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12v Ignition Coil Comparison

Spark Discharge under equal conditions

Tri-Spark Lucas 17M12 Competitor


Tri-Spark Competitor Lucas 17M12


The Tri-Spark coil outperforms:

Spark duration of more than double the stock Lucas Coil. 55% higher spark intensity than the common competitor. There are various methods for comparing coils, but after years of experience we have concluded that the most relevant to real world conditions are the measurement of spark duration and intensity.

Tri-Spark Competitor Lucas 17M12

A long spark duration is desirable for easy starting especially on cold engines where the fuel mixture is the most varied. High spark intensity minimizes the chance of misfiring, reduces plug fouling, and can make the most of high compression and highly tuned engines.

If you want a coil that outperforms the competition then the Tri-Spark is the coil you've been looking for.


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