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"Si Cucina Al Minuto" ... "Si Cucina Al Minuto" ... "Si Cucina Al Minuto" ... "Si Cucina Al Minuto"

Antipasti & Insalati

Appetizers and Salads



BRUSCETTA Grilled bread with roma tomatoes, fresh basil, red onion & olive oil 8.95 CALAMARI AL BASILICO Sautéed with roma tomatoes, fresh basil & chunky tomato sauce 9.95 FRESH MUSSELS In wine & garlic 9.95 MOZZARELLA CAPRESE Fresh mozzarella with roma tomatoes, fresh basil & EV olive oil 10.95 PROSCIUTTO MELON Fresh slices of cantaloupe wrapped in a Prosciutto di Parma 9.95 PORTOBELLO AL BALSAMICO Sauteed & sliced portobello mushroom with fresh garlic,

roasted red peppers in a balsamic vinegar sauce


8.95 9.95 with grilled chicken 11.95

with grilled salmon 13.95 Fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, artichokes & sundried tomatoes 12.95



PASTA E FAGIOLI Cannellini beans, chicken broth & marinara sauce 5.95 WITH SAUSAGE 6.95 TORTELLINI IN BRODO Chicken broth & tortellini stuffed with cheese 5.95 ZUPPA DEL GIORNO Soup of the day 4.95 ZUPPA VENEZIANA Eggdrop soup in a garlic light tomato base 5.95

Homemade Soups



Pasta Entrees

FETTUCINE CALABRESE Asparagus, prosciutto & sweet peppers with tomato sauce 15.95 GNOCCHI ALLA VODKA Potato pasta with pink vodka sauce 14.95 LINGUINE BOLOGNESE Traditional meat sauce 15.95 W HOMEMADE LASAGNA Layers of pasta with ground beef, 5 different cheeses & a touch of nutmeg 15.95 T EGGPLANT PARMIGIANA Topped with provolone, over fettuccine pasta, with marinara sauce 15.95 MEDITERRANEAN PASTA Mixed with black & green olives, artichokes, roasted red peppers,

sundried tomatoes, feta cheese, olive oil & touch of cream 14.95 ADD SIDE DISHES Small Caesar Salad 2 .99 Small House Salad 2 .99 Spinach in a garlic white wine sauce 2 .99 Side order of sauce 2.00 Fresh mushrooms with white wine sauce 2 .99 SPLIT DISHES (EXTRA PLATE) 3.00 An 18% of gratuity will be added to parites of 6 or more. Thank you! WE ARE AN INDEPENDENT FAMILY-OWENED RESTAURANT

"Si Cucina Al Minuto" ... "Si Cucina Al Minuto" ... "Si Cucina Al Minuto" ... "Si Cucina Al Minuto"

ALLA MARSALA Mushrooms & marsala wine sauce, over fettuccine 16.95 ALLA PARMIGIANA Melted mozzarella & red sauce, over fettuccine 15.95 ALLA "GIUSEPPE" With Italian sausage, new potatoes in oregano, white wine sauce with tomatoes 16.95 ALLA CACCIATORE Red wine sauce with celery, carrots,black olives, garlic & chunky tomatoes & penne17.95

Pollo/ Chicken

Vitello/ Veal

Fresh veal medallions pounded into scaloppini. Served with soup of the day or side house salad

ALLA PARMIGIANA With tomato sauce & provolone cheese, over fettuccine 20.95 ALLA SALTIMBOCCA Topped with prosciutto & provolone cheese, with sage sauce, over fettuccine 21.95 ALLA TRATTORIA ROMA House featured light tomato sauce with artichokes, roasted peppers &

mushrooms, over fettuccine



Caper lemon sauce with a touch of cream, over pasta



Manzo e Porco/ Beef & Pork


FILETTO DI MANZO Fillet mignon, grilled & then sautéed in butter & thyme 2 4 . 9 5 FILETTO MEDALLIONS Sliced fillet mignon, grilled to perfection, with fra-diablo sauce and side of

vegetables: broccoli, squash, zucchini and carrots

Served with your choice of soup of the day or side house salad


NY strip steak, grilled & topped with three cheeses: provolone,


peppers & green olives 19.95

parmigiano & mozzarella , served with gnocchi & white wine butter thyme sauce

1 9 .95

BISTECCA ALLA SICILIANA Grilled NY strip steak topped with a Sicilian red wine sauce with roasted STUFFED PORCHETTA Pork Chop stuffed with prosciutto, mozzarella & roasted red peppers, served with

sauteed Italian potatoes & a white wine light tomato sauce 21.95

CIOPPINO Seafood stew: fresh clams, mussels, shrimps, calamari, jumbo prawn & fresh catch - a little spicy 24.95 FRESH CLAMS In a red or white sauce on a bed of linguine 19.95 FRESH MUSSELS In a red or white sauce on a bed of linguine 17.95 JUMBO PRAWNS "PINA" Prawns in garlic, white wine sauce & fresh basil 23.95 SALMON ALLA PORTOFINO Grilled salmon topped with tomatoes, garlic and olive oil, over asparagus

with a side of risotto and fresh mussels

Served with your choice of soup of the day or side house salad

Pesce / Seafood




Grilled salmon topped with a shrimp pink sauce, a side of penne

Consumer advisory: consuming raw or under-cooked meat, poultry or seafood may increase your risk of food borne illness



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