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Travel US Employee FAQ's

Q1. When do I need to begin using the new Travel US?

Effective at 10 p.m. MST on Monday, March 7 all employee guest passes and SA1's will be converted to the new Travel US and the current Employee Travel Center (ETC) will be shut down. It is important that employees note any active PNR's created in the ETC as they will not be viewable in the new Travel US.

Q2. Why did we retire the ETC?

Travel US is our new and enhanced employee travel portal that has been a long time in the making. While the ETC served us well for many years, it was originally implemented pre-merger and had reached its limitations and wasn't able to grow as we needed it to. Additionally the ETC was created and hosted by an outside vendor which limited our flexibility to make changes as needed. The new Travel US was designed 100% in house by our people for our people and incorporates many enhancements that employees have been asking for.

Q3. What are some of the enhancements that have been included in Travel US?

Wow...quite a few actually. We think employees will be very pleased when they get in and see all that Travel US has to offer. Some of the more popular enhancements include a pricing calculator to determine service fees and taxes, allocation of SA1's and Guest Passes as one-ways and the ability to delegate user accounts to your more frequent travelers.

Q4. Can I still pay international taxes, parent service charges and guest pass fees at the airport?

No, once Travel US launches, all international taxes, parent service charges and guest pass fees must be paid for online ­ paying at the airport will no longer be an option. This will help streamline the booking process and provide for a more expedited check-in for you and your pass users when traveling. You now have more control with Travel US' self service features such as the ability to automatically re-deposit unused Guest Passes back into your bank, and delegate Guest Passes so your most frequent travelers can book, ticket and manage their own travel eliminating the need to stand in line at the ticket counter to handle these functions.

Q5. Do I still need two logins to access Travel US?

One of the great enhancements we made to the new employee travel portal was the elimination of a dual login. To access Travel US, you only need your Wings login. If you haven't logged into Wings or don't remember your password click on the links within the "Password & Help" box on the left side of the homepage.

Q6. I don't feel comfortable giving my Wings login to those that use my pass benefits but also don't want to become a full time travel agent to friends and family ­ any suggestions?

We're glad you asked! We agree ­ you shouldn't give your Wings login to anyone. Your Wings login should be kept confidential and is designed to be used by only the employee. One of the other great enhancements that we added to Travel US is the ability to delegate user accounts for your most frequent travelers. This will allow you more time to plan your own adventures while keeping your personal information on Wings secure.


Q7. How can I find out more information on how to use Travel US?

We think you will find Travel US very user friendly and intuitive. For more info on using the new employee travel portal, be sure to visit the employee travel page on Wings where a helpful video tutorial will walk you through the new features and enhancements. You will also find a link on the Wings Travel page to both the Travel US Employee and Guest Pass User Guides which provide comprehensive instructions for using Travel US. We have also included an expanded list of FAQ's on the employee travel page located on Wings that are more technical in nature that you can refer to for very specific questions. Should you have any additional questions about the new Travel US you can always email the helpful folks in Employee Travel Services at [email protected]

Q8. Can I not use my old east badge number to login? I used that for the old ETC site

Travel US site is accessed by a single sign on to Wings. You need to know your Wings Login to access the site. Please contact the USAIT Help Desk for help with Wings access @ 480-6936029 should you encounter any difficulty logging in.

Q9. Where is the button or drop-down menu to look up city codes for the From and To selections?

There is no button or drop down list. We have implemented a new feature called smart city search. You can type in the three letter airport code or first three letters of the city and the site will bring back a suggestion list for you to select from.

Q10. What if I don't know the airport code?

You can type in the city name. At least 3 letters are required (example- Chi for Chicago) and the site will bring back a suggestion list for you to select

Q11. I see the X' button in my search tabs and also next to flights I selected, what does that mean?

Any time you see an X, it is an indication that you can close out or remove something from the area you are working in.

Q12. I cannot see the complete results window, is it a browser issue?

This screen has multiple scroll bars. You can use the browser scroll bars to get the table form positioned where you can see it. You can then use the table form's scroll bars down and right to see all the data

Q13. I only see one number displayed for PBT's- what is that?

This number is telling you how many seats are left on the flight (flight capacity ­ passengers booked = seats available). You can see the full PBT detail when you click on that number

Q14. Can I see other non-revs listed on the flight?

Yes, click on the seats available number. It displays a detailed PBT window. You can click on the link "view non-rev list" to see other non-rev passengers listed on the flight.

Q15. How do I see how many people are listed on a flight compared to seats available? Is it right in front of me and I just can't see it?

You actually have two places where you can check PBT's. The first is on the list of flights you are searching and clicking on the number under either the First or Coach Seats Available column on the right hand side of the Select a flight section (click on the seats available number) or Check PBT's under the Travel Tools Tab on the Menu bar. When one of these options is selected, a detailed PBT window will be displayed. You can click on the link "view non-rev list" to see other non-rev passengers listed on the flight


Q16. I see a hover message track flight'- what does this mean?

After you search your desired city pairs, you can click on the "T" button to track the flight. This flight will get added to the PBT tracker window. After you have added a flight to the PBT Tracker, you view your selections thru the Travel Tools menu and selecting PBT tracker from the drop down menu.

Q17. I cannot add a flight to the Tracker, why?

You can add up to 10 flights to track in the PBT tracker window. First, count the number of flights already saved, deleting those flights you no longer need and then add your new flight(s) again, and it should work.

Q18. What is the compare feature?

In the search results you can click on the "C" button to select flights that you would like to put aside and compare. Once you select you click on the "View Compare Flights" link that appears in the top right hand corner of the search window to view all flights you selected. You also have the ability to select a flight to add to your itinerary from the "compare window"

Q19. I just selected a flight? How do I unselect and pick a different one?

Once you click on "Select" to select a flight, you will activate the window to the immediate right of the selection area. The flight you selected can be removed by clicking on the red "X" button in the itinerary display section or by clicking on cancel. Click Help (Employee User Guide) for more details.

Q20. Will the website be able to display a guest pass fare quickly and before personal information is entered?

Yes, you will be able to find out how much a guest pass fare is before you enter personal information. Once you have selected your itinerary and clicked continue you can click on Price It .In the case of Guest Pass, select the number of guests traveling from the drop down and then click "Price it" to display the fare.

Q21. I see double the number of Guest Passes and SA1's than I used to have in the old ETC site, why is that?

Both guest passes and SA1's are now one ways on Travel US vs. round trip passes on the ETC. Employees will now have 16 one-way guest passes and 6 one-way SA1's to use for travel, offering the traveler greater flexibility.

Q22. If I select Parents to travel with me (employee) on an SA1 pass, the fees should be waived but when I click on price it, it shows me fare/fees for parents.

That is correct. When parents are selected for travel with employee on an SA1 pass, the fees are waived. The "Price it" feature gives you the actual price of the itinerary. When you continue with booking, the site will apply the rule and waive fees, you will not be asked to pay parent fees. If there are international taxes involved, you will need to pay that using a credit card to complete your listing

Q23. I selected myself (employee), my family and a guest to travel, but the SA1 button is deactivated- why is that?

Guests are not allowed to travel on a SA1. SA1 vacation passes are only for employee and dependents to travel. You can book your family on an SA1 and book a separate PNR for your guest traveler. Note: The employee must accompany his/her eligible dependents in order to list as a SA1.


Q24. Why is the only option to pay online? Did you remove the pay at airport option?

One of our primary objectives in creating Travel US was to develop features and functionality that will help reduce non-rev dependence on both Reservations and airport resources. This will also help streamline the booking process and provide for a more expedited check-in when traveling.

Q25. When I click on the PRINT button in the check in confirmation screen, there was flash and now I cannot find my Boarding passes?

The boarding passes display in a new window. Try and minimize your current browser screen to locate the new window that opened. Or you may need to temporarily enable "pop up's" to view and print your passes

Q26. What happens at cutover to the Guest Pass and Parent Pass PNR's that were built in ETC but not ticketed yet?

Guest pass listings that were created thru the ETC, but not ticketed, are no longer valid as the mechanism to deduct applicable guest passes is no longer available. Once Travel US launches an employee's available guest passes will then be transferred to their Travel US guest pass bank. Employees will have to create a new listing on Travel US or, check out the "Delegate Guest Users" in the Manage Guest Passes from their profile page and let the guest pass traveler manage their own travel. Parent passes that have been created in the ETC, but ticketed can still be purchased at any US Airways ticket counter. Likewise, employees can also view a parent listing on Travel Us, but the only modification that can be completed is to cancel the listing.

Q27. What happens to unused SA1 PNR's that were built in ETC but not flown yet?

SA1's created thru the ETC will remain in Shares and follow the same rules and policies that have been followed since Res Migration. Employees have 1 year from the day the listing was issued to complete travel. To make changes to those listings, employees will have to call the Employee Travel Line, as they do today. Travel US will only handle changes to SA1's created in Travel US. Employees will be able to display SA1 listings previously issued on Travel US, modify and/or cancel. Note: If an ETC-issued SA1 is cancelled, any money's associated with the tickets (international taxes) will be refunded, but the SA1 pass will NOT be re-deposited. That's because the listing was made thru the ETC and the associated ticketing/SA1 behavior does not work in Travel US. SA1 listings created on the new site, Travel US, can be modified, cancelled (w/ applicable refunds) and passes will be re-deposited to the SA1 bank.

Q28. Will any of my ETC PNR history be available in Travel US? In Travel US, will I be able to see the PNR's built by my guest users?

An employee's list of "recent listings" in the old ETC may not be available in Travel US, although the plan is to try to capture and move PNR information. Record locators (confirmation numbers) for future travel not yet flown should be made note of before the ETC sunsets. Note: keeping a record of all pass travel should be standard practice regardless of what travel system is used. In Travel US, employees who delegate guest passes to a family member or friend will be able to "see" all activity. Employees can check on the status of guest passes (delegated, ticketed, used and so on) by going to the Profile page and clicking on Guest Pass Bank "View Details" button.

Q29. Now that Guest Pass and Parent Pass listings created in Travel US must be paid for on Travel US, can my parents still have the ETL or the ATO build a PNR to be ticketed at the ATO?

For the time being; parents and employees will still be able to list (and make payment) at an airport ticket counter or through the ETL for SA3P and SA4P travel, although Travel US should be used except when access is not available .


Q30. If a Guest Pass traveler wants to make a change to their PNR, can they still call the ETL or get help at the ATO or do should they be referred back to Travel US?

Until the decision is made to discontinue non-rev calls to the ETL guest pass travelers will still be able to call for assistance to an *existing* PNR. The same applies to the airport. Agents in Reservations or the ATO will only be able to assist with minor changes (flight date, time). Routing changes on guest pass listings created on Travel US will have to be changed through Travel US.

Q31. Can a Guest Pass PNR be modified to require both another guest pass and add collect - example original PNR was DFW-CLT-MIA-CLT-DFW but now it's modified to go DFW-CLT-MIA-CLT-ATL-CLT-DFW (with an extra round trip to ATL)?

This is one of the major reasons for going to one-way guest passes. This type of change can be done on Travel US, and Travel US will automatically determine if additional guest passes are required, and if an additional fare is due. In the above scenario, the original routing would have used two guest passes (one for DFW-MIA and one for MIA-DFW). Per this change scenario, Travel US would deduct an additional guest pass and charge the difference in fare.

Q32. The Help Guide says if my Guest Pass traveler cancels this pass, they can call the ETL to rebook the PNR--will I be able to look up cancelled PNR on Travel US in case they have forgotten the confirmation number?

Employees will be able to "see" your entire guest pass traveler's booking activity using "View Details" thru the Guest Pass Bank section on the Profile page. The same goes for SA1 passes. Each pass/listing will display in "View Details" so employees can easily determine what has been used and what is still open or available. Guest pass listings that are cancelled only still retain value vs. a listing that is cancelled and refunded (including re-depositing applicable guest passes). As a result the listing can still be used for future travel, however Travel US is currently not set up to re-book a cancelled listing. In these cases the employee or guest pas traveler will have to contact the ETL or go to an airport ticket counter to re-book a new itinerary and re-issue the associated ETKT(s).

Q33. Will there be a fee for refunding the tickets and does it state that in the cancel and refund process?

The current $10 guest pass refund service fee will remain in effect for the near future. Since pass travel policies are not changing it is still the EE's responsibility to follow pass travel policies and rules are documented in the Employee Travel Guide. EE's are responsible for informing guest pass travelers of those policies and rules, and provide each traveler with a copy of the Guest Pass Travel Guide (available on Wings). Both the Employee Travel Guide and the Guest Pass Travel Guide state there is a service fee for guest pass refunds.

Q34. I used to be able to book Positive Space in the old ETC, how do I do that here?

If you are authorized for Positive Space, you will see an option "Positive Space Business" in the "Booking type" drop down (on the search page). You will need to select that option and then continue with booking.

Q35. My Travel US login does not seem to work for Business Cars/hotels link

It is not the same login. This site is for authorized users only. You can utilize this site ONLY if an account has been set up for you to book hotels and car rentals for company business.




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