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Textured Letters

Grade Level: PK­1 Subject: Language Arts/Letter Recognition

Objective: Create tactile letters to aid in learning letter name and shape.

Activity Ideas

Materials Needed: · TREND 4" Black Casual Combo Pack Ready Letters® (T-79901) · Liquid craft glue · Paintbrush · Fine sand, seeds, cereal, beads, candy, etc. · Newsprint

Directions: 1. Spread out newsprint to cover the work surface. 2. Punch out one of each uppercase and lowercase letter and place them colored side up on the newsprint. 3. Using the paintbrush, spread glue over the colored face of one letter. 4. Sprinkle or align sand, seeds, cereal, or other product lightly over the glue. Set letter aside to dry. 5. Continue with each letter until all are coated with the textured material. 6. After the glue dries, shake off the excess material. Then paint over the letter with a glue and water mixture to seal and prevent flaking. Aside from tactile letters, you can use other TREND products to create textured shapes on other themes. Consider using Two-Sided Decorations, numbers and shapes from various products, Classic Accents®, and more! Example Shown: Textured Letters

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4000890 Textured Letters

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