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Press release SP3H, a leader in fuel profiling, raises 2.5 million in equity investment from Truffle Capital

Funding will enable the company to meet increasing demand and develop new markets

Aix-en-Provence, March 8th, 2010 - The start-up SP3H (a leader in fuel profiling1) has announced that it has closed an initial 2.5 million round of financing with Truffle Capital, the leading European private equity firm which notably specializes in the energy sector. SP3H was founded in August 2005 by Alain Lunati, a PhD chemist with over ten years of experience in petrol refining. The company (based in Aix-en-Provence in southern France) has developed a miniaturized optical "Fuel Quality Sensor Solution" onboard system for real-time measurement of the quality of a vehicle's fuel. The information is then sent to the engine control unit (ECU) responsible for optimizing the engine's performance and reducing pollutant levels. After 4 prototypes in 4 years, this latest generation of innovative devices enables a 5 to 10% reduction in both CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. It also limits pollutant emissions and improves engine reliability and performance. SP3H's technology is protected by 9 international patents covering over 40 countries. The investment from Truffle Capital (agreed on January 26th, 2010) will enable SP3H to meet increasing demand from automotive companies interested in this technology and develop new markets. The objective is to install the first onboard units by 2012-2013. "We are delighted that Truffle Capital has identified our technology's potential and commercial value. Truffle not only provides us with financial support but also gives us access to its solid experience as a business builder, with several successful greentech investments under its belt. This should enable SP3H to accelerate its growth, with commercialisation of our device within 3 years being the key milestone", stated Alain Lunati, SP3H's founder and Chairman. "The Truffle Capital team and I are convinced that SP3H has all the right ingredients to become a key player in this sector. The company is now set to initiate the commercialization phase and we are delighted to be providing them with financial and business support at this crucial time", added JeanFrançois Fourt, Truffle Capital Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Energy. In 2006, SP3H received the "Génération Entreprendre" prize from the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Regional Council and, in 2009, the prestigious "Trophée Innovation" prize from the regional branch of the French Patent and Trademark Office. These awards have confirmed the high potential of SP3H's technology.


Identification of the fuel's molecular composition


About the Fuel Quality Sensor Solution The system is based on near-infrared technology. The engine control unit is combined with a miniaturized optical sensor and a proprietary digital processing algorithm for real-time fuel profiling. This solution is applicable to all types of combustion engines, regardless of whether they use gas, fuel oil, petrol, diesel, kerosene or biofuels. About SP3H SP3H was founded in August 2005 by Alain Lunati and is based in Aix-en-Provence in southern France. The company is a leader in the field of fuel profiling. With over 20 years of experience in fuel refining, the SP3H team has developed a miniaturized optical sensor called the Fuel Quality Sensor Solution Solution which reduces CO2 emissions (by 5 to 10%), fuel consumption (by 5 to 10%) and pollutant emissions and improves engine reliability and performance. SP3H's main goal is to have its first onboard devices installed by 2012-2013. The 11-strong team (with core experience in fuel chemistry, optics and engine optimization) has obtained "innovative company" accreditation from the French state innovation agency Oséo. It also has "Young Innovative Company" fiscal status and has been eligible for France's research tax credit since its incorporation, with over 80% of its corporate expenditure going on R&D. SP3H just obtained (January 2010) 2.5 million equity investment from Truffle Capital. About Truffle Capital Founded in 2002 in Paris, Truffle Capital is a leading independent European private equity firm and number two in France. It is dedicated to investing in and building technology leaders in the IT, life sciences and energy sectors. With 400 million under management, Truffle Capital is led by a team of four partners with decades of successful investment and entrepreneurial experience in both Europe and Silicon Valley. Truffle Capital's investment team is composed of experienced and international experts. Truffle Capital aims to achieve superior financial returns by leveraging its industry knowledge, extensive network and unique focus on spin-offs to identify business ventures that match latent market needs. For further information, please visit

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