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TouchFree ­ Odor Control Cleaning Systems

Urinal/Toilet Fixture Drip Solution

Merlin AutoHygiene Urinal & Toilet Systems

HygieneMaster continuously cleans. AutoHygiene Kit includes: Merlin AutoFlush Unit, Merlin Clean Dispenser and HygieneMaster refill, batteries and connection tube. Available in chrome and white. Saddle connector and tube must be ordered separately.

· Leaves surfaces sparkling clean · Eliminates odor at the source · Prevents drain buildup and clogs · Reduces maintenance · Maximizes cleaning with a minimum of work

Item# 74183 74185 74181 74138 Description AutoHygiene System AutoHygiene System w/Manual Flush Button HygieneMaster Dispenser HygieneMaster Refill Clean/Deodorizer Saddle Connection Kits 3/4" Saddle 1 1/4" Saddle 1 1/2" Saddle 12 1/2" Stainless Steel Connection Tube Pack 4/Case 4/Case 6/Case 6/Case Weight (lbs) 25 25 13 6

74153 74154 74155 74157

System also available in white


Air Care Solutions

Merlin CareMaster Drip System

CareMaster Drip System is an automatic drip cleaning system for tank style toilets. Cleans the fixture and freshens the air. Excellent for small restrooms. Refills provide 24-hour service and are easily changed.

· Consistent (round the clock) cleaning where ever water goes · Lowers costs to maintain urinals and toilets · LED signals eliminate guessing · Refills neutralize malodors and leaves a fresh clean fragrance

Item# 74069 74070 74072 74075 74076 74219 74423 Description CareMaster Dispenser, White Second Fixture Tubing Wall Mounting Plate Refill, Country Sunshine Refill, Orange Grove Refill, Fresh Scent Key Lock Pack 6/Case 12/Case 24/Case 6/Case 6/Case 6/Case 1/Case Weight (lbs) 11 11 4 11 11 11 1

Compliment Your Odor Control with Other TouchFree Restroom Fixtures

MerlinTM AutoFaucet MerlinTM AutoSoap MerlinTM AutoFlush for Tank

MerlinTM AutoFlush

For more information consult our TouchFree Solutions Brochure Distributed by:


CS-405 5/07


OmniAirTM NEW Continuous Odor Management CommandAir 9000 System

CommandAir 9000 Dispensing System with 9,000 sprays per refill. Three times the number of sprays means less changing of refills. Lowest cost-in-use system. Intuitive programming allows for quick and easy dispenser set up. LCD panel indicates when a fresh refill or batteries are needed before you run out. 10-year guarantee. Operates up to 2 years on two D-Cell alkaline batteries (not included).

Item# 74212 74245 Dispenser Pack Weight (lbs) 9000, White 6/Case 7 XL-2 9000, White 6/Case 7 Fragrance Refills 74217 Country Sunshine* 4/Case 6 74214 Fresh Scent* 4/Case 6 74218 Island Breeze* 4/Case 6 74277 Mango 4/Case 6 74269 Mountain Valley* 4/Case 6 74272 Orchard Fresh* 4/Case 6 74213 Freshness Pack 5/Case 6 *(one of each) Get started with a convenient Try & Buy Kit! Includes dispenser, batteries and 1 refill 74255 XL-2 Dispenser 74235 9000 Dispenser

CommandAir MICRO System

Compact, discreet design takes up half the space. Advanced technology delivers consistent levels of effective odor neutralizing fragrance. MICRO refill contains 3,000 metered sprays. 10-year guarantee on dispenser. Dispenser Adaptor allows MICRO refills to be used in old style cabinets. Operates up to 2 years on two C-Cell alkaline batteries (not included).

Item# 74205 74229 74244 Dispenser Pack Weight (lbs) CommandAir MICRO, White 6/Case 1 CommandAir MICRO, Chrome 6/Case 1 XL-1 MICRO Dispenser Each 1 Fragrance Refills 74003 Country Sunshine* 12/Case 9 74207 Fresh Scent* 12/Case 9 74095 Island Breeze* 12/Case 9 74276 Mango 12/Case 9 74268 Mountain Valley* 12/Case 9 74271 Orchard Fresh* 12/Case 9 74280 Pleascent Scent 12/Case 9 74206 Freshness Pack 10/Case 8 *(2 each of 5 fragrances) Get started with a convenient Try & Buy Kit! Includes dispenser, batteries and 1 refill 74244 MICRO Dispenser 74253 XL-1 MICRO

CommandAir Aerosol System

Advanced fragrance formulas deliver effective, long lasting odor neutralizing action. 3,000 metered sprays control odors in up to 6,000 cubic feet. Premier Dispenser indicates battery life and refill days remaining LCD display. Real-time clock for maximum programming flexibility. 10-year guarantee. Operates up to 2 years on two D-Cell alkaline batteries (not included).

Item# 74167 74096 74004 74003 74169 74095 74275 74267 74005 74270 74204 74203 74093 74202 Dispenser Premier LCD, White CommandAir II, White Fragrance Refills Apple Blossom Country Sunshine* Fresh Scent* Island Breeze* Mango Mountain Valley* Orange Grove Orchard Fresh* Peach Delight Spice Island Vanilla Tropics Freshness Pack *(two of each) Pack 6/Case 6/Case 12/Case 12/Case 12/Case 12/Case 12/Case 12/Case 12/Case 12/Case 12/Case 12/Case 12/Case 10/Case Weight (lbs) 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8

Triple S Air Care offers modern fragrances that meet the needs of your restroom patrons.

Your first impression of the restroom is based on the fragrance or odor they encounter. Since even the cleanest restrooms are susceptible to foul odors, an effective air freshening system is essential. Triple S Air Care Systems eliminate unpleasant odors, leaving the restroom with a clean, fresh fragrance.

· NO Added V.O.C'S · NO PROPELLANTS · NO BATTERIES · Refill components completely recyclable · Pure fragrance & odor neutralizers · Promotes a clean & healthy environment

How OmniAirTM works....

The fuel cell creates hydrogen within the fragrance chamber. As each molecule of hydrogen is created it forces an equal volume of fragrance out of the chamber. Natural air flow distributes the fragrance throughout the room.

Products marked with the TRIPLE S EarthCareTM Seal meet recognized green standards or have features that contribute to the preservation and sustainability of a healthy environment.

Maximum days to refill

Battery change indicator

Refill change indicator

Adjustable operation

Most air fresheners only camouflage unpleasant odors. Triple S systems are engineered to do the complete job... we "eliminate the unpleasant odors" in the restroom. Malodor molecules are large and complex. CountermaxTM is a blend of chemistry and physics that locks on to malodor molecules and transforms them into a neutral base.

OmniAir Deluxe: Same effective fuel cell technology with a battery operated fan to distribute fragrance through a room quickly when natural air flow may not be reliable.

Item# 74359 74358 74130 74360 74363 74361 74364 74362 74131 74132 74365 Dispenser OmniAirTM, White OmniAirTM, Chrome OmniAirTM Deluxe , White Fragrance Refills Arctic Mist Blue Wave Citrus Twist Mint Fresh Spring Bouquet Cucumber Melon Mango Mist Pack Weight (lbs) 12/Case 3.5 12/Case 3.5 12/Case 9.5 6/Case 6/Case 6/Case 6/Case 6/Case 6/Case 6/Case 2 2 2 2 2 2 2


All Triple S formulas contain CountermaxTM odor neutralizers

Triple S Dispenser Selection Chart

PrimeAir Automatic Pump System

Non-aerosol alternative. Refills feature advanced "dry spray" formulas and a patented actuator for reliable, measured sprays. Operates one year on two D-Cell alkaline batteries (not included).

Item# 74178 74046 74173 74144 74043 Dispenser PrimeAir Premier LCD, White Fragrance Refills Country Sunshine Fresh Scent Island Breeze Safari Pack 6/Case 12/Case 12/Case 12/Case 12/Case Weight (lbs) 8 10 10 10 10

PrimeAir Premier LCD OmniAirTM OmniAirTM Deluxe CommandAir 9000 CommandAir MICRO CommandAir XL-1 MICRO CommandAir Premier LCD CommandAir II Command XL-2 9000 Load `n Go SensAir

B E ST Enviromental Solution B E ST Lowest Cost-In-Use Solution B E ST Image Solution

90 90 90 180 168 30 168 120 30/90 30

PROVEN Reliable Solution

SensAir Gel System

Economical Dispenser with gel cups. Lasts up to 30 days. Operates on one D-Cell alkaline battery (not included).

Item# 74220 74084 74083 74085 74222 Dispenser Load `N Go SensAir, White Best Selling Fragrance Refills Apple Blossom Country Sunshine Orange Grove Fresh Scent Pack Weight (lbs) 6/Case 6 12/Case 12/Case 12/Case 12/Case 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5

74366 74367

OmniAir Freshness Pack 5/Case 2 (1 of each 5 fragrances) Try & Buy Kits OmniAirTM­1 Wht dispenser, 1 Citrus Twist refill OmniAirTM­1 Wht dispenser, 1 Arctic Mist refill

Ask your sales representative for other available fragrances.



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