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Complete Dispersal TWO DAYS at the Farm Lacombe, Alberta Friday, NOVEMBER 5 Head on Offer & Saturday, NOVEMBER 6




11:00 a.m. · Friday · Nov. 5th, 2010 397 RED SIMMENTAL & RED ANGUS




11:00 a.m. · Saturday · Nov. 6th, 2010 303 BLACK SIMMENTAL & BLACK ANGUS

107 46 47 3 47





24 8 12 9




Buyers unable to attend the sale may call or send their bids to the owners Cam, Garth or Debbie, or any of the Sales Management and staff. If you would like to discuss the sale offering call us before the sale and describe your needs and budget and we will help select the genetics for you. We can bid on the animal for you and pay only the bid price established by the auction. Cam, Garth and Debbie know these cattle very well and would welcome the opportunity to provide any additional information or field any questions.

Cam 403-505-7810 Garth 403-304-0896 Deb 403-505-7796

Simmental Auctioneer Don Oberg

Ringmen: Dennis Ericson Robert Lind Ben Wright Mark Stock 403 357-8104


Angus Auctioneer Brent Carey

Sales Consultants Transcon Livestock DJH Henderson & Assoc.

Simmental Country

email: [email protected] [email protected]

Sale location: At the Farm - Lacombe, AB (See Map below)


Wolf Creek Golf Resort

(See Page 2/3 for Contact Info)

Darryl Snider - 403 803-6532


General Information

1 mile RR 260

2 1/4 miles

Morningside Exit #439

4 miles

D Bar C Circle G Cutler Herefords 1 3/4 miles Headquarters RR 26-0

4 miles

3 miles

Lacombe Exit #431 Hwy 2A South



4 miles

Milton Road

Date & Time: Sale will be held on Friday, Nov. 5 and Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010 at 11:00 am MST both days. Location: The sale will take place at the Cutler/Sissons Farm headquarters. Terms & Conditions: The terms of the sale are cash. Other arrangements can be made with the owners prior to the sale. Settlement should be made immediately following the Auction. Please be sure to provide the clerks with transfer instructions and shipping information. Insurance: Will be available sale day. Animals become the property of the buyer as soon as sold and the buyer assumes all risk of death or injury following the sale. Heather Barr (CFI Insurance) 780 853-7067 will be at the sale. Liability: Everyone attending the sale does so at their own risk.

Guarantee: As this is a dispersal sale, every animal is offered "AS THEY ARE" on sale day, with no further guarantee expressed or implied. Every precaution will be made to announce known blemishes from the auction stand. Pregnancy test information will be provided at sale time. Delivery: D Bar C Cattle Co. and Circle G Simmental/Angus will assist you in arranging delivery. Wintering Option: See Bull Development Wintering Option Page 3, payment must be made sale day. Transcon Livestock Corp. is agent only - it is to be clearly understood that Transcon Livestock Corp. is only acting as a medium between buyer and seller and is not in any way responsible for any failure on the part of either party to live up to his obligations.



his large, very high quality dispersal highlights families who themselves carry pedigrees of multi-generational people that have been astute breeders of papered cattle. Knowing this, makes it no surprise that they have been educated to the merits of cow family power as will be evident by the layout of the sale catalog. Quality cow families excel when mated to strong herdbull line-ups and most evidently when the herdbulls physically live on site. To carry on and tie the two theories together, on numerous occasions Garth and Debbie have told me their late father always told them to buy good herdsires who themselves were out of excellent cows with proven cow families behind them. These breeding philosophies have always been used here combined with the level headed marketing lessons that Cam incorporated from the tutelage he received from his parents, Stan & Gail Sissons. The results truly show! Not only have these strengths melded into success selling commercial bulls to a long list of repeat commercial buyers but an impressive column of registered Simmental breeders have accessed new herdsires here: 4L, Action, Arden, Berwest, Brockhoff, Cheray, Circle 7, X Bar Ranching, Daewest, Deeg, Donhaz, Double Bar D, Double G, Green Hill, Flatrock Valley, Kopp, LaBatte, LC Ranch, Lazy Diamond A, McMillen, MI, Mitchell, Nickel, Oberle, Oh Kay, Perkins/ Conray, Progresssive, Rainalta, Rolling JN, Soderglen, Southpaw, Speargrass, Stulberg, Swan Lake, Twin Chief, Tymarc, W2, X Bar T & Yellow Rose. I did this out of memory so I'll just apologize right now to anyone I missed. The most obvious buying advantage to the public in an event of this magnitude has to be the necessity for functionality. Everybody "talks" it, but when there are simply this many, there is no time for mediocrity in udder quality and for sure there is zero tolerance for poor hoof shape. You will be impressed at sale time, as all the females who have a calf in the sale, will still be "wet". Years of sorting for foot and udder quality is bred into this herd. You don't need to study the udders and feet, but heck, I think the Sissons and Cutlers would like you to scrutinize the herd, I know they are proud of them for more reasons than just feet and udders. The segment that most reflects the breeding philosophies and quality of this herd has to be the bang-up group of 1st calvers that number close to 100 in the sale! I single out this group, not to deter from any elder or younger segment but because of the impressive, impressive, impressive udders found in so many sister groups sired by Driftwood, Expressway, Total Solution, Red Dream, Red Tank & Optimal Vision. They are in fact the "crystal ball" we can use to envision the `09 & `10 born females and the heifer calves the bred females are carrying as young mother cows. Within the last two current calf crops is where we see the influence of the heavy, heavy muscled progeny of Major League, who unfortunately was lost to an injury. Many of the most popular red bulls at the 2010 bull sale were his sons including D Bar C Whoop-Up who sold to the Adair family's Lazy Diamond A operation. Because of the different breeding seasons at D Bar C and Lazy Diamond A, the opportunity presented itself to share ownership of Whoop-Up, giving that Major League influence through Whoop-Up as a service sire in this finale. The Cruzer son, 17N, that was purchased back from a good customer, has sired many of the better Black Simmi calves. 17N's exclusive service also sells. You also see the quality Cruzer influence in some of the top mature Red & Black Simmi cows. Two individuals who fully deserve a paragraph are Survivor and Driftwood. Survivor, the red powerhouse who has many daughters in the mature category of the herd, left some incredibly stout sons in his days of physically walking the pastures. "The breath of fresh air" new blood to the Red Simmental business with his well above average muscle and performance still completes him as one of the all time breed leading "Red" greats. Now Driftwood. Maybe, no definitely, in his prime, as I've publicly stated before, is the most impressive Black Simmi herdbull I've ever seen. He does sell on Saturday, November 6 with a bank of in herd semen. Now Father Time has started to catch up to this incredible legend and he is limited to breeding a smaller group, but with a little common sense he will be around for a few more breeding seasons. Let's pull back to another positive side of purchasing Driftwood - the power of semen revenue! Most people sell semen on their herdsire to, at best, break even. He is probably the black bull, physically and by uniqueness of pedigree, that the breed is looking for. I am confident in my thinking that a semen market would be beyond Canadian borders on a big scale basis with much profit potential. Don't overlook his good red carrier son, Traction, as a tactical maneuver, combined with his sire, or alone as your next walking herdbull to get the Driftwood influence in the color red. We have only begun to see the merits of attaining an outcross pedigree in the Simmental business. This element alone will set you apart to potential customers from those who maintain a more common genetic approach. The D Bar C/Circle

Sales Management


G herd has achieved an outcross categorization to the standard North American product. I really believe that not only are there advantages in a Canadian market to being the outcross breeder but the possibility of continent-wide customers is a reality. The Red Angus herd has also not taken "the road most travelled". A thicker, beefier, more "Continental-style" beast was always the template used in the creation of the AR bulls for the commercial sector. The herdsires Rockefeller and Sockeye hold their own physically when sparring in the bull field with their Simmi counterparts. Red Dimler Indeed was the one who really kick started the success of the AR program, combined with the base cow families of Copper Ladys and Baneberrys to name several. Without a doubt, the most improved segment to the D Bar C/Circle G Bull Sale, quality and dollars realized, is the Black Angus division. A better than ever group of AN bulls were offered in 2010 and brought more money than they ever have historically. I might as well say it as you will see it, when there are these kind of numbers to manage, somebody has to get that dreaded piece of poor pasture and yes the Black Angus cows were the right numbers to get that "draw". They will be a little less conditioned than the rest of the cowherd but I mention this for the discerning buyer who wants to stretch his dollars a little further for what he receives. If this sounds like you, mark these proven bull-makers as opportunities to not be missed. You will notice the influence of the late Mr. Tom Hamilton's herd in the AN cow families. In my younger "fitting" days I had the opportunity to clip a few for Mr. Hamilton, still one of the nicest gentlemen I ever knew. As was the norm for all the recent bull sales, the entire offering will be sold on the screen, although not mobile video but through a power-point image. The Sissons' and Cutlers' beautiful sale barn will be the host facility just a few miles Northeast of the beautiful Central Alberta city of Lacombe. None of them will have had a shampoo, a haircut or a manicure. So in other words, seen the way we would all like to view them. Deciding on who sells each day in this 2 day event has to be credited mostly to Debbie. Friday, November 5, or "Red Day" will see all the Red Simmi and Red Angus sell less any red heifer calves born out of black cows who will sell with their mothers on "Black Day" or day 2, Saturday, November 6. Red bull calves born out of black cows will sell the day before their mothers on Friday. Black heifer calves out of red cows will sell the 1st day. There aren't many mixed color pairs but please be aware of the few if you happen to be interested in them. Generally, reds sell Friday, blacks sell Saturday. I will finish with one of the most important facts about this herd. The bull business has been the livelihood and nearly the complete focus of the recipe behind the derivement of this cowherd. This is an event for any producer who wants to stock the future bullpen and/or anyone who wants to advance themselves in the bull business by purchasing cows of this caliber in volume. Take all this very seriously. Opportunities truly await! I have been through the herd twice this summer, not to mention the years of working their successful bull sales and would like to assist you with any insight I could possibly relay to you for your purchasing decisions. I will be on site for the better part of the week leading up to the sale and will be available on my cell phone as always. Bob, Glenn and Shane will be arriving mid-week and of course are more than willing, and capable, to field your inquiries and/or handle your absentee bidding needs when necessary. For my friends, the Sissons and Cutler families,

TRAnSCOn Livestock Corp.

Jay Good, Transcon Livestock Corp.

Jay Good 403 556-5563

Bob Wilson 403 540-3084

Glenn Norton 780 542-0634

Shane Michelson 403 363-9973


email: [email protected]

Douglas J Henderson & Associates Ltd.

The decision to disperse has been made and the opportunities this presents for seedstock breeders are immense. The Cutler and Sissons families have been livestock people for generations; their ability to select and breed quality livestock is top drawer, as this great group of Angus and Simmental, both Red and Black, attests to. The cattle offered are functional, productive, correct, attractive, sound breeding stock. If I can be of assistance in anyway, whether helping select or order buying, I am very happy to help represent this herd which is definitely in its prime. Yours truly, Doug Henderson

About the Sale . . . . .

As in previous years the cattle will not be physically walking through the sale ring. All lots will be viewed on the big screen in our sale barn. We've pioneered the video sale concept in Canada and have hosted seven sales using this format which is now being used by many other breeders. The sheer numbers in this sale dictate that it will be a powerpoint presentation meaning there will be a still picture of every lot sellling. As always the Entire offering will be penned just outside the sale barn. This format allows us to have a quick snappy sale. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call. Herd Health: All cattle will be sold in compliance with the health laws of the Province of Alberta. The health of our herd is excellent. Sale cattle have been vaccinated with Express 5PH with Somnugen along with an 8-way booster and treated with Ivomec. Pregnancy Test Results and weights on the 2010 calves will be available prior to the sale.

Doug & Linda Henderson Cell 403 350-8541 Ph: 403 782-3888

AccomodAtions: Greenway Inn - Highway 2A, Lacombe - 403-782-7878 Country Club Inn - Lacombe, AB - 403-782-7878 Super 8 Motel - Ponoka, AB - 403-704-1177 Ponoka Stampeder Inn - Ponoka, AB - 403-783-5535

Bull Development Wintering Option:

Bull development will be offered on the bull calves for a flat fee of $450. They will be fed a growing ration and kept until April 1 at the Buyer's risk. Payment for this service must be made on sale day. Additional costs incurred (sickness or feeding past April 1) are the Buyer's responsibility.

View EPDs on the CSA & CAA websites

Catalogue Color Code Legend

Lot #


Lot #


D Bar C 1X - Red Animal

D Bar C 1X - Black Animal

Get your HERDBULL Shopping Done Early and GET MORE Bang for your BUCK - A Great Set of Bull Calves Sell!

193X - Lot 90A

262X - Lot 213

105X - Lot 159A

99X - Lot 112A

114X - Lot 229

157X - Lot 168

All cattle are pictured on our website.

Catalogue by: Kathy Matejka - The Big Picture of Design Inc. - email: [email protected]

For any additional information: Debbie & Cam Sissons 403 782-5337 email: [email protected]


Garth Cutler 403 782-2104 email: [email protected]

Lunch will be available throughout the day on both sale days.


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