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A point-and-beam KeyBox Supra's infrared KeyBox is flexible and secure. Infrared technology eliminates the need for specific key shapes and physical contact points. Communication with the iBox is accomplished by pointing an infrared key at the box from a distance of up to three feet. When the iBox is successfully opened, a message appears on the screen of the key instructing the user to push up on the bottom of the key container for easy release.

Supra iBoxTM

A smart design The iBox fits better behind a screen door and on more door types than older lockboxes. Versatility means easy installation and saving time. Even though the iBox is smaller in size, the key container is larger, accommodating more listing keys. A secure lockbox you can trust Knowing your lockboxes are smart and secure puts your clients at ease. The iBox is easily accessible to authorized agents, even in the worst weather, yet the solid construction is very resistant to attack.

Opening Doors to Improved Sales

The features and benefits of using the Supra iBox system · Helps agents better serve their clients by giving them greater flexibility and control over access to listing keys. · Provides a reliable system for security during the real estate selling process. · Tracks buyer's agent showings. · Slimmer design, larger key compartment. · Works with any Supra infrared key. · Open architecture for future enhancements. · Allows three different access times to better fit your clients schedule. Using the iBox to help market properties The iBox offers different hours for weekday showings versus Saturday or Sunday. Listing agents

can provide clients with showing times that best fit their schedule. Electronic notes, flyers and business cards are stored in the iBox for showing agents. Leaving an alarm code or "beware of big dog in basement" can ensure a smooth showing and result in higher client/ seller satisfaction. The iBox is compatible with a large variety of PDAs and smartphones as well as Supra's entry level DisplayKEY. FREE unlimited hotline support! 14 hours, 7 days a week, 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. PST Supra ­ Opening Doors for You For more information visit us online at

All your KeyBox settings Set KeyBox access times and much more from your eKEY.

Helpful reminders Help showing agents sell with details and warnings before they enter the house.

Store your business card Provide showing agents your electronic business card when they open the KeyBox.

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iBox details · W 3", D 2.25", H 7.5", Wt 2.25 lbs. · Battery (2) 3V 6 year lithium · Low battery level warning · Communication range of 3' · Stores 3 keys · Stores last 100 accesses · Can block one restricted access time/day for weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays · Can only be opened by valid key · KeyBox shackle code required to open and custom program box

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