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ABGX 360 Tutorial by TORO

Download ABGX 360 and install. ABGX Can be found on USENET and on some torrent trackers. (File name usually "abgx360_v0.9.4_setup")

After install you want to open up ABGX and change some settings so that they are permanent for every use.

Click on "Options". Make sure these check boxes are CHECKED! ---- "Check/Create .DVD file", "Check Stealth", "Verify if stealth passes", "Check Padding"

"Use colors", "Check for possible game data corruption" and "Check for updates". Also Change the "Verbosity Level" to Medium and change "Check game partition CRC" to Always.

After changing the settings in "Options" Skip "Manually Patch or Extract Files" And proceed to "AutoFix" This is used when either patching a game ISO with Your own stealth files or extracting them from an ISO like the name says its Manual.

In the "AutoFix" tab change the drop down menu "AutoFix Threshold" to Level 3 (AutoFix Stealth passes but fails verification) And on the next drop down menu "Look for verified files to use for autofix" Set it to "in the online database first, then check the local stealthfiles folder"

Make sure the check boxes and drop down window "Fix C/R Table if data is invalid" , "Adjust angles that deviate more than 3 degrees from the CCRT targets" Also check "Adjust angle 359 for iXtreme < v1.4"

Next we move on to the "Misc" tab skipping the "Rebuild tab".

Under "Your console's region code" Select your region. (in this case I will be using NTSC/U) And in the "SplitVid" area make sure you check "Add it if it doesn't exist or isn't valid"

Now we want to save our settings so we don't have to go back and select them every time We want to check an ISO. So go to "File" and then "Save Settings"

Now you can either open an ISO file to check or a one you have already burned to disc.

Open up your ISO or your DVD and then click "LAUNCH" the big blue button at the bottom!

Let it go and then your DONE!

If all passes and you have all green then its okay to burn! Open up IMGBURN and select your .DVD file then BURN!


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