ISBN: 978-1-56000-493-6 (cloth) 1999 310 pp. $39.95/£35.95/$C47.95 ISBN: 978-1-4128-1280-1 (paper) 2009 310 pp. $29.95/£26.95 / $C35.95


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Loopholes and Retreats NEW

African American Writers and the Nineteenth Century John Cullen Gruesser and hanna wallinger, editors

The essays explore the loopholes and retreats employed and exploited by African American polemicists, poets, novelists, slave narrators, playwrights, short story writers, essayists, editors, educators, historians, clubwomen, and autobiographers during the nineteenth century. The contributions use comparative, transnational, literary historical, cultural studies, and Foucauldian perspectives to examine how apparent weakness was turned into strength, and the machinery of oppression into the keys to liberation

ISBN: 978-3-8258-1892-0 (paper) 2009 208 pp. $44.95/£40.50/$C53.95


The God of Tough Places, the Lord of Burnt Men Richard Frechette

As a priest and a physician, Fr. Frechette has known the body, heart, and soul of many people in the most anguishing of circumstances, when they faced the biggest challenges to their life and the meaning of it. The reflections in this volume are less about Haiti than they are about real-life incidents that happened there, during a particular time in history. These reflections shed light on what happens in any place, at any time, to people of any race or class, who live out an assault on their human dignity.This is a stunning work that crosses all conventional barriers between the personal and the political, between degradation by others and elevation by selves.

ISBN: 978-1-4128-1420-1 (cloth) 2010 134 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95 Transaction will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book to the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and the American Red Cross.

First of the Year: 2009

Volume 2 Benj DeMott, editor



This is the second volume in the First of the Year Series. Contributors like Armond White, Philip Levine, Donna Gaines, Lawrence Goodwyn, Irving Louis Horowitz, Charles O'Brien, Fredric Smoler, Paul Berman, and Amiri Baraka are back (and blazing). And there are important new voices in the First mix, such as Vincent Harding, Roxane Johnson, and Bob Levin. If there is a leitmotif to this edition, it is the election and inauguration of Barack Obama as the first African-American president. First aims to be up to the minute of this moment. As Benj DeMott notes "a glance at this volume confirms the margin is still the center for us." And that margin stretches from Harlem to the world.

ISBN: 978-1-4128-1166-8 (paper) 2009 307 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

Art, Education, and AfricanAmerican Culture

Albert Barnes and the Science of Philanthropy Mary Ann Meyers

"Mary Ann Meyers uses a journalist's eye, and a novelist's timing in skillfully weaving the sociological, artistic, political, societal and philosophical ingredients that comprise the saga of the Barnes Foundation. The stranger than fiction account of the Foundation is laced together with a lucid biography of its provocative founder and the ramifications of his eccentricities over the half century following his death. Dr. Meyers is exemplary in her scholarship and even-handedness in telling a story that relentlessly offers the temptation to take sides." --Frederick S. Osborne, President, Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts Art, Education, and African-American Culture is both a biography of an iconoclastic and innovative figure and a study of the often-conflicted efforts of an emergent liberalism to seek out and showcase African American contributions to the American aesthetic tradition.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0214-9 (cloth) 2003 474 pp. $49.95/£44.95/$C59.95 ISBN: 978-1-4128-0563-6 (paper) 2006 474 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95


First of the Year: 2008

Benj DeMott, editor

First of the Year: 2008 is the first in an annual series of socio-cultural reviews that intends to open a new chapter in the Harlem Renaissance. It is an attempt to make political argument s breathe through cultural voices. It is grounded in the needs of "dissed" people: disenfranchised, disadvantaged, disinherited, discomfited, and dismissed. The initial volume deals with the issue of humanism and terror, the nature of social movements, electoral and urban politics, and the musical trends of our time. Issues of "standards" are addressed from the angle of African American cultural traditions, and the mind-body problem as a matter of race, not just of metaphysics. The contributors include Sheldon Wolin, Jean Bethke Elsthain, Kurt Vonnegut, Paul Berman, Charles Keil, Philip Levine, among others. First of the Year bridges the gap between radical perspectives and insists on the centrality of African American culture to the national conversation.

ISBN: 978-1-4128-0801-9 (paper) 2008 463 pp. $34.95/£31.50/$C41.95


The Best Nightmare on Earth herbert Gold With a new afterword by the author

In Haiti: The Best Nightmare on Earth, Herbert Gold explores the secret life of this vibrant, volatile, violent land. The author reflects on the country's history and politics, culture and folklore, but sees much more. He sees Haiti through the eyes of a lover: impassioned, jealous, probing, ever alert, and alive. Where else is there such generosity amid such corruption, such humor in the midst of such desperation? This is Herbert Gold's Haiti, a country of extraordinary paradox and remarkable extremesof gingerbread dream houses and wretched slums, of brutal repression and explosive creative energy.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0733-5 (paper) 2001 321 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

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Deep Down in the Jungle

Black American Folklore from the Streets of Philadelphia Roger D. Abrahams

This work represents an attempt to present a body of folklore collected among one small group of Black Americans in a neighborhood in South Philadelphia. The author's approach toward collection and presentation has been intensive. He has tried to collect "in depth," and to recreate in his presentation the social background in which the lore was found, and to relate the lore with the life and the values of the group. Abrahams' work is a departure from any past methods of analyzing folklore, so a description of the methodology is given first. Throughout the project, the object was to illuminate as fully as possible the lore of one small group of African Americans from urban Philadelphia.

ISBN: 978-0-202-30847-0 (paper) 2006 278 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

Restoring the Connection to the Natural world

Essays on the African American Environmental Imagination Sylvia Mayer

Since its emergence in the second half of the nineteenth century, American environmentalism has predominantly been a white, middle-class pursuit, being preoccupied with notions of wilderness and wildlife preservation. Only fairly recently, with the advent of the environmental justice movement in the 1980s, has American environmentalism broadened its definition of "environment" to include the concerns relevant to a community's way of living. Of particular disproportionate importance are the concerns of poor urban communities of color, which have been exposed to environmental hazards. This volume--one of the first collections of ecocritical essays devoted exclusively to African American texts--shows that African Americans have contributed to the efforts of the environmental justice movement, not only as political activists, but also as writers.

ISBN: 978-3-8258-6732-4 (paper) 2003 208 pp. $27.95/$C33.95*

Caribbean Transformations

Sidney w. Mintz

Contact and clash, amalgamation and accommodation, resistance and change have marked the history of the Caribbean islands. It is a unique region where people under the stress of slavery had to improvise, invent and literally create forms of human association through which their pasts and the symbolic interpretation of their present could be structured. From Puerto Rican plantation slavery to the rise of a Caribbean peasantry to the implications of Caribbean nationhood, Caribbean Transformations presents essential readings for anthropologists, sociologists, historians and others interested in the Caribbean, in black studies, in colonial problems, in the relationships between colonial areas and the imperial powers, and in culture change generally.

ISBN: 978-0-202-30957-6 (paper) 2007 367 pp. $35.95/£32.50/$C42.95


FAMiLy famIlY

Family and Child well-Being after welfare Reform

Douglas Besharov, editor

This volume explores how low-income children and their families are faring in the wake of welfare reform. Each chapter examines a series of questions: Can existing surveys and other data be used to measure trends in the area? What key indicators should be tracked? What are the initial trends after welfare reform? What other information or approaches would be helpful?

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0845-5 (paper) 2004 305 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95 ISBN: 978-1-4128-1399-0 (eBook) 2009 305 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

Adoption, Race, and Identity

From Infancy to Young Adulthood Rita J. Simon and howard Altstein With a new preface by the authors

Adoption, Race, and Identity is a longrange study of the impact of interracial adoption on those adopted and their families. In four phases it traces the subjects from early childhood into young adulthood. Bringing together all phases into one volume gives the reader a richer and deeper understanding of what the experience of transracial adoption has meant for the parents, the adoptees, and children born into the families studied.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0903-2 (paper) 2001 231 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

Impacts of Incarceration on the African American Family

Othello harris and R. Robin Miller, editors

The criminal justice system has driven a wedge between black men and their children. African American families are harmed by this in countless ways, from the psychological, physical, and material costs experienced by the men themselves, to the losses felt by their mates, children, and extended family members. This insightful volume fills a void in the literature on the role of African American men in the functioning of families.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0973-5 (paper) 2002 225 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95


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FAMiLy famIlY

Black Families

Interdisciplinary Perspectives harold E. Cheatham and James B. Stewart, editors

Since the 1960s, when the Moynihan Report and the culture of poverty theses held sway, a consistent yet inconclusive and contradictory theme has been that black families are pathological. This volume focuses on the economic circumstances and decision making of these families, employing interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives.

ISBN: 978-0-88738-812-5 (paper) 1990 418 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

Slipping through the Cracks

The Status of Black Women Margaret C. Simms and Julianne M. Malveaux, editors

"In a curious inversion of the truth, black women are sometimes portrayed as doubly lucky--the major beneficiaries of a double-barrelled and super-vigorous affirmative action program. In reality, of course, they continue to maintain their place at the bottom of the market. In this volume, Margaret C. Simms and Julianne M. Malveaux have assembled papers on black women's employment, health, education, training, and single parenting, and on the policies that address their situations... [T]he volume goes some distance to remedy the neglect of black women in the social science literature." --Barbara Bergmann, The Journal of Human Resources

ISBN: 978-0-88738-662-6 (paper) 1986 302 pp. $21.95/£19.95/$C26.95

Behind Ghetto walls

Black Families in a Federal Slum Lee Rainwater

This classic book is about the family lives of some 10,000 children and adults who lived in an all-black public housing project in St. Louis in the 1960s. The questions treated here have to do with the kinds of interpersonal relationships that develop in nuclear families, the socialization processes that operate in families as children grow up in a slum environment, the informal relationships of children and adolescents and adults with each other, and, finally, the world views (the existential framework) arising from the life experiences of the residents, and the ways they make use of this framework to order their experiences and make sense out of them. The book pays particular attention to how each new generation of parents expresses the cultural and social structural forces that formed it and continue to constrain its behavior.

ISBN: 978-0-202-30907-1 (paper) 2006 591 pp. $39.95/£35.95/$C47.95

Serving African American Children

Sondra Jackson and Sheryl Brissett-Chapman, editors

This volume presents an African American perspective on child welfare issues affecting African American children and challenges the child welfare community to ensure that all African American children will receive protection, nurturing, and an improved quality of life; to create and sustain mutual communication and support through program development; and to increase African American leadership through education and training opportunities in preparation for executive level positions.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0434-1 (paper) 1998 274 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95


African American Males

A Critical Link in the African American Family Dionne J. Jones, editor

The disproportionate share of African American male inmates in the U.S., the high homicidal rate, the astronomical rise and spread of the AIDS virus, and the continuing growth of drug abuse, all suggest that the African American male may be becoming an endangered species. Contributors examine the structural and environmental conditions that give rise to these negative conditions, and argue that the current situation makes for structural imbalance in American society as a whole, as well as that within African American communities as such.

ISBN: 978-1-56000-744-9 (paper) 1994 95 pp. $21.95/£19.95/$C26.95

Pathways to Manhood

Young Black Males Struggle for Identity Expanded Second Edition Janet Mancini Billson With a foreword by richard Majors and an epilogue by Bernard E. Bruce

Billson studies five young boys who grew up during the late 1960s and early 1970s. She analyzes how each coped with being a poor black male growing up in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Using data from Harvard's "Pathways to Identity" project, she shows how healthy ego striving develops in a society that throws many strikes against its members.

ISBN: 978-1-56000-871-2 (paper) 1996 367 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

Crossing Boundaries

African American Inner City and Migrant Youth Theron D. Cook, Maria Diedrich, and Flip Lindo, editors

The essays included in this volume are an outgrowth of a symposium on transcultural and national orientation called "Crossing Boundaries." The conference was inspired by the "Wigger" metaphor and was attended by African American researchers who have worked among inner city black youth, as well as European and Israeli migration scholars. Collectively they contribute to understanding how to address the myriad of challenges that youth from different cultures confront in the countries in which they live.

ISBN: 978-3-8258-7231-1 (paper) 2004 200 pp. $34.95/$C41.95*

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EDUCAtioN eduCaTIon

Wilbur h. WAtson

Black Folk Medicine

The Therapeutic Significance of Faith and Trust With a foreword by Doris y. Wilkinson

This volume provides new insight into the various conditions and structures that help to account for the development and persistence of folk medicine in societies.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0460-0 (paper) 1998 136 pp. $21.95/£19.95/$C26.95

Against the Odds

Blacks in the Profession of Medicine in the United States

"Watson's important work presents an informative overview of the role of race and class in framing the entry and achievements of African American physicians.... [This] informative book makes a significant contribution to the achievements of African Americans." --Doris Wilkinson, Director, National Project on the African American Heritage Watson describes successful efforts by determined individuals and small groups of black Americans, since the early nineteenth century, to establish a strong black presence in the medical profession. It is a unique study of the history, ethnography, and social psychology of blacks in medicine, which brings readers closer to the physicians' lived experiences than mere social or quantitative description.

ISBN: 978-1-56000-376-2 (cloth) 1998 198 pp. $34.95/£31.50/$C41.95

Stress and Old Age

By focusing on signs of post-relocation mortality, psychosocial distress, and coping behavior in two groups of inner city elderly black people, this book helps fill the information void created by the lack of research on relocation effects among the minority elderly.

ISBN: 978-0-87855-296-2 (cloth) 1980 144 pp. $34.95/£31.50/$C41.95


Catholic high Schools and Minority Students

Andrew M. Greeley With a new preface by the author

Using a complex analytic technique that includes sophisticated mathematical models, Greeley demonstrates that the preponderance of evidence on measuring the effect of Catholic secondary schools on minority students tilts in favor of the school. There appears to be an authentic Catholic school effect, attributable to religious order ownership of some schools, more regular discipline in the schools, and especially to a higher quality of teaching. Greeley confirms the continued success of Catholic schools based on recent studies, despite dissenting voices that wish to attack both private and religious educational institutions. This is an important contribution to the debate on the future of the education of young people in the United States.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0950-6 (paper) 2002 107 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

historically Black Colleges and Universities

Charles L. Betsey, editor

Spurred on by financial and accreditation issues, litigation to assure compliance with court decisions, equal higher education opportunity for all citizens, and the role of race in admissions decisions, interest in the role, accomplishments, and future of Historically Black Colleges and Universities has been renewed. The competition that HBCUs currently face in attracting and educating African-American and other students presents both challenges and opportunities. Despite the fact that numerous studies have found that HBCUs are more effective at retaining and graduating African-American students than predominately white colleges, HBCUs have serious detractors. There is reason to believe, and it is the opinion of several contributors to this book, that in the changing higher education environment HBCUs will not survive. This volume provides cuttingedge data as well as solid social analysis of this major concern in black life.

ISBN: 978-1-4128-0782-1 (paper) 2008 174 pp. $24.95/£22.50 /$C26.95

habits of Mind

Fostering Access and Excellence in Higher Education william B. Allen and Carol M. Allen

"The goal of higher education as described by Allen and Allen is based on a curriculum of study for a proficient humanity characterized by excellence in judgment.... The authors have presented a refreshing treatise on the values of education, respect for working toward a more civilized society, acknowledgement of human dignity and the need for more moral and fair treatment within our society. --Alton L. Taylor, University of Virginia

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0184-5 (cloth) 2003 249 pp. $34.95/£31.50/$C41.95

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EDUCAtioN eduCaTIon

A Century of Service

Land-Grant Colleges and Universities, 1890-1990 Ralph D. Christy and Lionel williamson, editors

Both a history and appreciation of LandGrant schools, this work provides a presentation of views on how their original mission can best be adapted to the challenges of the future. In assessing the current state of the schools and looking to the future, the authors seek ways of building upon their strengths and traditions and explore alternative institutional designs to enhance the status and opportunities for African American agricultural scientists and professionals under new circumstances.

ISBN: 978-1-56000-002-0 (cloth) 1991 124 pp. $34.95/£31.50/$C41.95

African Americans in Sport

Gary A. Sailes

Although research on African American athletes generally focuses on negative stereotypes of physical prowess, and socially controversial themes, few studies investigate the diverse and complex cultural dichotomies within the infrastructure of sport in the African American community. Sailes maintains that it is crucial to develop a more eclectic and immersed cultural approach when investigating African American involvement in competitive sports.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0440-2 (paper) 1998 271 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

The Urban School

A Factory for Failure Ray C. Rist With a new introduction by the author

"The Urban School is a timely and much needed wake-up call to an educational policy and contemporary social problem that urgently needs to be addressed across the country and in every urban school district." --The Bookwatch

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0938-4 (paper) 2002 216 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95 Visit us at to view titles from ray C. rist



Blackness and Sexualities

Antje Schuhmann and Michelle wright, editors

How queer is Black studies, how racialized is queer studies? In the West, racial fantasies are often sexualized, just as sexual fantasies often rely on notions of a racial Other. Bringing together the latest work by some of the foremost scholars in a variety of disciplines, Blackness and Sexualities offers analyzes and critiques that span three continents and looks at topics such as: the secret marketing of black female pornography to white American men; the eroticization of colonial legacies in contemporary German media; the exoticization of African women in previously unpublished photos and diaries by America's first best-selling black novelist; the ways in which film captures how drag queens can claim agency and cooperate with all kinds of sexual communities across racial lines, or fail to do so with terrible consequences.

ISBN: 978-3-8258-9693-5 (paper) 2008 184 pp. $34.95/$C41.95*

Prescription for Failure

Race Relations in the Age of Social Science Byron M. Roth

Roth examines the sources of racial conflict and why advances in civil rights for blacks have not been accompanied by greater harmony between blacks and whites. His central thesis is that America's policies on race have failed because they have been based on social science theories unsupported by sound evidence, and that policies aimed at diminishing white racism can have only a negligible effect on the massive problems of the black underclass. Prescription for Failure touches on a wide range of issues, including the role of the media in perpetuating common misunderstandings about race, the reluctance of social scientists to report on controversial findings that might be construed as insensitive or racist, and the trend on university campuses toward self-segregation among minority students.

ISBN: 978-1-56000-161-4 (cloth) 1994 392 pp. $54.95/£49.50/$C65.95 ISBN: 978-1-56000-739-5 (paper) 1994 392 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

Right Turn

William Bradford Reynolds, the Reagan Administration, and Black Civil Rights Raymond wolters

"A wide ranging, solidly researched, and judiciously written account of one of the most politically controversial and ideologically divisive issues in recent American history... Wolters provides a balanced and dispassionate account of modern civil rights policy that illuminates often bitterly contested issues. His distinctive contribution is to uncover a vast amount of factual information not previously known." --Herman Belz, University of Maryland

ISBN: 978-1-56000-257-4 (cloth) 1996 499 pp. $49.95/£44.95/$C59.95


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W.e.b. dubois

The Souls of Black Folk

Large Print Edition

This extraordinary work first published in 1903 remains one of the most influential writings of our time. DuBois declared, "the problem of the Twentieth Century is the problem of the color line" and indeed predicted the racial controversy that continues to haunt American society. This prophetic masterpiece began DuBois's lifelong crusade in his search for a solution, pleading for mutual respect and understanding as well as the use of nonviolent methods to achieve racial equality.

New in Paperback

An American Dilemma

The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy Gunnar Myrdal With a new introduction by sissela Bok

In rich, historic detail the two volumes of An American Dilemma show every major aspect of the black encounter with white America as it existed more than fifty years ago. These classics cover racial beliefs and ancestry; population and migration; the economic condition of black people in historic context; political trends and practices; the legal system and the administration of justice; patterns of social inequality and discrimination; social stratification and the black class structure; black leadership and protest movements; community life and institutions in the black world; and the "American dilemma" as such. "One of the best political commentaries on American life that has ever been written." --The American Political Science Review

Volume 1: ISBN: 978-1-56000-856-9 (paper) 1995 822 pp. $39.95/£35.95/$C47.95 Volume 2: ISBN: 978-1-56000-857-6 (paper) 1996 936 pp. $49.95/£44.95/$C59.95 2 Volume Set: ISBN: 978-1-56000-858-3 (paper) 1996 1896 pp. $79.95/£71.95/$C96.95

Black Men in Interracial Relationships

What's Love Got to Do With It? Kellina M. Craig-henderson

"There really isn't this exodus of Black men running to White women. Because we don't see a lot of Black men and Black women together as couples, it stands out in our minds when we do see Black men in interracial relationships." --Kellina M. Craig-Henderson, Ebony Magazine, 2007 Grounded in serious research, interviews, and analysis of census data, Black Men in Interracial Relationships examines why such relationships appear to be so popular among black male elites. The author unravels the mystery behind the apparent absence of black women in black men's lives. This book will interest specialists in race, gender, family, and sexual issues appropriate for courses in these areas. It is also highly readable and thoughtprovoking for the general public, who will find its observations and findings fascinating.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0309-2 (cloth) 2006 195 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95


ISBN: 978-1-56000-524-7 (cloth) 1998 330 pp. $34.95/£31.50/$C41.95 ISBN: 978-1-4128-1302-0 (paper) 2009 330 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

Dusk of Dawn

An Essay Toward an Autobiography of a Race Concept With a new introduction by irene Diggs

"DuBois describes in a mood of mounting intensity, sternly held in check, his own changing attitudes towards the restricting bars set up against the world of color. The story of DuBois' life, devoted to a program of action against these restrictions, presents an unforgettable picture of the changing life of our time." --Library Journal In her perceptive introduction to this Transaction edition, Irene Diggs sets this classic autobiography against its broad historical context and critically analyzes its theoretical and methodological significance.

ISBN: 978-0-87855-917-6 (paper) 1984 355 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

COMING FALL 2010 Black women in Interracial Relationships

Managing Diversity in the Military

Research Perspectives from the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute Mickey R. Dansby, James B. Stewart, and Schuyler C. webb, editors

Managing Diversity in the Military provides an introduction to diversity management and equal opportunity research in the United States military. In twenty-four chapters it addresses current equal opportunity and diversity issues and explores how the military is attempting to resolve them. The research presented reflects the interests of scholars from various backgrounds who use different models, approaches, and methodologies, many of which are adapted from the study of civilian institutions.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0046-6 (cloth) 2001 557 pp. $59.95/£53.95/$C72.95

The Things They Say Behind Your Back

Stereotypes and the Myths Behind Them william B. helmreich

In this groundbreaking book on the dim world of opinion formation, Helmreich opens a closet bursting with skeletons and explores the myths and historical roots of stereotypes pertaining to ethnic groups. He discusses which stereotypes are false, which are true, how they originated, and why some of the most libeled groups promote warped perceptions about themselves.

ISBN: 978-0-87855-953-4 (paper) 2004 283 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95


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eli ginzberg

The Unemployed

With an introduction by Ben B. seligman

The Unemployed, a classic study of the effect of unemployment and of the ways of relieving it upon actual, typical families of the 1930s and 1940s. It is a vivid, startling picture of the demoralizing influence and consequences of America's relief policies during the Depression years. The study comprises an incisive interpretation of the problem and a series of absorbing human-interest stories of representative families on relief.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0574-4 (paper) 2004 433 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

Troublesome Presence

Democracy and the Black Americans With Alfred s. Eichner

Ginzberg and Eichner, in an innovative interpretation of basic political conflict in the American experience, reveal how democracy evolved without making a place for African Americans. The volume emphasizes the national, rather than regional, character of racial prejudice. This book provides a tough-minded appraisal of the American past coupled with a fair-minded sense of the American present.

ISBN: 978-1-56000-695-4 (paper) 1993 358 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

The Nation's Children

Three Volumes in One

The issues raised in this tripartite study of The Family and Social Change, Development and Education, and Problems and Prospects remain central. It confirms that the problems of children and youth have not been satisfactorily resolved.

ISBN: 978-0-88738-676-3 (paper) 1987 750 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

America's Second Civil war

Dispatches from the Political Center Stanley A. Renshon

For the second time in the history of the United States another civil war looms. The new danger lies in conflicts among people of different racial, cultural, and ethnic heritages, and between those who view themselves as culturally, politically, and economically disadvantaged versus those whom they see as privileged. Unlike the first Civil War, the antagonists cannot take refuge in their family or their religious, social, cultural or political organizations. These are precisely the places were the war is being fought. At issue is whether it is possible or desirable to preserve the strengths of a common heritage. Some quarters insist that our past has resulted in a culture only worth tearing down to build over, rather than one worth keeping and building upon. We are in conflict over the viability of American culture and identity itself.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0087-9 (cloth) 2002 358 pp. $39.95/£35.95/$C47.95

Race, Class, and Power

Ideology and Revolutionary Change in Plural Societies Leo Kuper With a new introduction by troy Duster

Examining in detail the apparently inexorable polarization of society in such countries as Rwanda, Algeria, and South Africa, the author questions whether current theories correctly explain the past or offer adequate guides for the future. In their place he puts forward an alternative neo-Durkheimian view of the possibility of non-violent revolutionary change, based on the development of such social and cultural continuities as already exist within each plural society. The aim of this groundbreaking and challenging book is to create theoretical perspectives in which to view the racial conflict of plural societies. The author also describes his struggles with the then-prevailing South African society, critiques that, and reveals censorship of his attempts to make these public. In the light of subsequent changes in South Africa many decades after its original printing in the mid-1970s, this book serves not only as an important work of political sociology but as a personal testament to the fight against racism in South Africa.

ISBN: 978-0-202-30800-5 (paper) 2005 355 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

Immigration, Incorporation and Transnationalism

Elliott R. Barkan, editor

Immigration, Incorporation and Transnationalism integrates interdisciplinary perspectives and exciting new scholarship on important themes and issues related to immigration and ethnic history. It explores the attitudes and behaviors of people concerning the paths and means of incorporation, if not assimilation, that have persisted and will continue on as long as ethnic communities endure and ever newer peoples arrive in foreign lands. The essays in this work encompass broad perspectives, case studies, and recent developments. They include such topics as immigration to New York City, past and present; labor migration systems and personal trajectories of household domestics; the creation and maintenance of Cuban American "exile ideology;" the extremely contemporary topic of the Arab American experience, and more.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0386-3 (paper) 2007 360 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95 ISBN: 978-1-4128-1371-6 (eBook) 2009 360 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95


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The Diversity Machine

The Drive to Change the "White Male Workplace" Frederick R. Lynch With a new introduction by the author

"Lynch shows that the diversity machine with its underlying ideology of ethnic-gender proportionalism, cultural relativism, and identity politics-can only foment social acrimony." --Brad Stetson, First Things During the past decade, Lynch studied the rise of a social policy movement which is future-oriented and market-driven, eclipsing "old" affirmative action debates about overcoming past discrimination against blacks. Based on more than six years of field research and hundreds of interviews, Lynch tracks the development and impact of different forms of diversity policies. He profiles the major consultants who have powered the diversity machine, analyzes the benefits and drawbacks of various approaches to workplace diversity and provides numerous "you-are-there" samples of workshops, seminars, and conferences.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0731-1 (paper) 2001 416 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

The Lineaments of wrath

Race, Violent Crime, and American Culture James w. Clarke

Quoting the actual words of victims and witnesses--Clarke documents the erosion of black confidence in American criminal justice. He traces the evolution, of a black subculture of violence, in which disputes are settled personally, and without recourse to the legal system. That subculture accounts for historically high rates of black-on-black violence, which now threaten to destroy the black inner city from within.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0873-8 (paper) 2001 339 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

Rumors, Race and Riots

Terry Ann Knopf

Are race-related rumors rooted in the personality traits of the individual? Are they a kind of "improvised news" for a community? Do they come and go at random or form definite, recognizable patterns? What role do the news media play in spreading rumors? These and other questions are treated in this classic study of how and why rumors emerge in connection with racial disorders. Hundreds of pertinent rumors are documented from local newspapers and investigative accounts. An exhaustive, systematic inquiry is made into the series of disorders that occurred between 1967 and 1970. The role played by rumors during these disturbing times is examined and compared to earlier periods of unrest. Implications for public policy are explored along with a hard look at rumor-control centers. The influence of the police and other public officials as well as the news media are treated extensively since they play a big part in fostering a grapevine in the white suburbs similar to the one found in the inner cities.

ISBN: 978-1-4128-0557-5 (paper) 2006 426 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95


Project Clear

Social Research and the Desegregation of the United States Army Lee Bogart, editor

Clear was the code name for the research that led to the official desegregation of the U.S. Army at the time of the Korean War. This volume represents the two major troop opinion surveys that were the heart of the project, the first examining the performance of black troops in the Korean campaign, and the second, the problems encountered by black soldiers stationed in the continental United States. Although Project Clear dealt with a unique series of events and with a situation that existed for only a few transitional years, its findings were obvious: racial integration "worked." Recent years have witnessed renewed expression of racial tension and conflict. This study includes observations applicable to problems still unsolved and to situations yet to be encountered. Apart from such an intimation of future applicability, there is a drama to be found in the transformation of an institution as large and conservative as the army. For the social scientist, there is a particular interest in this example of how large-scale social research conducted with tremendous speed and under great pressure, can be applied effectively to influence national policy.

ISBN: 978-0-88738-424-0 (cloth) 1991 440 pp. $44.95/£40.50/$C53.95

Psychology and Race

Peter watson, editor

Psychology and Race is a collection of essays by distinguished experts in psychology as it relates to race. The first half of the book looks at the interracial situation itself. The first section concentrates on the majority or dominant group, and describes the development and measurement of racial awareness and prejudice and techniques for reducing prejudice; the second section focuses on the reactions of subordinate or minority groups; and the third deals with specific aspects of interpersonal interaction-attitudes, behavior, and performance--when the people concerned are of different races. The book also looks at those areas of life where race is relevant and where psychology can help in an understanding of the situation. The scope of this volume, the distinction of its authors, and the hardheaded sense of reality it brings to the discussion of these extremely complex issues will make it an invaluable resource not only for teachers and students but also for everyone concerned in any way with this most pressing issue of our times.

ISBN: 978-0-202-30929-3 (paper) 2007 491 pp. $34.95/£31.50/$C41.95

Equality Transformed

A Quarter Century of Affirmative Action herman Belz

"Critiques the creation and evolution of civil rights policy during the last thirty years... Belz successfully integrates the tale into a piece of sophisticated scholarship and an intelligible whole...mandatory reading." --Mary R. Mattingly, Social Science Quarterly

ISBN: 978-0-88738-393-9 (cloth) 1991 326 pp. $49.95/$44.95/£59.95 ISBN: 978-0-88738-882-8 (paper) 1991 326 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

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ECoNoMy eConomY

The Inner City

Urban Poverty and Economic Development in the Next Century Thomas D. Boston and Catherine L. Ross, editors

The Inner City includes not only the viewpoints of academicians but also those of practitioners. Five community service organizations, whose primary focus is the inner city, present perspectives on their organizations' strategies for inner city revitalization. Each brings a unique approach to problems of the inner city.

ISBN: 978-1-56000-980-1 (paper) 1997 357 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

Leading Issues in Black Political Economy

Thomas D. Boston, editor

This volume brings together foremost experts on such issues as diverse as employment, training, and education of African Americans, and emphasizes macroeconomic concerns of business development with special emphasis on long-term trends of black-owned businesses as well as welfare considerations in an anti-welfare epoch, and the role of affirmative action that is under attack. Attention is given to the role of race in the continuing disparity of income distribution in American society.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0759-5 (paper) 2001 516 pp. $34.95/£31.50/$C41.95

African Americans and PostIndustrial Labor Markets

James B. Stewart, editor

This collective portrait documents the disproportionate vulnerability of African Americans to the ongoing transformations of the U.S. economy, from industrial to service areas, as the twenty-first century begins. The chapters are connected by a common theme: black employment is highly sensitive to changes in both aggregate and local economic conditions. As a result, policy changes designed to promote macro-level economic stabilization could well have the unintended effect of further increasing job instability among blacks.

ISBN: 978-1-56000-920-7 (paper) 1997 414 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

health Policies and Black Americans

David P. willis, editor

"An absolutely stellar cast of authors... an outstanding contribution to both health care research and political agendas." --Beatrix A. Hamburg, M.D., Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, CUNY "Collectively, the knowledgeable authors have challenged what is known about the health status of black Americans and how it has been learned." --Senator Daniel K. Inouye In this comprehensive review eighteen leading researchers analyze health gains made by black Americans.

ISBN: 978-0-88738-249-9 (paper) 1988 531 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95


Beyond the Boundaries NEW

An New Structure of Ambition in African American Politics Georgia A. Persons, editor

In the past, African American aspirations for political office were assumed to be limited to areas with sizeable black population bases. By and large, black candidates have rarely been successful in statewide or national elections. This has been attributed to several factors: limited resources available to African American candidates, or identification with a black liberationist ideological thrust. For these reasons, the possibility of black candidates winning elections to national office was presumably just a dream. This volume is anchored by a symposium that focuses on new possibilities in African American politics. Both the electoral contests of 2006 and the Barack Obama presidential campaign represent an emergent dynamic in American electoral politics. Analysts are beginning to agree that the contours of social change now make the electoral successes of black candidates who are perceived as ideologically and culturally mainstream increasingly likely. The debate captured in this volume will likely inspire further scholarly inquiry into the changing nature and dimensions of the larger dynamic of race in American politics and the subsequent changing political fortunes of African American candidates.

ISBN: 978-1-4128-1048-7 (paper) 2009 284 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

The Economics of Race and Crime

Samuel L. Myers, Jr. and Margaret C. Simms, editors

This volume resurrects several classic writings on the relationship between crime and economy. Newer articles use quality microdata to understand particular aspects of criminal justice processes, addressing the relationships between employment and criminal behavior, tradeoffs among education, employment, and crime, and the link between overall economic conditions and rates of incarceration.

ISBN: 978-0-88738-755-5 (paper) 1988 220 pp. $21.95/£19.95/$C26.95

The housing Status of Black Americans

wilhelmina A. Leigh and James B. Stewart

"A welcome addition to the literature...would be very useful for upper level undergraduate classes in urban studies or black studies." --Joe T. Darden, Urban Studies "These authors have well summarized the history of civil rights legislation and federal housing subsidy programs." --W. Paul Strassman, Journal of Economic Issues

ISBN: 978-1-56000-579-7 (paper) 1991 250 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

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eConomY eConomY

white Ethics and Black Power NEW African-American Social and Political Thought, 1850­1920

howard Brotz, editor With a new introduction by the editor and foreword by B. William Austin

Bringing together the most characteristic and serious writings by black scholars, authors, journalists, and educators from the years that preceded the modern civil rights movement, this is a comprehensive guide to the range and diversity of black thought. The writings reveal a tension and a thread between two essential poles of thought: those who see civil assimilation as the goal of black aspiration, and nationalist or separatist voices that despaired of ever having a dignified future in a biracial society.

ISBN: 978-1-56000-563-6 (paper) 1991 641 pp. $39.95/£35.95/$C47.95 ISBN: 978-1-4128-0885-9 (eBook) 2009 641 pp. $39.95/£35.95/$C47.95

The Impact of Immigration on African Americans

Steven Shulman, editor

Immigration has significant consequences for all Americans, but especially for African Americans. The sheer magnitude of immigration--it is the primary factor driving population growth--is so large that it directly or indirectly affects the economic, political, social, and environmental circumstances of most Americans. But the geographic concentration of immigrants in urban areas, and the economic concentration of immigrants in the low-wage sector of the labor market, have special consequences for African Americans since they are especially likely to live in urban areas and to be low-wage workers. This volume presents research and analysis that reflects and advances the debates about the economic and political consequences of immigration for African Americans.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0582-9 (paper) 2004 170 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

The Emergence of the West Side Organization william w. Ellis

White Ethics and Black Power examines the careers and philosophies of the leadership of a community organization, illuminating the complex relationship between white America and the new black power movements, between America and its interpretation of itself on the one hand, and the experience of black and oppressed peoples in America on the other. Redefining social science as a means--through education and research--of improving the quality of American life, William W. Ellis derides non-participatory social science as a hoax and asks the social scientist to make clear his moral commitment: to the people he studies or to the establishment that funds him.

ISBN: 978-0-202-36289-2 (paper) 2009 205 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95


Black Entrepreneurship in America

Shelly Green and Paul Pryde

"The uniqueness of the book is that the entrepreneur is seen not just as an agent for capital accumulation, but also as the prime mover for social reconstruction." --Thomas D. Boston, The Southern Economic Journal "Provocative reading for those who are seeking ways of using the private sector to ameliorate conditions of poverty and hopelessness." --Carl Lieberman, Perspectives on Political Science "...very useful as a reference and as a text in minority business enterprise. Should generate some sharp exchanges in the classroom." --Scott Cummings, Contemporary Sociology

ISBN: 978-1-56000-885-9 (paper) 1989 194 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

The State of the Black Economy

Issues in Community Revitalization Lloyd hogan, editor

This collection includes major contributions from the Ninth Annual Symposium on the State of the Black Economy, cosponsored by the Chicago Economic Development Corporation and the National Economic Association. The theme for the 1979 symposium was "Community Revitalization: Implementation." In 1978 practically every gathering, convention, and meeting revolved around the urban crisis and the president's urban policy. This collection reflects the continued concern within the black community with the quality of life for black people.

ISBN: 978-0-87855-816-2 (paper) 1980 128 pp. $39.95/£35.95/$C47.95

Blacks in Rural America

James B. Stewart and Joyce E. Allen-Smith, editors

This volume is unique in its focus on the current economic status of black Americans in rural areas. This topic has had relatively limited visibility in recent years due, in part, to the high degree of urbanization among blacks. In her introduction, Smith summarizes the problems facing rural black Americans, discussing various policy instruments available to improve their economic status.

ISBN: 978-1-56000-821-7 (paper) 1995 200 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

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EUroPEAN stUDiEs oF afRICan ameRICans euRopean sTudIes of AFriCAN AMEriCANs

Complexions of Race

The African Atlantic Fritz Gysin and Cynthia S. hamilton, editors

The geography of racial identity, race, place, and mapping, the way racial identities are constructed, reconstructed, or enforced through performance, and the way literary forms, generic constructions, linguistic strategies, and critical practices construct, reconstruct, or reposition identities assigned or claimed on the basis of race are discussed in this volume.

ISBN: 978-3-8258-9030-8 (paper) 2007 264 pp. $39.95/$C47.95*

Also Available Volume 12

Intercultural Mediations

Hybridity and Mimesis in American Literatures Ana M. Manzanas and Jesus Bénito, editors

Volume 6

Black Liberation in the Americas


Fritz Gysin and Christopher Mulvey, editors

ISBN: 978-3-8258-5137-8 (paper) 2001 200 pp. $24.95/$C29.95*

ISBN: 978-3-8258-6738-6 (paper) 2004 224 pp. $34.95/$C41.95*

Volume 11

Volume 5

Cross Routes

The Meanings of "Race" for the 21st Century Paola Boi and Sabine Broeck, editors

ISBN: 978-3-8258-6651-8 (paper) 2003 280 pp. $29.95/$C35.95*

Critical Perspectives on the Struggle for Racial Equality in the United States Patrick B. Miller, Therese Steffen Frey, and Elisabeth Schäfer-wünsche, editors

ISBN: 978-3-8258-4486-8 (paper) 2002 224 pp. $24.95/$C29.95*

The Civil Rights Movement Revisited

Volume 10

Critical Voicings of Black Liberation

Volume 13

Monuments of the Black Atlantic

Slavery and Memory Joanne M. Braxton and Maria I. Diedrich, editors

Along with Aldon Nielson, the editors of this volume agree: "the middle passage may be the great repressed signifier of American historical consciousness." The essays in this collection demonstrate the repressed memory of lives crossing within the academy, oral traditions, and the stone walls of slave fortresses as well as the liturgy and spiritual and religious practices throughout the African slaves living in the Diaspora. Descendants of African slaves living in the Diaspora are bearers of an "unforgetful strength" that manifests itself in every aspect of culture. Black writers, artists, and musicians in the New World have tested the limits of cultural memory, finding in it the inspiration to "speak the unspeakable."

ISBN: 978-3-8258-7230-4 (paper) 2005 168 pp. $29.95/$C35.95*

Resistance and Representations in the Americas Kimberley L. Phillips, hermine D. Pinson, Thomas Lorenzo, and hanna wallinger, editors

ISBN: 978-3-8258-6739-3 (paper) 2003 192 pp. $24.95/$C29.95*

Volume 4 EmBODYing Liberation

The Black Body in American Dance Dorothea Fischer-hornung and Alison D. Goeller, editors

ISBN: 978-3-8258-4473-8 (paper) 2002 152 pp. $21.95/$C26.95*

Volume 3 Volume 9

Paradise Reconsidered

Passing Novels in the harlem Renaissance

Identity Politics and Textual Strategies Mar Gallego

ISBN: 978-3-8258-5842-1 (paper) 2003 224 pp. $22.95/$C27.95*

Tony Morrison's (Hi) Stories and Truths Justine Tally

ISBN: 978-3-8258-4204-8 (paper) 1999 108 pp. $19.95/$C23.95*

Volume 2 Volume 8

Restoring the Connection to the Natural world

Essays on the African American Environmental Imagination Sylvia Mayer

Liberating Narratives

Black Female Voices in African American Women Writers' Novels of Slavery Stefanie Sievers

ISBN: 978-3-8258-3919-2 (paper) 1999 240 pp. $29.95/$C35.95*

ISBN: 978-3-8258-6732-4 (paper) 2003 208 pp. $27.95/$C33.95*

Volume 1 Volume 7

The Story of Jazz

Mapping African America

Toni Morrison's Dialogic Imagination Justine Tally

ISBN: 978-3-8258-5364-8 (paper) 2002 168 pp. $22.95/$C27.95*

History, Narrative Formation, and the Production of Knowledge Maria Diedrich, Carl Pedersen, and Justine Tally, editors

ISBN: 978-3-8258-3328-2 (paper) 1999 252 pp. $32.95/$C39.95*

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NAtioNAL PoLitiCAL sCiENCE naTIonal polITICal sCIenCe

Free at Last?

Black America in the Twenty-First Century Juan Battle, Michael Bennett, and Anthony J. Lemelle, editors

In this anthology, the authors address a wide range of topics: race, gender, class, sexual orientation, globalism, migration, health, politics, culture, and urban issues--from a diversity of disciplinary perspectives. Paul Attewell, David Lavin, Thurston Domina, and Tania Levey examine the black middle class at the turn of the millennium. Todd C. Shaw considers how race shapes patriotism in the wake of the September 11 attacks. Robert A. Brown focuses on the growing chasm between blacks and whites with regard to views of government's obligation to address citizens' basic needs. H. Alexander Welcome details instances where white scholars have improperly analyzed black experiences. Antonio Pastrana revisits Du Bois's theories about the problems facing blacks. Joy James shows that the United States possesses the means and wealth to record and preserve (or censor) its slave/penal discourse as part of its vast warehouse of (neo) slave narratives.

ISBN: 978-1-4128-0582-7 (paper) 2006 304 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95


Politics and African-American Ghettos

Ronald L. warren, editor

The black ghetto is a byproduct of American social policy. It came into being within policies that were adopted--deliberately or inadvertently--and will persist, in the absence of drastic changes in policy. Politics and African-American Ghettos searches out the policy-making processes that have created the ghetto and that maintain it. Roland L. Warren has assembled, in this volume, the work of researchers who examine complex forces and counter forces which result in perpetuating in our cities areas in which poverty, poor housing, inadequate education, and involuntary segregation converge to form a black ghetto. This provocative work raises disturbing questions having to do with the processes through which American ghettos are created and sustained, processes that must be altered if problems inherent in the black ghetto are to be attacked effectively. For concerned students, scholars, and laymen, it affords new insights into the phenomenon of the contemporary African-American network and its perplexing durability.

ISBN: 978-0-202-36212-0 (paper) 2008 244 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

Race, Class, and Political Symbols

Rastafari and Reggae in Jamaican Politics Anita M. waters

In Race, Class and Political Symbols, the author explores the role that ideas and beliefs, especially those that coincide with ethnic group membership, play in shaping social and political action. Waters explores the question of why politicians in Jamaica chose to use Rastafarian symbols and reggae music in electoral campaigns.

ISBN: 978-0-88738-632-9 (paper) 1985 352 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

Also Featured on page 14 of this catalogue African-American Social and Political Thought

1850-1920 howard Brotz, editor

ISBN: 978-1-56000-563-6 (paper) 1991 641 pp. $39.95/£35.95/$C47.95 ISBN: 978-1-4128-0885-9 (eBook) 2009 641 pp. $39.95/£35.95/$C47.95

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Business & Economics Humanities & Social Science World & Cultural Affairs Political Science & Policy

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NAtioNAL PoLitiCAL sCiENCE naTIonal polITICal sCIenCe

georgiA A. Persons

Political Science Series Editor

Volume 11 Volume 10 Volume 9

The Expanding Boundaries of Black Politics

Part I of this volume presents the scholarship of a cadre of young black political scientists, all junior, untenured faculty in the critical maturation stages of finding their scholarly voices while actively engaged in the critical tasks of moving forward the study of black politics and black political concerns. Part II is entitled "Maximizing the Black Vote: Recognizing the Limits of Electoral Politics" concentrating on serious lingering social concerns.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0375-7 (paper) 2007 420 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95 ISBN: 978-1-4128-0907-8 (eBook) 2009 420 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

Contemporary Patterns of Politics, Praxis, and Culture

This volume reflects major research focuses across religion, race, gender, culture, and of course, politics. Themes that engage a community of scholars also engage them in praxis as individual citizens and practitioners in a democratic society, and collectively as member-participants in a changing culture. Two themes, religion and culture are relatively new areas of intellectual curiosity for political scientists. Articles in this volume extend the beachheads already established by African-American political scientists in studies that gauge the significance and influence of religion in both individual and group behavior. They chart religion's inevitable move onto the center stage of U.S. public affairs.

ISBN: 978-1-4128-0468-4 (paper) 2005 223 pp. $29.95/£26.95 /$C35.95

Race and Democracy in the Americas

Race and Democracy in the Americas examines dimensions of the comparative dynamics of race and ethnicity, with a directed focus on Brazil and the United States. The chapters illuminate a common search for understanding how race operates in societies generally, and how it shapes life opportunities for African Americans and Afro-Brazilians, both oppressed by this most detrimental social construction. This volume also represents an all too rare opportunity to give voice and expression to the work of Afro-Brazilian scholars.

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0992-6 (paper) 2003 260 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95


Also Available Volume 8 Volume 4 Volume 2

The Politics of the "Black" Nation

ISBN: 978-0-7658-0859-2 (paper) 2001 298 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

Challenge to Racial Stratification

ISBN: 978-1-56000-676-3 (paper) 1994 347 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

Black Electoral Politics

ISBN: 978-0-88738-821-7 (paper) 1990 283 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

Volume 1

Volume 7

Race and Ethnicity in Comparative Perspective

ISBN: 0-7658-0435-2 (paper) 1998 313 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

Volume 3

Ethnic Politics and Civil Liberties

ISBN: 978-1-56000-564-3 (paper) 1992 224 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

New Perspectives in American Politics

ISBN: 978-0-88738-280-2 (paper) 1989 300 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

Volume 6

Race and Representation

ISBN: 978-1-56000-959-7 (paper) 1997 332 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

Also Featured on page 13 of this catalogue Beyond the Boundaries NEW

An New Structure of Ambition in African American Politics Georgia A. Persons, editor

ISBN: 978-1-4128-1048-7 (paper) 2009 284 pp. $29.95/£26.95/$C35.95

Volume 5

The Changing Racial Regime

ISBN: 978-1-56000-814-9 (paper) 1995 332 pp. $24.95/£22.50/$C29.95

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iNDEX Index

Abrahams, Roger D. 6 Adoption, Race, and Identity 6 African-American Social and Political Thought 14, 16 African American Males 7 African Americans and Post-Industrial Labor Markets 13 African Americans in Sport 9 African Presence in Early America 2 African Presence in Early Asia 2 African Presence in Early Europe 2 Afrocentric Traditions 1 Against the Odds 8 Allen, Carol M. 8 Allen, William B. 8 Allen-Smith, Joyce E. 14 Altstein, Howard 6 America's Second Civil war 11 America and the world 1 An American Dilemma 10 Andrew Durnford 4 Art, Education, and African-American Culture 5 Barkan, Elliott R. 11 Battle, Juan 16 Behind Ghetto walls 7 Belz, Herman 12 Bénito, Jesus 15 Bennett, Michael 16 Besharov, Douglas 6 Betsey, Charles L. 8 Beyond the Boundaries 13, 17 Billson, Janet Mancini 7 Bitter Canaan 3 Black Electoral Politics 17 Black Entrepreneurship in America 14 Black Families 7 Black Folk Medicine 8 Black Liberation in the Americas 15 Black Men in Interracial Relationships 10 Blackness and Sexualities Blacks in Rural America Blacks in Science Black women in Antiquity Bogart, Lee Boi, Paola Boston, Thomas D. Braxton, Joanne M. Brissett-Chapman, Sheryl Broeck, Sabine Brotz, Howard Caribbean Transformations Catholic high Schools and Minority Students Century of Service, A Challenge to Racial Stratification Changing Racial Regime, The Cheatham, Harold E. Chesnutt, Charles W. Christy, Ralph D. Civil Rights Movement Revisited, The Clarke, James W. Clements, Kevin P. Complexions of Race Conrad, Alfred H. Contemporary Patterns of Politics, Praxis, and Culture Conyers, Jr., James L. Cook, Theron D. Craig-Henderson, Kellina M. Critical Voicings of Black Liberation Crossing Boundaries Cross Routes Dansby, Mickey R. Deep Down in the Jungle DeMott, Benj Diedrich, Maria Diversity Machine, The Douglass, Frederick DuBois, W.E.B. Dusk of Dawn Early America Revisited 9 14 2 2 12 15 13 15 7 15 14, 16 6 8 9 17 17 7 4 9 15 12 1 15 3 17 1 7 10 15 7 15 10 6 5 7, 15 12 4 10 10 2 Economics of Race and Crime, The Economics of Slavery, The Egypt: Child of Africa Egypt Revisited Eichner, Alfred S. Ellis, William W. EmBODYing Liberation Equality Transformed Ethnic Politics and Civil Liberties Expanding Boundaries of Black Politics, The Family and Child well-Being after welfare Reform Filler, Louis First of the Year: 2008 First of the Year: 2009 Fischer-Hornung, Dorothea Frechette, Richard Free at Last? Frey, Therese Steffen Friedman, Saul S. Gallego, Mar Ginzberg, Eli Goeller, Alison D. Gold, Herbert Golden Age of the Moor, The Gone from the Promised Land Great African Thinkers Great Black Leaders Greeley, Andrew M. Green, Shelly Gruesser, John Cullen Gysin, Fritz habits of Mind haiti haiti: Best Nightmare on Earth Hall, John R. Hamilton, Cynthia S. Harris, Othello health Policies and Black Americans Helmreich, William B. 13 3 2 2 11 14 15 12 17 17 6 4 5 5 15 5 16 15 4 15 11 15 5 2 1 2 2 8 14 5 15 8 5 5 1 15 6 13 10


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iNDEX Index

historically Black Colleges and Universities Hogan, Lloyd house Behind the Cedars, The housing Status of Black Americans, The Immigration, Incorporatioin and Transnationalism Impact of Immigration on African-Americans, The Impacts of Incarceration on the African American Family Inner City, The Intercultural Mediations Jackson, Sondra Jews and the American Slave Trade Johnson, Charles S. Jones, Dionne J. Knopf, Terry Ann Kuper, Leo Law, Culture, and Africana Studies Leading Issues in Black Political Economy Leigh, Wilhelmina A. Lemelle, Anthony J. Liberating Narratives Lindo, Flip Lineaments of wrath, The Loopholes and Retreats Lorenzo, Thomas Lynch, Frederick R. Malveaux, Julianne M. Managing Diversity in the Military Man Farthest Down, The Manzanas, Ana M. Mapping African America Marrow of Tradition, The Mayer, Sylvia Meyer, John R. Meyers, Mary Ann Miller, Patrick B. Miller, R. Robin 8 14 4 13 11 14 6 13 15 7 4 3 7 12 11 1 13 13 16 15 7 12 5 15 12 7 10 3 15 15 4 6, 15 3 5 15 6 6 Mintz, Sidney W. Monuments of the Black Atlantic 15 Mulvey, Christopher 15 Myers, Jr. Samuel L. 13 Myrdal, Gunnar 10 Narrative of the Life of an American Slave 4 Nation's Children, The 11 New Perspectives in American Politics 17 Old Memories, New Moods 1 Paradise Reconsidered 15 Passing Novels in the harlem Renaissance 15 Pathways to Manhood 7 Pedersen, Carl 15 Persons, Georgia A. 13, 17 Phillips, Kimberley L. 15 Pinson, Hermine D. 15 Politics and African-American Ghettos 16 Politics of the "Black" Nation, The 17 Prescription for Failure 9 Project Clear 12 Pryde, Paul 14 Psychology and Race 12 Race, Class, and Political Symbols 16 Race, Class, and Power 11 Race and Democracy in the Americas 17 Race and Ethnicity in Comparative Perspective 17 Race and Representation 17 Racial Structure and Radicial Politics in the African Diaspora 1 Rainwater, Lee 7 Renshon, Stanley A. 11 Restoring the Connection to the Natural world 6, 15 Right Turn 9 Rist, Ray C. 9 Rose, Peter I. 1, 3 Ross, Catherine L. 13 Roth, Byron M. 9 Rumors, Race and Riots 12 Sailes, Gary A. 9 Schäfer-Wünsche, Elisabeth 15 Schuhmann, Antje 9 Serving African American Children 7 Shadow of the Plantation 3 Shulman, Steven 14 Sievers, Stefanie 15 Simms, Margaret C. 7, 13 Simon, Rita J. 6 Slavery and Its Aftermath 3 Slavery in the United States 4 Slipping through the Cracks 7 10 Souls of Black Folk, The State of the Black Economy, The 14 Stewart, James B. 7, 10, 13, 14 Story of Jazz, The 15 Stress and Old Age 8 Tally, Justine 15 Tehranian, Majid 1 Things They Say Behind Your Back, The 10 Troublesome Presence 11 Unemployed, The 11 Up from Slavery 3 Urban School, The 9 Van Sertima, Ivan 2 Wallinger, Hanna 5, 15 Warren, Ronald L. 16 Washington, Booker T. 3 Waters, Anita M. 16 Watson, Peter 12 Watson, Wilbur H. 8 Webb, Schuyler C. 10 white Ethics and Black Power 14 Whitten, David O. 4 Williamson, Lionel 9 Willis, David P. 13 Wolters, Raymond 9 Wright, Michelle 9


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African American Studies


24 pages

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