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Huravee Building, Ameer Ahmed Magu, Malé (20114), Republic of Maldives


The government of Maldives seeks a party or parties to establish a comprehensive public transport system throughout the islands of Maldives. This transport network should connect all the inhabited islands. The archipelago has been divided into 7 regions; each region covers 20 to 50 interchange/terminal nodes. Type of vessels, numbers, sizes, frequency and fare will be issues of concern to the government. The investor may be allowed to invest in one or more regions. The government intends to attract investors to establish and run this public transportation network, through allowing the investor to enter into the booming tourist industry of the country. The successful party to establish and run the transport network will be awarded beachfront real estate for commercial uses such as guest houses, motels or industrial developments. The government indents to reduce levies in order to allow investors to establish and operate a viable transport network. Interested parties may seek information from: Email: [email protected]

27 November 2008

Telephone No. (960) 334 3433 Facsimile No. (960) 334 3434 E-mail: [email protected] Website: Telegrams: "MINTRANS" MALDIVES


Microsoft Word - letter head with footer

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