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Tromsø at its Best (3hrs)

Minimum 20pax, NOK 440pp

Includes visit to Polar Museum, Cable Car, Arctic Cathedral, Coach Sightseeing around the Island, and authorized Tromsø Guide commenting all three hours in your own language! 14:25 Guide (and bus) meet group at Hotel or at Roald Amundsen Monument in Tromsø center 14:30 Bus Sightseeing around the Island (1) 15:00 Arrive Polar Museum (2) 15:50 Depart Polar Museum 16:00 Arrive Cable Car (3) 16:50 Depart Cable Car 17:00 Arrive Arctic Cathedral (4) 17:20 Depart Arctic Cathedral 17:30 Arrive Hotel or Roald Amundsen Monument in Tromsø center 1) During this bus sightseeing we will see the Northern Most Protestant Cathedral, Roald Amundsen's Place, the Northern Most Brewery, Polaria, the Polar Institute, the Tromsø Palm Trees, the Teacher Training College, the Nobile Monument, the Beach, the People's Park, the place where the German Battleship Tirpitz was sunk (Håkøya), the Research Farm, the Psychiatric Institute, the Airport, the Botanic Garden, the Harbor, the Hospital, the Northern Most University, the King's Hill, the Library, the City Hall, the Cultural Centre, the Market Place, the Northern Most Catholic Cathedral, and the Tromsø Bridge. 2) The Polarmuseet features exhibits of arctic hunting and trapping, and holds exhibits of original artifacts used in the expeditions of Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen. Henry Rudi the Polar Bear King and Wanny Woldstad the first female arctic hunter have their place in this cozy museum too. 3) The Cable Car will take us 420mts above sea level in only seven minutes, from the top we will get a magnificent view of Tromsø and its surroundings, and we will be able to identify all the places that our guide just showed us (from the bus) only one hour ago. 4) The Arctic Cathedral is Tromsø's most representative symbol and its structure speaks for itself; you just cannot leave Tromsø without visiting it!

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(Microsoft Word - A_ Troms\370 at its Best)

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