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Va n t a g e

The new choice in glyphosate for industrial

vegetation management.

Vantage is the new glyphosate that provides the same strong performance as Roundup® Original.You get: The same reliable weed control for all industrial use patterns, such as boom spray, boomless spray, hose and hand gun application. The same rate of plant absorption, premium weed control and rainfastness. Service and support from Dow AgroSciences. We are committed to providing vegetation management products you can use with confidence. With Vantage, there is nothing different or new required for application. Product efficacy is the same. Complete control of both above-ground and below-ground plant parts is the end result. Vantage is registered at a full range of rates to meet your vegetation management needs in any situation.

See reverse for detailed equivalencies.

Ve g e t a t i o n m a n a g e m e n t w i t h n o n - s e l e c t i v e h e r b i c i d e s

Using a glyphosate herbicide such as Vantage provides non-selective vegetation control, i.e. ends growth of almost all species of weeds, grasses and brush. This provides a management tool for preventing unwanted vegetation buildup on and around trackbeds, airports, industrial sites and fencelines. Non-selective herbicides can be a safe, simple, cost effective alternative to mechanical control methods such as trimming, mowing and burning. thistles or disturbing their root systems by digging can actually stimulate growth and spread.A properly timed herbicide application, however, can thoroughly control the root system to prevent recurring growth and the need to spend more money on mowing.

Safety. Vantage herbicide is also safe to operators and the

environment. Glyphosate has a low toxicological impact on humans and wildlife.The surfactant in Vantage promotes rapid uptake by plants, minimizing contact with anything else. On contact with the soil, glyphosate binds very tightly to soil particles and there is very low leaching potential to groundwater. In the soil, glyphosate is degraded by natural processes into harmless compounds. Vantage is a product you can use with confidence, because we at Dow AgroSciences strive to reduce risk and continuously improve through effective management systems. Our Emergency Response Tech Advisors are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week in the unlikely event of an emergency. Effective management includes container recovery, product and distributor reviews, and corrections regarding the misuse and mishandling of product.

Efficiency. Application units can be mounted on trucks or

quads to reduce man-hours for vegetation control. This also reduces the time that vegetation interrupts facility use, an important factor in areas such as aircraft runways.Application by simple backpack sprayer also allows vegetation control in smaller or more constricted areas.

Effectiveness. Herbicide application can be far more effective in many situations, for example in getting rid of perennial plants such as thistles and quackgrass. Cutting the top parts of these plants is only a short-term solution, because perennials regenerate from their extensive root system. Mowing

What else do you need?

For even more information on how Dow AgroSciences can meet your industrial vegetation management needs, call the Solutions Center at 1-800-667-3852.

*Trademark of Dow AgroSciences LLC Roundup Transorb® and Roundup Ready ® are registered trademarks of Monsanto Company. Monsanto Canada Inc., licensee. 0207-4005-003


Vantage and Roundup Original are both glyphosate products. Both products guarantee a 356 gram acid equivalent per litre as isopropylamine salt, and both also have similar concentrations of surfactant.The surfactant technology in both brands is in the same class and is readily available from a number of surfactant suppliers.

Comparison of Vantage and Roundup Original herbicides

Product Characteristic Formulation Type


Water soluble (SL) solution of glyphosate IPA salt 356

Roundup Original

Water soluble (SL) solution of glyphosate IPA salt 356

Formulation concentration

(glyphosate acid equivalent per liter)

Composition of surfactant

Ethoxylated Tallowamine Amber No observed flash point Corrosive to galvanized or unlined steel 1.17 g/ml Yes

Ethoxylated Tallowamine Amber No observed flash point Corrosive to galvanized or unlined steel 1.17 g/ml Yes

Formulation color Flammability Corrosiveness

Density Recommendations regarding addition of ammonium sulphate (AMS)

Benefits: Added first to spray mixture, it can minimize interaction of glyphosate with hard water Can increase absorption (thus performance) in some species Yes Yes

Response to Lower Spray Volumes

10 GPA is typical volume for best performance in most broadcast applications Rainfastness ­ label interpretation Allows use of additional surfactant General Efficacy Speed of Kill Moderate Drift concern 2 hrs Yes Yes Excellent Moderate Potential physical movement 2 hrs Yes Yes Excellent Moderate Potential physical movement

* Trademark of Dow AgroSciences LLC. ® Roundup Original is a registered trademark of Monsanto Canada Inc. 1202-4005-003


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