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Troemner History

Precision & Balance Matched Only By Nature.

Since 1838, Henry Troemner, LLC has enjoyed a long history as the leader in the field of precision measurements.

The company started as a manufacturer of scales, balances and weights in Philadelphia, Factory and Office, 710 Market Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania. Henry Troemner, a German immigrant, was originally a locksmith and learned the balance craft after he arrived in Philadelphia. From the beginning, Troemner earned a reputation as being a manufacturer of high quality products. The business grew steadily Henry Troemner after the discovery of gold in California during the updated to meet market demand and the 1840's as the company was known for its bullion production of precision weights became a larger and assay balances. Henry Troemner's three sons continued to develop and part of its overall business. In 1958, Troemner grow the business, and by the early 1900's Troemner was recognized published the company's first comprehensive internationally as a world leader in the balance and scale manufacturing catalog of standard weights and began to offer a industry. During the 1950's Troemner's balance and scale product line was weight calibration service for customers' weights. This important service is one that continues to this day. Over the years Troemner has enhanced its reputation as being the premier company in the metrology industry by achieving ISO 9001 certification, and accreditation in our laboratories by both the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) administered National Factory Interior With Display Cases

Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP), and the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

Troemner Storefront, 911 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Troemner History

Troemner Today

Over the years Troemner has continued to calibrations, but to the product itself as expand and increase its expertise in evidenced by the introduction of a unique manufacturing capabilities. and Troemner measurement material used to manufacture weights relocated to called Troemner Alloy 8, a specially Thorofare, New Jersey in 1999 to a stateblended stainless steel with very low of-the-art specially designed corporate magnetic headquarters, which was planned by a committed to achieving the highest levels team of employees, to engineers, meet and of accreditation for all of our calibration architects specifically the services customer's needs for high precision magnetic susceptibility, mass density calibrations. Troemner's laboratories determinations, pipettes, thermal mass provide customers with all the data and flow, temperature, humidity, pressure and traceability information they need for their electrical, calibration items. The Calibration continue to research and develop new Laboratories' physical conditions and calibration services to meet the diverse state-of-the-art equipment enable needs of our customers. Troemner to produce measurements with equipment products include Labjaws clamps, various hotplates, stirrers, line. Today, Troemner's diverse laboratory changed, we have added to our product time and frequency. We As the needs of our customers have leading provider of laboratory equipment. For over 40 years Troemner has been a which include mass, mass properties. Troemner is Troemner's New Mettler Toledo, Inc. AX64004 Mass Comparator for 10 kg--60 kg Weights very small uncertainties for its customers. Troemner is not only committed to quality

Manufacturer Equipment



shakers, Talboys overhead mixers, and gas cylinder safety products. Troemner strives to provide our customers with exactly what they need to run their laboratories efficiently and safely. For more information on Troemner's history, please visit our website at Troemner's Corporate Headquarters, Thorofare, New Jersey · 800-249-5554



History of Henry Troemner, LLC

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