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REGISTRATION DEADLINES | Team application and $500 non-refundable deposit must be received by 03|15|11 to be guaranteed a spot. Team balances should be postmarked by 04|15|11. Any balances received after 04|15|11 may be subject to a $300 late fee (applied on a per team basis). Teams may accepted after 03|15|11 based on availability. All Certificates of Insurance, waivers and rosters (in the provided format) must be received by 06|20|11. Failure to follow deadlines may result in loss of spot. No team will be bracketed or scheduled if payment & forms have not been received. GAMES | Minimum of FIVE (5) seeding games. ALL BOYS' TEAMS ARE REQUIRED TO PLAY A FRI. 07|08|11 GAME. All teams qualify for playoffs. TOURNAMENT FEATURES | Schedules, brackets & other details will be available online at College coaches will be given access to all recruiting information. Athletic trainers will be in proximity to all fields and emergency services will also be on site throughout the event. Ice & water is provided at all fields, with a clean up crew working around the clock. The "National Mall" will be set up in a centralized location, featuring a variety of vendors, games, activities and food court. Additional food services will be easily accessible from all areas of the park. AGE BRACKETS | Age guidelines must be STRICTLY followed. Divisions and brackets are grade or age based. For age based brackets, the cutoff date is 01|01|11. For example, if your player was 10 on 01|01|11 then he qualifies for the 10's division. If your player is 11 on 01|01|11, then he does not age qualify for the 10's and must play in the 12's division. All AA brackets require tournament director approval. Rising Senior AA is by invite only. At all levels, players can play up but NEVER down! TEAMS | All teams must carry a minimum of 18 players and max of 24 players. Most divisions consist of 3 brackets: AA, A and B. "AA" brackets feature teams at the highest skill level for their age group. Teams are subject to approval and Rising Senior AA is by invite only. "A" brackets feature very competitive town and All Star teams. "B" brackets feature developing or younger town teams. Bracket selections are all subject to approval. Tri-State Lacrosse does reserve the right to move teams up or down in order to maintain the integrity of each bracket. Our tournament draws teams from all over the nation and Canada. SCHEDULING | All teams must play ONE (1) Friday, 07|08|11 game. Each team will receive FIVE (5) scheduled games. Every team makes the playoffs, to be played on Sunday, 07|08|11. Schedule will begin being posted Monday, 07|04|11. In order to accommodate all printing and scheduling needs, all team MUST adhere to ALL tournament deadlines.

Gut Checking Competition Fierce Rivalry Intense Play All to see who will be crowned

2 0 11 N AT I O N A L C H A M P I O N

1235 Route 23 South | Wayne, NJ | 07470

PAYMENT DETAILS | Deposits can be paid via check, money order or credit card (Visa or MasterCard Only). Credit Card deposits will need a "Credit Card Authorization" form and $10 processing fee per team deposit. Balances must be paid by check or money order only. Any returned checks are subject to a $25 Returned Check fee.

YOUTH DIVISIONS $2100 per team

HS DIVISIONS $2500 per team

All teams guaranteed 5 games. 300+ Teams from across the country. Single location game play. Multiple brackets in each division. Top recruiting event.

TRI-STATE NATIONAL SUMMER LACROSSE FESTIVAL $2100 Boys' Youth | $2500 Boys' High School


2011 Tournament Team Application


To register for the 2011 Tri-State National Summer Lacrosse Festival all teams must submit:

1. $500 Non-Refundable Deposit and Team Application by 3 | 15 | 11 2. Team Balance postmarked by 4 | 15 | 11*. 3. Team Certificate of Insurance and Player Waivers due 06 | 20 | 11 Send via fax or email to: F 1.877.763.4441 | E [email protected] 4. All rosters and player information by 6 | 25 | 11 ­ sent via email to: [email protected]

*Payments not received by 4 | 15 | 11 may be subject to a $300 late fee. If teams are not paid in full and all materials are not received, teams will NOT be bracketed and/or scheduled.

Additional Requirements:

1. 2.

Teams must carry a min. of 18 players & max of 24. All boys' teams must play a game Friday, July 8th.

Team Name: ________________________________________ Team Contact: ________________________________________ Team Contact Cell Phone: (____)___________________ Email: ___________________________________________________ Team Address: _________________________________ City: ___________________________ State: ____ Zip: ___________

Team Coach: _____________________________ Coach Phone: __________________ Email: ___________________________

DIVISION (Check One): Age Based Divisions are determined by age as of 01|01|11. Grade Based Divisions are as of 09|11.

YOUTH Rising 9th-AA 14 AA 14 A 14 B

Rising 8th-AA 12 AA 12 A 12 B

HIGH SCHOOL Rising 7th-AA RISING SR ­ AA Rising 6th-AA RISING SR ­ A 10 A RISING SR ­ B 10 B



Please make checks payable to Tri-State Lacrosse and send to:

Tri-State Lacrosse ­ National Tournament 1235 Route 23 South ­ Wayne, NJ 07470




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