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2008 sold out in record time, make sure you don't miss out this year!


20 - 22 September 2009

Melbourne Park, Melbourne

Enlightening, fascinating and very enjoyable. Overall a great experience.

- 2008 delegate




Great Southern Press


It is with great pleasure that I invite you to Trenchless Australasia 2009: the 8th National ASTT Conference and Exhibition. The trenchless industry in Australia has reached a new level of maturity as the response to the 2008 conference and exhibition demonstrates. Melbourne in 2009 will build on this success to further consolidate the industry, provide information about new projects and technology and create many great networking opportunities. Trenchless Technology is increasingly being pushed to the forefront as a solution for many critical issues; including solving Australia's water shortage, reducing the carbon footprint of construction and installing new infrastructure in built-up or environmentally sensitive areas. Melbourne is Australia's home of sport, playing host to the Australian Open Tennis, Formula One Grand Prix, the Melbourne Cup horserace and the home of AFL. Taking place in Grand Final Week, Trenchless Australasia 2009 will allow delegates to truly appreciate the atmosphere that takes over the city every September. The event itself is located at Melbourne Park Function Centre, part of the tennis centre which plays host to the Australian Open each summer, and located just a stone's throw from the famous MCG. Melbourne has more to offer than just sport and is also famously the home of the arts, good restaurants and European-style café culture. The social program will provide opportunities to enjoy all that Melbourne has to offer and delegates will also have many options to visit before and after. Getting down to business, the event itself will include; · A technical program of international standard · An exciting and interactive trade exhibition · Non-technical papers on a variety of interesting topics · A highly enjoyable social and networking program · Hands-on training and workshops · Live equipment demonstrations This is a must for anyone who is interested in underground infrastructure, whether you are an asset owner, contractor, supplier or manufacturer. I look forward to seeing you in Melbourne in September 2009.

The 8th National ASTT Conference and exhibition takes place on September 20-22, 2009 at the Melbourne Park Function Centre.

This event is shaping up to the biggest and best national ASTT conference ever held and will combine a trade exhibition with a technical conference of international standard, workshops and training and a glittering social and networking program. Taking place during Grand Final week it's the perfect time to see Melbourne at the height of footy-finals fever.

Chris Bland

About Trenchless Technology

Trenchless Technology is the science of installing, repairing or renewing underground pipes, ducts and cables using techniques which minimise or eliminate the need for excavation. There are many benefits of Trenchless Technology including; · the need to install, replace or renovate an underground utility service at the least cost; · to minimise damage to the highways and disruption to traffic; · to minimise any adverse impact on the environment, and · the need to maximise the safety aspects for both the worker and the public.

This is an event by the industry, for the industry & will be a great chance to:

· Catch up with colleagues and make new connections · Find out what is happening in the industry · Promote your products and services to the people that matter

About the ASTT

The Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology (ASTT) is a non-profit society and membership is open to all who are concerned with the provision and installation of gas, water, sewerage, drainage, roads, telecommunications and electrical services. The ASTT is part of the International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT), an affiliation of societies in over 20 countries worldwide. The principle aims of the ASTT are; · to advance the science and practice of Trenchless Technology for the public benefit. · to provide a forum in Australia and New Zealand for the interchange of knowledge and skills in the field of Trenchless Technology. · to encourage the interchange of specialist knowledge and practices in Trenchless Technology within Australia, New Zealand and overseas.




Select the items you wish to sponsor from pages 6-9, then if the total value of your sponsorship reaches any of the thresholds below, you will be recognised as the platinum, gold, silver or bronze sponsor and receive these benefits at no additional charge.










All sponsors receive these benefits.

Get on board to take advantage of the promotional opportunities offered by this event and receive: · · · · Recognition in Trenchless Australasia Conference Edition Recognition in Trenchless Australasia Conference Review feature Recognition in the Event Program Recognition on conference web page with hyperlink to your web page.

Any sponsorship package of $7,500 or more qualifies as Bronze.

Stand out from the crowd by going the extra distance. Bronze sponsors receive all the Basic privileges, plus: · Recognition on sponsor signs at the registration booth or entrance to the Exhibition Opportunity to provide a Brochure/ Promotional Item in the Convention Satchel

Any sponsorship package of $15,000 or more qualifies as Silver.

Play a major role in the event by becoming a silver sponsor and you will receive all the Basic and Bronze privileges, plus: · Recognition on promotional materials leading up to and during the conference as a major sponsor . Logo on signs at the registration booth or entrance to the Exhibition 20% discount on the Standard Exhibition Package Overview of company on event website Proportional banner advert rotation on Conference website.

Any sponsorship package of $30,000 or more qualifies as Gold.

Show that you are a leader in the industry with this valuable opportunity which includes all Basic, Bronze and Silver privileges, plus: · · · · · · · · 18 square metres of exhibition space 2 complimentary delegate and 2 complimentary partner registrations Profile in the conference edition of Trenchless Australasia Opportunity for a brief speech Logo on a wide variety of material associated with the event. Logos on outgoing conference promotional emails The opportunity to provide branded gifts to delegates The opportunity to invite your clients to be hosted at the event.

Any sponsorship package of $40,000 or more qualifies as Platinum.

This premium option is the ultimate way to demonstrate your leadership in the industry and provides ample opportunity to be involved in the strategic direction of the entire event. This package includes all Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold privileges, plus; · · · · · The opportunity to be involved in the strategic direction of the event 36 square metres of exhibition space One complimentary table at the Gala Dinner Major profile in the conference edition of Trenchless Australasia Incorporation of your company logo into the event logo, and display on lecterns, as the projector backdrop, the event proceedings and more Recognition in all promotional material Logo on home page of conference website The chance to follow up directly with delegates after the event The opportunity to include your own questions in the postevent survey.


· · · ·

· · · ·


Sponsoring the 8th National ASTT Conference and Exhibition presents a unique opportunity for your company. The benefits of partnering with this event include: · Improve your brand recognition and image · Generate leads by networking · Create new partnerships and alliances · Strengthen your position as a market leader within the industry · Achieve industry recognition by being associated with this prestigious high profile and informative event · Differentiate your company from others in the industry · Show that you support the growth of the ASTT and the Trenchless Technology industry Preference will initially be given to companies selecting the largest value of options and then by first confirmed.

* In the event that the limit is reached, packages exceeding the threshold will qualify for the next available category down. Potential sponsors will be informed of this before any bookings are made.

Sponsorship can be tailored to the individual needs of your company to ensure you get the most out of the event, so please contact us if you have any specific questions or requests.




No major sponsorship package is complete without one of these event highlights.



Sunday September 20


Taking place at a top Melbourne course, sponsoring this event allows you to invite clients and spend 18 holes with them. Your sponsorship includes; · Signage and acknowledgement at the course · Exclusive rights to provide caps, balls, towels or other branded merchandise to players · The strategic opportunity to invite key clients · Acknowledgement at the gala dinner where awards will be presented.


Reach delegates throughout the day in a variety of ways.


Ensure you are seen throughout the event with these essential items.


Sunday, September 20



This event will officially open on Sunday evening with a cocktail party in the exhibition area, timed to ensure maximum attendance and allow you to make your own plans afterwards, this event is an ideal opportunity as it allows you to; · be among the first companies to address delegates · launch your exhibition stand · take key clients to your own function afterwards. Your sponsorship includes major signage and the opportunity to address delegates.


2 available

$5,000 each


On the Monday and Tuesday mornings, all delegates will be gathered together for the keynote presentations before separating into streams. This represents a great opportunity to get your message across. Your sponsorship includes background signage between presentations, the opportunity to display your own signage and the chance to address the session.

Few sponsorship opportunities have quite the lasting presence as being the satchel sponsor. The well-made bags will not only be in abundant supply during the event, but are likely to be used by many delegates for considerable time after the event. Sponsorship includes input into the design of the bag as well as prominent inclusion of your logo along with the major sponsors.




$8,000 + materials

Sponsorship of this option automatically qualifies you as a Silver Sponsor.


6 available

$2,000 each

Sponsorship of this option automatically qualifies you as a Bronze Sponsor.


Monday, September 21

One of the most popular events of 2008 returns with an all new Melbourne-related variation on the theme. Sponsorship of this highly enjoyable event includes the opportunity to fully incorporate your company logo into the theme of the evening, including major signage and the opportunity to address delegates.

Sponsorship of this option automatically qualifies you as a Silver Sponsor.




Once the streamed sessions are finalised, they present a great opportunity for targeted sponsorship for those trying to reach particular sections of the industry. Let us know today if you are interested in this option to reserve your rights to have first pick once the streams are finalised.


The name tags and lanyard will be a ubiquitous presence throughout the event. Every time a delegate stumbles upon a half-remembered colleague and struggles to recall their name they will see your logo at the same time.

$5,000 + materials


2 available

$3,000 each


The Harbour Cruise was excellent.


Tuesday, September 22

Lunches will be served to all delegates in the exhibition area on Monday and Tuesday, giving you an excellent opportunity to take advantage of their gratitude for providing them with a good feed. This option includes basic signage as well as the opportunity to supply branded napkins.

This item proved popular in the past with a 2008 delegate commenting in the survey "Having a mini program in everyone's badge pocket was an excellent idea. Please keep doing that". We're taking his advice.



4 available

$1,000 each

The pocket program will be an invaluable resource throughout the event. Every time a delegate pauses between sessions to check where they are heading next they will see your logo at the same time.





In an incredible coup, we have secured the MCG Member's Dining Room, just four days before the Grand Final. This footy themed evening will include a high-profile AFL speaker and the presentation of the annual ASTT Project of the Year Awards. Sponsorship of this premium event includes the opportunity to fully incorporate your company logo into the theme of the evening, with major signage including a genuine cheer squad banner which you can run through before addressing delegates, or delegates can run through to start dinner.




Morning and afternoon tea will be served to all delegates in the exhibition area on Monday and Tuesday, and this well-earned break is also a great opportunity for promotion. This option includes basic signage as well as the opportunity to supply branded napkins. Please note sponsorship of the coffee station is a separate option and only that option includes the right to supply branded coffee cups.


Said to be mightier than the sword and often never available when needed, we will ensure pens are circulated throughout the week, including in satchels and in conference sessions, meaning grateful delegates will have a regular reminder of who your company is and in many cases will take these useful tools away with them too.

$2,000 + materials


Sponsorship of this option automatically qualifies you as a Gold Sponsor.

Melbourne is famous for its coffee and the permanent coffee cart is certain to be a highlight of the event. This deluxe package includes a standard mobile coffee cart and professional barista as well as the sole rights to supply branded coffee cups and paraphernalia. Further options may be available for an additional fee.

The conference dinner provided ample networking opportunity.

Sponsorship of this option automatically qualifies you as a Bronze Sponsor.





$7,500 + materials


A vital, if overlooked tool, often never available when needed and in abundant supply when not, we will ensure notepads are circulated in appropriate volumes throughout the week, including in satchels and in conference sessions, meaning grateful delegates will have a regular reminder of who your company is and in many cases will take these useful tools away with them too.

$2,000 + materials



Original options for those looking for something a little bit different.




Plus material costs.


$2,000 $1,000


Abstracts are now being accepted for the technical program for this event. Abstracts may be submitted on any topic relevant to Trenchless Technology including new installations, rehabilitation, replacement, inspection, and assessment of all underground utilities including water and wastewater, communications and energy. Topics of particular interest include: · New and emerging technology · Whole-of-project case studies · Large diameter projects · Pressure pipe rehabilitation · Presentations which include input from clients, owners or utilities · Difficult environments · Solving Australia's water crisis · Major projects · New issues in design and engineering Non-technical topics of interest include: · Industry skills shortage and training · Contracting strategies and risk management · Projected capital works by utilities Preference will be given to original material which has not previously been published or presented at a major international meeting. However, abstracts previously presented at local, regional or national meetings may be submitted. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Please visit and click presenter. Boxes will appear for your biography and abstract. You can also upload this information in a word file. Figures, tables, diagrams and illustrations forming part of your abstract can also be uploaded. Please ensure your abstract is in English and that you have considered its relevance to the themes of the event. An 80-word biography of the presenter must accompany the abstract at submission. Authors will be advised of the status of their submitted abstracts in May 2009, at which time they will be requested to provide a full paper. Full papers will be published in conjunction with the conference. Full papers should be no longer than eight pages.

This innovative option will allow the organisers to reduce the price of registration for all delegates to increase the overall turnout. This strategic opportunity is a great way to let delegates know that you have specifically helped them out. Your package includes acknowledgement on; · The registration form (provided you confirm in time) · Letters and emails to delegates · The registration desk · The delegate list All making it clear that they are getting a reduced price thanks to you.

To ensure that everyone gets the most out of this option, it will be limited to one of each kind of gift, so get in quick if you've got something in mind. Some suggestions include; hats, shirts, USB keys, mini-footballs, stubby holders, bottle-openers, umbrellas, or any more original ideas. Please note this option is provided free to all major sponsors, but please confirm your item early if you want to guarantee exclusivity.

Sponsorship of this option automatically qualifies you as a Silver Sponsor.



This popular newsletter will be published on the Monday and Tuesday of the event containing up-to-the-minute news and photos from the event. Sponsorship includes sole rights to include advertising in that issues, as well as a detailed profile. This is a great way to draw people to your stand or publicise anything that you are doing during the event.


Capture delegates undivided attention with this unique option which includes displaying your advertising on the back of the venue's toilet doors throughout the event. A perfect opportunity to come up with a memorable campaign this option also includes free creative input and design of your marketing material.




It was a good way of us targeting a new market.

A dedicated Net Café will be available in the exhibition area including set computers as well as spaces for delegates to plug in their own. Sponsorship of this option includes major signage at the Net Café, which will be visible to all throughout the event, as well as branded screensavers and the opportunity to provide other branded materials such as mouse pads.


Host your clients, existing or potential, for specially targeted training sessions. This coterie option is available for the strategically-minded major sponsor. Contact us today to discuss more details.


Sponsorship of this option automatically qualifies you as a Silver Sponsor.


All delegates will receive a CD of proceedings, which will also be distributed on request for a fee after the event. This option provides a great ongoing way to keep your name in front of delegates after the event.



Ideal for any water companies wanting to make a splash this option includes signage on water coolers throughout the conference as well as the opportunity to supply your own branded bottles of water.

$5,000 + MATERIALS


A great hit in 2008, the photos will be back and bigger in 2009. Our team of photographers will work tirelessly through the event capturing every highlight on film, then immediately printing and distributing the pictures in specially designed folders displaying the sponsor's logo.

In 2009, a special pin-board will be organised to make distribution even more efficient. This is a great way to enjoy the good-will of the event and sponsorship includes your logo on the display folders and signage at the photo pin-board.






20 March 2009 20 May 2009 19 June 2009 20 August 2009 Abstracts deadline Speakers notified Speakers must register and submit draft papers Speakers to submit final papers


In keeping with the football theme, a handball competition will run throughout the week, with official judging and a grand final included. Your sponsorship includes signage, the opportunity to present the award to the winners and the chance to incorporate your branding into the design of the competition. (Extra charges may apply depending on your choice of design).





For a few days in September 2009, Melbourne Park Function Centre will become a Trenchless hub as hundreds of delegates and trade visitors from Australia, New Zealand and around the world descend on Melbourne for this event. With the cream of the industry all gathered in the one place, the trade exhibition promises to be one of the biggest and most successful in history. If you are a company active in the industry, you simply cannot afford to miss this. These are some genuine quotes from the 2008 exhibitors:

Melbourne Park, Exhibition Space


The exhibition is being heavily promoted as of now to all those involved in the Trenchless or related industries. A constant and highly targeted marketing program is already underway targeting visitors via Trenchless Australasia magazine, the Trenchless Online Update, email blasts, direct mailing and direct phone calls. Great Southern Press maintains Australasia's most comprehensive Trenchless database which includes all authorities and utilities. The event will also be promoted by agreements with a variety of related magazines and online products and at national and international shows. Additionally, more than 10,000 targeted trade passes will be sent out to businesses in the months leading up to the event. Importantly, entry into the trade exhibition will be free.





No tyre kickers.

Exhibitors at past events have recognised that the exhibition allows them to take advantage of · The diversity and number of visitors · The variety of industry sectors that attended · The specialised nature of delegates and visitors



In 2008 space sold out nearly a year before the event, was then extended, and completely sold out again. To avoid disappointment we strongly encourage you to book promptly so you don't miss out.




In planning your exhibition, it pays to be aware of the types of visitors you can expect. Visitors are expected to include; · Engineers from utilities and design companies · Contractors looking for the latest equipment · Decision makers from local councils and water authorities · National and international guests · Academics and researchers looking for the latest technology · Trenchless professionals with real purchasing power Here are some comments from 2008 Trade visitors when asked what they liked about the exhibition:

A lot of companies seen at one place. Exhibitors were interested in our questions and helpful in providing solutions.

See the back cover for the booking form and terms and conditions.

I was able to network to identify skilled resources in the delivery of projects.

Please note, any spaces may be combined to form a larger space, but may not be broken down to form smaller space.



Auger Boring CCTV CIPP Coatings Communications Construction Management Cutters Data collection systems Dewatering pumps Directional Drilling Drill Pipe Drill/Auger Bits Drilling Fluids Education/Research Engineering/Design Environmental Products Epoxies Equipment rentals Flow Monitoring FRP Pipe Geotechnical Ground Freezing Ground Penetrating Radar Grouting Guided Boring Equipment HDPE Pipe High Pressure Cleaning Joint Repair Lateral Rehabilitation Leak Detection Locating equipment Manhole rehabilitation Microtunnelling/laser boring Mud Systems Inspection/evaluation








Piercing Tools Pigging Products Pipe bursting Pipe coating Pipe fittings Pipe fusion Pipe jacking Pipe location equipment Pipe plugs Pipe sealing Cable ploughing Polymer Concrete Pumps PVC Relining Resins Robotics Rock Drilling Root Control Safety Equipment Sewer Cleaning Equipment Sliplining Software Soil stabilisation Spot repair Steel Subsurface utility engineering Survey/guidance instrumentation Tracking/Navigational Systems Traffic Management Tunnel Boring Utility Locating Vacuum excavating







70 32 33 31 30 29 69 3 66 4 63 BALCONY 5 62 7 61 64 13 14 65 19 24 68

We were impressed with the amount of people that came to our stand. It was an amazing turn out.


Exhibitors are likely to include; contractors, suppliers and manufacturers in areas such as; water, wastewater, electricity, gas and communications. Products and technologies are likely to include:



































For sponsorship enquiries, please contact us at [email protected] or phone (03) 9248 5100 for more details on options. Title First Name Company Position Address City Country Phone Fax Email Signature Professor / Dr / Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms / Other ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Name -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------State -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Postcode/ZIP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fax -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I authorise this booking and have read and understand the terms and conditions. -----------------------------------------------------------------Booth number preference:

1 ---------------------2 ---------------------3 ---------------------Non-member**

I would like to book (please circle) 9 / 18 / 36 square metres: Shell scheme / Raw space


9sqm Raw space Shell 18sqm Raw space Shell 36sqm Raw space Shell

ASTT Member *

$3,300 $3,520 $5,830 $5,995 $9,900 $10,230

$3,800 $3,980 $6,330 $6,500 $10,400 $10,730

Further questions regarding the exhibition can be followed up with the Event Co-ordinator, Stephanie Fielden. [email protected]

* ASTT Corporate Members only ** Tick this box to join the ASTT with your booking for an additional $594 and get one year's full membership, plus the discounted rate

All prices in Australian dollars and include 10% GST. Other sizes on request.

Please send me information on Submitting a presentation Registering to attend the conference


Request an Invoice or Pay by Cheque. Payable to Great Southern Press Pty Ltd. or Credit card. Charges as per this form are to be debited to:

Mastercard Cardholder's Name Creditcard number Cardholder's Signature

Note: Payment must be made in Australian dollars.


American Express

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Expiry date: ---------------- / ----------

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Total Payment AUD----------------------

Please return completed application form to Great Southern Press: GPO Box 4967, Melbourne, Victoria 3001 Australia T: (03) 9248 5100 F: (03) 9602 2708 EMAIL: [email protected]


Exhibition spaces include one full delegate pass, plus one booth worker pass per 9 square metres. A booth worker pass does not include any social functions though these may be bought by exhibitors at an additional fee. All booth costs include 2 x spotlights, 1 x 4 amp power point and 1 x corflute fascia sign with black text as well as carpet and cleaning. Shell scheme also includes velcro compatible walls. Additional signage, furniture, freight forwarding and other services are available at an additional charge and full details will be provided in an exhibitors' manual closer to the date. Bump in will take place on Saturday and Sunday September 19-20, and bump out on Wednesday September 23. Freight may be delivered from Friday September 18. Weigh restrictions of 8kPa evenly distributed apply. If you have a large or heavy display or are uncertain about the restrictions, it is your responsibility to check with the organiser before booking. A deposit of 50 per cent must be received to confirm your booking with the balance due no later than June 30 2009. Default on this payment will be treated as if you cancelled on July 1 and normal cancellation fees will apply. If your booking is cancelled prior to March 1, 2009 no charges will apply, if the booking is cancelled between March 1 and June 30 a $200 administration fee will apply. If your booth is cancelled between July 1 and August 22, a fee of up to 50 per cent may be charged. If your booth is cancelled after August 22, the full cost of the booth may be charged. All cancellations must be submitted in writing.

This brochure is valid as of August 2008.


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