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Brake tester

truck, car and motorcycle BT 610 BT 612 BT 640 BT 642

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Test Equipment

Brake tester

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Brake tester BT - perfect solution for inspection centres, truck services and transport companies

The Nussbaum brake tester program guides the operator automatically through the required testing procedure. After the automatic sels-test, the system checks the run out, rolling friction, braking force as well as the braking deviations. All values are clearly and precisely presented on the analogue displays and optional LCD-display. The design of the brake tester is functional, easy accessible and utilises a minimum amount of space. In fact, the roller sets fit into most existing pits for similar designs of brake testers.

The two 9 kw motors are situated underneath the rollers and the roller sets can be installed separated in combination with a pit or in a single foundation bed. The 50 mm elevated rollers promote very precise measurements while the worm gear transmission permits an easy exit from the roller sets. The sensor rollers are guided by two gas pressured springs, which facilitate deep profile tyre measurements. The plastic coated rollers enable maximum friction, even in wet conditions. The brake tester is fully galvanised for protection from corrosion, which guarantees a long efficient working life.

· motors underneath the rollers · galvanised installation frame · worm gear transmission · plastic coated rollers · automatic activation · single wheel test (optional) · automatic error check

Analog display with double scale, up to 8 kN for cars, and 40 kN for trucks.

Analog display »Neue Generation« (available 2005)

pedal force meter (optional)

A wide range of accessories covers any requirements.

weighing device (optional)

14-digits LCD-display (optional)

Accessories: · Support column · Retaining bracket for wall installation · Swivel plate for indicating cabinet · LCD-display (14-digits) · Remote Control (IR) · 8-sensors weighing device · Printer · Pit securing device · Sensors for brake pressures (radio or cable) · Pedal force meter · Tachograph measuring device · Set for unregulated left/right rotation · Cover plates for roller set · Simultaneous display (double scale: 8/40 kN) · Support column for simultaneous display · Heating for indicating cabinet · Heating for control cabinet · Installation frame

Upgradeable to diagnostic lines for trucks, cars and motorcycles

A new generation of brake testers The latest development of electronics for these brake testers enables a consistent concept to be used, integrating testing procedures for cars, trucks and motorcycles. The modular floor plan system for components (display unit, control unit, accessories...) offers a high flexibility to adapt the test line to various requirements and individual needs.

The subsequent upgrade possibilities guarantee an optimum return on investment. The new design of the analogue display for the brake tester generation BT shows an insight to the technical advancement available to everybody.

· Future orientated · upgradeable with PC · upgradeable to diagnostic line · PC supported analyzing programmes · step by step software · possibility of connection to specific networks like ASA-Network, MCTC-NET, GIEGNET, and others · industry approved CAN- Bus-Systems

1. Side Slip Tester: The easiest and fasted means of traction system diagnosis for vehicles up to 18 tons. Excellent reliability thanks to it's construction, which consists of two elements: the first platform neutralises the lateral forces and deformations effecting the tyres, which may not have been taken into account when measuring off-track running. The second platform is where the actual off-track running is measured by a transducer which registers lateral displacement in relation to the direction of drive in meters per kilometre. Results are shown on the 14-digit LCD display. 2. Suspension Tester for passenger cars: Uneven road conditions over a period of time can be simulated by the use of vibrating suspension plates. The actual road grip is permanently measured and the minimum road grip is measured according to the Eusama principle. Values are displayed as a percentage from which, information can be ascertained about the safety of the vehicle. (Please use cover plates when driving over with a truck)

3. Brake Test: When entering the roller set, the plastic coated rollers start turning. In addition to testing the applied brake system, it also tests rolling friction, run out, brake force and brake force differences as a percentage.

4. Visual Check and Headlight Test (HLT): After all measurable values are recorded; the visual check is the next stop. A checklist on the screen guides the user through the program enabling various checks to be marked as good or bad. An essential part of each visual check is the inspection of the suspension and steering. Hydraulic or pneumatic problems can be found very quickly and efficiently using the joint play detector. The low maintenance and sturdy equipment can be installed with a lift (optional) or integrated above a working pit. The HLT reliably tests filament, halogen and xenon headlight systems, with or without the optional luxmeter.





Together with your customer, you have now been able to complete a check of the most relevant safety related functions of the vehicle, hereby creating a solid foundation for an unbiased service offer. The entire testing procedure is a comprehensible process. The only quality assurance system for your service.

motorcycle testing device ­ including covers (optional)

play detector (optional)

Technical Data

Technical Data: Permissible axle weight: Max. braking force per wheel: Test speed Typ BT 610/640: Test speed Typ BT 612/642: Rated power of each drive motor: Connected load of test bench: Power supply: Voltage: Frequency: Measurement system: Transm. factor Differential display, variable threshold: Display for automatic: Left-/right rotation unregulated: Measuring range of display instruments: Braking-force display: Remote control (optional): LCD-display (optional), font size 60 mm: Range of regulated pressure pm/pz: Dimensions and weights Indicator cabinet: Height/Width/Depth Weight: Indicator cabinet: Height/Width/Depth Control cabinet: Height/Width/Depth Control cabinet: Height/Width/Depth Smallest effective axle width: Largest effective axle width: Roller diameter: Roller length: Distance between centre of drive roller and centre of support roller: Drive roller installed raised by: Roller coating: Smallest wheel size suitable for testing: Largest wheel size suitable for testing: Weight per roller set: Measuring accuracy in temperature range: Technical Data Play Detector: Max. axle load: Max. movement per side (mm): Oil amount for hydraulic aggregate (l): Size (mm): Installation deep (mm): Max. shearing force per side (N): Max. pressure of hydr. aggr. per side (bar): Voltage (V) & Power supply: Technical Data Suspension Tester: Max. axle load: Measured values (road grip): Oscillating travel (mm): Oscillating frequency (Hz): Motor (kW): Test cycle time (sec.) approx.: Technical Data Side Slip Tester: Max. axle load: Values (m/km deviation): Resolution (m/km):

13 t 30 kN 2,5 km/h 2,5 und 5,0 km/h 9 kW 18 kW 3-phase AC 400 V 50 Hz electrical (DMS) >0,5 wet >0,7 dry yes % yes lamp optional

18 t 40 kN 2,5 km/h 2,5 und 5,0 km/h 11 kW 22 kW 3-phase AC 400 V 50 Hz electrical (DMS) >0,5 wet >0,7 dry yes % yes lamp optional

2 x 8/40 kN 350 mm Ø infrared 14 digits 0 ...20 bar

2 x 8/40 kN 350 mm Ø infrared 14 digits 0 ...20 bar

580 x 900 x 275 mm 40 kg 770 x 1000 x 270 mm* 1060 x 880 x 240 mm 1100 x 600 x 200 mm* 800 mm 2800 mm 282 mm 1100 mm 475 mm 50 mm plastic u. SiC 12 inches 440 mm 1400 mm approx. 600 kg -25 bis +55 ºC

580 x 900 x 275 mm 40 kg 770 x 1000 x 270 mm* 1060 x 880 x 240 mm 1100 x 600 x 200 mm* 800 mm 2800 mm 282 mm 1100 mm 475 mm 50 mm plastic u. SiC 12 inches 440 mm 1400 mm approx. 600 kg -25 bis +55 º

20 t 100 approx. 8,5 (Hydr. oil SAE 5) 750 x 750 220 30.000 120 400, 3-phase AC

2t 0-100% 6 25 2,5 30

18 t -15 bis +15 0,1

Additional accessories for diagnostic line: · Side slip tester · Suspension tester (installation in or without the pit) ­ optional covers for trucks · Hydraulic play detector · Motorcycle testing device

Scope of delivery · Indicating cabinet · Control cabinet · Roller set * Neue Generation

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