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Fire Protection


To Remote Pull Station (Optional) 5 Remote Manual Control 4 6 Control Head Filters To Gas Shut Off Valve (Optional) 2 8 1

3 To Fusible Link Detectors Range Griddle Fryer Upper Broiler Wet Chemical Cylinder

Parts & Installation Facts

Cylinder Control Head Integral design requiring no separate release pressure cylinder. Easily accessible manual release mechanism provides an option to the automatic fusible link. 2 Piping Unbalanced piping network simplifies application design and installation. No separate piping to connect system pressure cylinders to extinguishing agent container. 3 Cylinders Potassium carbonate solution stored at 175 p.s.i. pressure gauge for visual maintenance checks. 4 Nozzles Strategic placement of fixed and swivel head nozzles. 5 Remote Manual Pull Station Double action release prevents accidental or careless system activation. A dedicated wire cable input line to the cylinder head provides a true back-up in the event thermal links are fouled. 6 Fusible Link Kits All necessary components included for efficient assembly and installation. 7 Automatic gas shut-off valves 8 Corner pulleys and accessories Designed to ensure reliable system function.


Char Broiler


Pyro Chem® Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishing System

The Pyro Chem restaurant area fire extinguishing system is a preengineered solution to appliance and ventilating hood and duct grease fires, designed to maximize hazard protection reliability and installation efficiency. Automatic or manual system activation releases a throttled discharge of potassium carbonate solution in the form of fine droplets which is sprayed on the protected area in a pattern U.L. designed to extinguish the fire and prevent re-ignition after the discharge is complete. · UL and ULC listed. · F.M. Approved (PCL-165 and PCL-550 only). · Complies with N.F.P.A. Standard No. 17A and 96. 06APCL-240 8 x 311/4" 06APCL-350 10 x 311/4" 06APCL-550 10 x 401/8"

Ansul R-102 Wet Fire Protection System

State-of-the-art fire protection to combat dangerous and frightening restaurant fires. Dangerous, because a fire can begin on a cooking appliance or in a hood or ductwork and quickly spread to involve an entire kitchen or restaurant. Frightening because statistics show that many restaurants never reopen after a major fire. The Ansul R-102 System is the preferred choice of architects who design kitchens, restaurateurs who own and operate them, insurance underwriters who provide coverage, and fire inspectors who enforce codes. The Ansul R-102 System detects and suppresses fires with or without someone present, 24 hours a day. 06A0R102




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